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Overlooking and green
Overlooking the green is a residential house which records that it was called ' Bradby School ' when it was built.
Overlooking this green space is a majestic clock tower with seating beneath.
Overlooking the village green is the ' old ' Gretton Stores ( now Threeways ), whose last storekeeper was Mr. Pegg. It ceased being the stores following a fire in the early sixties which destroyed the upper floor and thatch.

Overlooking and sea
Overlooking lakes Dora, Gertrude and Beauclair, Mount Dora is situated on a plateau 184 feet ( 56 m ) above sea level.
Overlooking the sea this is the wettest corner of Turkey and Rize is the country's largest producer of tea '.
Overlooking the sea with a south-facing aspect is Villa Marina.
Overlooking the sea from the South Downs the gardens contain a collection of rare plants and trees, collectively deemed a National Collection.

Overlooking and for
Overlooking the trade request the Magic did a sign and trade with the Boston Celtics for Glen Davis and Von Wafer in exchange for Brandon Bass.
Overlooking Gōtsu City is Hoshitaka Mountain, or " Star Mountain ", so named for the star pattern carved into the face of the mountain.
Overlooking the lake, Willen Hospice provides specialist care for people whose illness no longer responds to curative treatment ( also known as specialist palliative care ).
Overlooking the Bayfield River, the grounds are a rural retreat offering a quiet spot for a picnic.
Coleraine has the headquarters of Coleraine Borough Council which are situated overlooking the River Bann. Overlooking the River Bann The Borough Council area together with the neighbouring district of Limavady, forms the East Londonderry constituency for elections to the Westminster Parliament and Northern Ireland Assembly, despite some of the borough being in County Antrim.
Overlooking Plaza San Martín, the 120 m ( 390 ft ) apartment building was designed in 1934 by the firm of Sánchez, Lagos and de la Tour for Corina Kavanagh.
Overlooking the Grand Harbour, the Gharghar rise became an important outpost for the Maltese troops blockading the French forces within the city in 1798-1800.
Overlooking Bethlehem and Rachel's Tomb ( for which the kibbutz name is named ) and situated within the Green Line, it falls under the jurisdiction of Mateh Yehuda Regional Council.
Overlooking the sandstone cliffs of the Grose River Valley, the lookout is also an access point for pedestrian access to the valley floor.
Overlooking the Hudson River with views of the City of Albany, the 24 acre campus in Rensselaer provides room for future expansion.
Overlooking the Lake Hume and located near the Bethanga Bridge, Bellbridge is a popular destination for local tourists, especially from the nearby towns of Albury and Wodonga who often come to the Weir to water ski.

Overlooking and several
Overlooking the city is towering triple-peaked Illimani, which is always snow-covered and can be seen from several spots of the city, including from the neighbor city of El Alto.

Overlooking and Le
< gallery > Image: Lucky Bay. jpg | Overlooking Lucky Bay, one of the beaches at Cape Le Grand

Overlooking and ".
Overlooking the city on Mount Penn is Reading's symbol, a Japanese-style pagoda visible from almost everywhere in town and referred to locally as " The Pagoda ".

sloping and green
The centrepiece of the town remains the large sloping green, which runs from one end of High Street to the promenade.
Ohain contains a fine example of a Brabant-Wallon village green: almost triangular in shape and sloping gently.
He returned with the information that gradually sloping green meadows offered a better chance for attack at the Austrian rear.
Image: LMS Coronation Class 46241 City of Edinburgh. jpg | Coronation 46241 " City of Edinburgh " with sloping front to boiler top, in BR green with early BR emblem at Winwick Junction, Warrington in February 1955
In addition to providing a highly visible green component in a city where nature is sparse, the sloping park connects to the street, making it easy for passers-by to enter its groves of trees, clusters of rocks, cliffs, lawn, streams, waterfalls, ponds and outdoor terraces.
There are several old buildings round the sloping village green, including the 18th-century Cock Inn and the Ide Hill Village School, built in 1856 it is the second home of the school which unusually for a church school predates the church building as the school was formed in 1809.
Ebersberg ’ s civic coat of arms consists of a gold background with a black boar standing on a green three-knolled hill ( Dreiberg, in German heraldry ) on the shield ’ s right edge ( from the armsbearer ’ s point of view – the left edge from the viewer ’ s ) sloping upwards.
It featured an 18-hole pitch-and-putt course ( famous for the its sloping terrain ), tennis courts and a bowling green.

sloping and sea
The land descends from the Central Highlands to a series of escarpments and ledges at 400 to 500 meters above sea level before sloping down toward the coastal plains.
Bar-built estuaries typically develop on gently sloping plains located along tectonically stable edges of continents and marginal sea coasts.
The topography of Daphne is generally consistent from a gently sloping sea level on the west to low rolling hills further east.
It is a small crescent shaped range, with a high point some 750 m above sea level, running roughly north south with steep cliffs on the eastern side sloping more gradually down to the plane in the west.
Gradually sloping from a high of above sea level on Main Street immediately adjacent to False River to a low of along Portage Canal in the north, the city lies on a Mississippi River flood-plain but has never flooded to any great extent since 1912.
At low tide, the sea recedes to such an extent on the shallow sloping sands of the Solway that the length of the Nith is extended by 13 km to 113. 8 km ( 70. 7 miles ).
This produces a long inlet where the sloping valley hillsides descend to sea-level and continue beneath the water to form a sloping sea floor.
The south part is higher, generally sloping down towards north and west ; about half of it is over 150 m above sea level.
It is made up by a plateau and the sloping terrain towards Øresund and is dominated by huge, ancient specimen trees and sweeping vistas of the sea.
The ' Sink Hole ', a large blowhole formed by a collapsed sea cave can be seen on a sloping field above the east side of the bay.
Plum Island Beach is a gently sloping shelf extending some distance out to sea.
They can grow on both flat and sloping sea floors at a depth of between 1 and 20 m ( 65 ft ).
The area is generally flat, sloping slightly southwards towards the river valley, and is approximately above sea level at its highest point.
According to recent archaeological excavations, carried out in 1962 – 63 on the ground floor of the tunnel, the tower was built on a large rock sloping toward the sea, and the buttress structure projecting out from the main tower provided stability to the tower.
Originally deposited in an ancient shallow sea, these deposits were later thrust over younger layers of late Paleozoic and Mesozoic age which now form the forested, gently sloping, base of Castle Mountain.
Moving inwards ( East ), the terrain shifts from the gently sloping coastal plain to the steep mountains of the North West Range, which, above 1000 feet, above sea level, is draped in tropical forests.
Topographically, Swinton occupies an area of gently sloping ground, roughly above sea level, and is on the south side of the River Irwell.
The emperor's apartments formed a block along the sea front and were situated above a substructure because the sloping terrain demanded significant differences in level.
At the coast, as the Nisshin Maru continues its journey at sea, a winch drags a wedge-shaped block up the sloping bay to the docks.
The poetic description by Ormerod is: " The scenery of this district consists principally of fine meadow ground sloping to the banks of the Weever and not destitute of pleasing undulations of surface or fine timber which here receiving protection from the sea breezes begins to attain its wonted luzuriancy ".

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