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Overall and western
Overall this crater is heavily eroded, with several craters overlaying the southern rim, and smaller formations overlaying the western and northwestern rim.
Overall, the impact of plague epidemics was greatest in western and northern India — in the provinces then designated as Bombay, Punjab, and the United Provinces — while eastern and southern India were not as badly affected.
Overall, the gains of the French I Corps were greater in the western part ( right flank ) of its sector of the front, but the Germans in large part succeeded in stalemating the corps ' advance.
Overall this western district of Orissa needs quick improvement to catch up with the other parts of the state and country.

Overall and market
Overall, from about 1910, American films had the largest share of the market in all European countries except France, and even in France, the American films had just pushed the local production out of first place on the eve of World War I.
Overall, the price of a Big Mac will be a reflection of its local production and delivery cost, the cost of advertising ( considerable in some areas ), and most importantly what the local market will bear-quite different from country to country, and not all a reflection of relative currency values.
Overall, the size and wealth of the market determine the diversity of both media output and media ownership.
Overall, the company sold 280 million mobile phones in 2010, corresponding to a market share of 20. 2 percent.
Overall, modularization enables more flexible and quicker reaction to changing general or market conditions.
Overall residential use will be a balanced mix of market rate, high-end housing, affordable housing, and housing for the formerly homeless or families at risk of homelessness.
Overall, the UR tariffication process which produced them has not resulted in the increased market access developing countries hoped for.
Overall, five versions of Faust are known to exist out of the over thirty copies found across the globe: a German original version ( of which the only surviving copy is in the Danish Film Institute ), a French version, a late German version which exists in two copies, a bilingual version for Europe prepared by UFA, and a version prepared by Murnau himself for MGM and the US market ( July 1926 ).
Overall these studies showed the effects of free riders as they are able to make their way into the market and not spend the money or risk the failures which the first movers did.

Overall and may
Overall, while antipsychiatry as a movement may have become an anachronism by this period and was no longer led by eminent psychiatrists, it has been argued that it became incorporated into the mainstream practice of mental health disciplines.
Overall, children with CP may have difficulty chewing and swallowing food, holding utensils, and preparing food due to sensory and motor impairments.
Overall autumn leaf coloration is generally bronze, though individual leaves may be red for a time.
Overall fuel efficiency may vary per device, which in turn may vary per application, and this spectrum of variance is often illustrated as a continuous energy profile.
Overall shape may be matting or mounding, the plants commonly spreading via rhizomes.
Overall, the aircraft may have been old compared to the F4F Wildcats of the U. S. Navy, yet they were still dangerous and capable in the hands of combat veterans who had seen action against both the Germans and the British since the start of the war.
Overall, the results suggest that not only may group polarization not be as prevalent as previous studies suggest, but group theories, in general, may not be predictable when seen in a computer-related discussion.
Overall, their results indicate the need to secure ecological connectivity between the two Russian populations to minimize loss of genetic diversity and overall susceptibility to stochastic events, and support a previous study suggesting that the captive population may be a reservoir of gene variants lost in situ.
Overall, it may be said of either recension that the text has grown over time, and tended to accrete smaller works.
* Overall frequency – The overall frequency of a response in a large body of responses may be used as another indicator of strength.
Overall level of confidence in a negotiation may also be a determinant of why men tend to achieve higher outcomes in salary negotiations ().
Overall, Young Adult Literature needs to contain specific elements that will not only interest readers of this genre, but elements that relate directly to real situations adolescents in all generations may encounter, and contain believable, empathetic characters.
Overall injuries and fatalities may still decrease due to greater seat belt use, but drivers who would wear seat belts regardless would see their overall risk increase.
Overall its fur is blackish in color, though bears may vary from jet black to dark brown and to even a reddish hue.
Overall, although adoption may have initial adverse effects and negative experiences for childhood, the children are capable of change and development for the better.
Overall, this approach may give higher fidelity, because the " difference " signal is usually of low power, and is thus less affected by the intrinsic distortion of " hill and dale "- style recording.
Overall sturdiness of the design depends on whether the dog is gently leading, acting as a brace, or physically pulling a wheelchair ( where the design may be similar to that of a sled dog's ).
Candidates considered for nomination are evaluated using four criteria: " Fair, Accurate and Inclusive Representations " – meaning that the diversity of the LGBT community is represented, " Boldness and Originality " – meaning the project breaks new ground by exploring LGBT subject matter in non-traditional ways, " Cultural Impact " – meaning the project impacts an audience that may not regularly be exposed to LGBT issues, and " Overall Quality " – A project of extremely high quality which adds impact and significance to the images and issues portrayed.
Overall, Saiving wished to, "... awaken theologians to the fact that the situation of women, however similar it may appear on the surface of our contemporary world to the situation of man and however much it may be echoed in the life of individual men, is, at bottom, quite different-that the specifically feminine dillemma is, in fact, precisely the opposite of the masculine " ( 1979, 39 ).
Overall, section 24's " competent jurisdiction " limit on which courts may award remedies, in R. v. 974649 Ontario Inc. ( 2001 ), was taken as meaning that while Charter rights are generous, they exist within a framework set up by Parliament and the provincial governments.
Overall pollution in Long Island Sound waters may also have an effect, he said.

Overall and be
Overall, the Holocene extinction can be characterized by climate change and humanity's presence.
Overall, however, Meccan efforts to annihilate Islam failed and proved to be very costly and ultimately unsuccessful.
Overall, the majority of Californian Cabernets are meant to be approachable after only a couple of years in the bottle but can still have the potential to improve further over time.
Overall picture quality is intended to be comparable to VHS video.
Overall, the fur under the belly tends to be lighter coloured and of a softer, downy type.
Overall he was viewed with ambivalence until, during the first millennium BC, he came to be seen as a totally malevolent deity.
Overall, though, the political sensibilities of the label can be said to be left-wing, feminist, and anti-war, and the label initially showed a commitment towards underground punk bands and to representing artists in the Olympia, Washington area.
Overall, this is also how a receptor tyrosine kinase might be activated by a ligand to regulate erythrocyte formation.
Overall, the deflation could not be countered because of a massive fault in the bill-there was no production limit.
Overall, an interplay of biological, social and environmental factors can be considered.
Overall brake squeal can be annoying to the vehicle passengers, passers-by, pedestrians, etc.
Overall, Gorbachev's statements suggested that the foreign policy emphasis would be on a common foreign policy adhered to by all members of the Warsaw Pact under Soviet direction.
Overall, the observed nebulosity has been currently estimated to be expanding for approximately 1, 610 ± 240 years.
Overall, Dawes was considered to be a very effective U. S. ambassador, as King George's son, the future King Edward VIII, would later confirm in his memoirs.
Overall, however, the downtown area of Terre Haute continues to be plagued by much blight and poverty.
Overall he was mostly interested in dualisms, conflicts, and contradictions in whatever realm of the social world he happened to be working on.
Overall, the crime rate to 2010 appears to be in a general downward trend, and is well below the national average.
Overall the sexes are alike, although the females tend to be slightly smaller.
Overall, the Romanian folk, in general, could be marked as an underground cultural movement, somewhere between non-aligned and protest music.
Overall, they would be considered center-right or moderately conservative in the modern sense according to contemporary fiscal-political terminology in the United States.
: Note as important: Overall analysis should be based on 6W + 1H ( What, When, Where, Which, Who, Why and How ) question.
Overall, its stocks seem to be declining in the European part of its range since the 1970s.

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