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PAST and was
The Palaeo-Anthropology Scientific Trust ( PAST ), a non-profit trust fund established in 1994, sponsors over 90 % of the research undertaken at Sterkfontein and was instrumental in its nomination as a World Heritage Site.
The PAST Foundation was founded in 2000 by an ad hoc organization of anthropologists and scientists who were determined to make ongoing scientific research across a broad spectrum of professions accessible to the public.

PAST and 2001
The initial work in 2001 included a partnership with the Zoo School from Lincoln, Nebraska, Yellowstone National Park, and PAST.

PAST and National
The year-long program featured the first Thermal River archaeological investigation on the Marshall Hotel in the Firehole River and culminated in a published book on the archaeology of the site garnering PAST the National Park Service John L. Cotter Award for Excellence in American Archaeology.

PAST and Service
For the next five years, PAST continued to partner with both public and private organizations building educational programs like Riverboatin ' on the Red for Oklahoma's Department of Education and SCRUNCH for the US Minerals Management Service.

PAST and Cotter
Individually, the PAST research team and its research associates have garnered Emmy Awards, the Society of Historical Archaeology s Cotter Award for New Promising Professional, and the Ohio State University s Graduate Student of the Year Award.

PAST and for
Some prominent research projects include the Chord project, Kademlia, PAST storage utility, P-Grid, a self-organized and emerging overlay network, and CoopNet content distribution system ( see below for external links related to these projects ).
* Article from James Martin Center for Nonproliferation Studies report: " FORMER SOVIET BIOLOGICAL WEAPONS FACILITIES IN KAZAKHSTAN: PAST, PRESENT, AND FUTURE ".
Basic verbs: p. o ( to become = bol-okh ), p. o. ju ( raise = bosgo-kh ), on. a. an ( fall PAST TENSE = unasan ), x. ui. ri. ge. ei ( to transfer = kurge-kh ), u-( give = ug-ukh ), sa-( to reside = sa ' u-kh or suukh ), ci. er ( inscribe PAST TENSE = siileruun ), a-( to be = a-kh, for example " savandaa akh aj l " in the Altan Tobchi in which the root " a -" in both " akh " and " aj " " means " to be ")
Its motto is " EMBRACE THE PAST – ENGAGE THE PRESENT – ENVISION THE FUTURE " and its mission statement declares " All actions and tasks must lead and work toward promoting the wellness of Warriors and their families, supporting the delivery of Warrior and family healthcare, and all those entrusted to our care and ultimately, positioning the Army Nurse Corps as a force multiplier for the future of military medicine.
Immediately, the PAST team began building partnerships and programs for seamless education.
Employing STEM as a delivery vehicle for education, PAST has continued to build popular programs that excite students and allow teachers and students to join on an educational journey.
PAST field schools helped California Parks move forward in nominating the Gold Rush Era, shipwreck, Frolic on the Mendocino Coast for inclusion in California's State Underwater Parks.
In 2007, after a year of working with STEM educational reform, PAST and the Battelle Center for Mathematics and Science Education Policy embarked on a combined, ethnographic and policy network study of STEM at Metro Early College and Demonstration High School.
Currently, PAST works with emerging STEM schools across the US to build transdisciplinary programs for K-20 education and to better understand through anthropological ethnography, the underlying systems that make STEM successful.
PAST continues to build learning programs for both high school age students and adults.
The PAST Foundation seeks partnerships for ongoing program-based learning opportunities, field programs, documentary film programs, and publications.
Through the PAST / Metro Program Design Center, graduate students build upon their graduate research creating programs that are ultimately published for public consumption.
It is the intention of PAST Publications to fill the niche for small-production printing of student theses and dissertations, special publications, Cultural Resource Management ( CRM ) firm reports, educational programs, and field studies and research.

PAST and
Since its establishment in 2000, recognition of PAST s achievements have steadily accumulated.
PAST Publications has a bookstore that is available through the foundation s website.

PAST and Program
Forming the PAST / Metro Program Design Center, PAST set about working with the high school faculty to design transdisciplinary programs that pivot on global issues.

PAST and Ohio
Additionally, PAST moved the main office to Columbus, Ohio centrally located within the United States.
Continuously on the quest to partner with schools to pilot PAST programs, in 2006 the foundation formed a partnership with the Ohio State University, the Battelle Memorial Institute, the Central Ohio Educational Council, and the innovative STEM ( Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math ) and Metro Early College and Demonstration High School, located on the OSU campus.

PAST and State
Similarly, PAST partnered with the respected documentary film program at Montana State University to offer teachers and students a summer practicum in documentary filmmaking that embeds the process in scientific projects.

PAST and University
Area I ( Śródmieście, Stare Miasto ): Units in that area captured most of their assigned territory, but failed to capture strong German pockets of resistance ( the Warsaw University buildings, PAST skyscraper, or the headquarters of the German garrison at Piłsudski square ).

PAST and .
* Research like the Chord project, the PAST storage utility, the P-Grid, and the CoopNet content distribution system.
We see in our mind in four stages of time ; NOW, THEN, BEFORE, and THE PAST.
Now, if we image a wavy line between the different locations of the pendulum at the time intervals of: NOW, THEN, BEFORE and THE PAST.
* PAST experiment,.
Those included the early plans to capture the PAST building and failed attacks on Okęcie, Pola Mokotowskie and Warszawa Gdańska train station.
Also, there were still several German pockets of resistance inside the Polish-controlled territory, most notably the PAST skyscraper, the bridgeheads, and Headquarters of the police.
PAST PERFORATE: Incomplete perforated.
* Westcott, Jamie, ROYAL ALEX: FROM PAST TO PRESENT, The Toronto Sun, Special Supplement on the 80th Anniversary of the Royal Alexandra, Oct. 18, 1987

was and honored
His father, George A. Mercer, was descended from an honored Southern family that could trace its ancestry back to one Hugh Mercer, who had emigrated from Scotland in 1747.
Over the weekend, Mrs. Self, personnel clerk, was a feted and honored guest of the Atlanta Club, organization of women employes at City Hall.
The legion was as a result honored with the name Germanica.
Hipparchus, brother of the tyrant Hippias, was killed by Harmodius and Aristogeiton, who were subsequently honored by the Athenians for their alleged restoration of Athenian freedom.
Carnegie was honored for his philanthropy and support of the arts by initiation as an honorary member of Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia Fraternity on October 14, 1917, at the New England Conservatory of Music in Boston, Massachusetts.
The artist for whom he showed particular sympathy and regard in London was Benjamin Haydon, who might at the time be counted the sole representative of historical painting there, and whom he especially honored for his championship of the then recently transported to England and ignorantly depreciated by polite connoisseurs Parthenon's marbles.
She was honored with a star on Hollywood Walk of Fame in 2005 for her contributions to the entertainment industry.
In 2008 Atari was honored at the 59th Annual Technology & Engineering Emmy Awards for pioneering the development of handheld games with its Lynx game unit.
Li ' l Abner was one of 20 classic American comic strips honored with a USPS commemorative postage stamp.
On 9 February 2012, Steinsaltz was honored by Israeli President Shimon Peres with Israel's first President's Prize for his scholarship in Talmud.
" However, when informed of this, author Saga's reaction was to feel honored and not abused at Dylan's use of lines from his work.
Previously, americium was named after a continent as its analogue europium, and curium honored scientists Marie and Pierre Curie as the lanthanide above it, gadolinium, was named after the explorer of the rare earth elements Johan Gadolin.
In 1954, Compañía ‘ Ron Bacardi S. A. paid him homage when he was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature of his novel The Old Man and the Sea ( 1952 ), in which he honored the Company by mentioning its Hatuey beer.
In 1976, he was honored with two Emmy Award nominations, one for Outstanding Lead Actor for a Single Appearance in Drama or Comedy for The Streets of San Francisco and the other for Outstanding Single Performance by a Supporting Actor in Comedy or Drama Series for Rich Man, Poor Man.
* 2002: Bo Diddley was honored as one of the first BMI Icons at the 50th annual BMI Pop Awards.
Bo Diddley was honored by the Mississippi Blues Commission with a Mississippi Blues Trail historic marker placed in McComb, his birthplace, in recognition of his enormous contribution to the development of the blues in Mississippi.
Rogers is widely considered to be one of the founding fathers of psychotherapy research and was honored for his pioneering research with the Award for Distinguished Scientific Contributions by the American Psychological Association in 1956.
The Bishop of Alexandria, being the successor of the first Bishop in Egypt consecrated by Saint Mark, was honored by the other Bishops, as first among equals " Primus inter Pares ,".
In 1993 he was honored with the Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award.
In 1999, Barrymore was honored by the Young Artist Foundation with its Former Child Star " Lifetime Achievement " Award commemorating her outstanding achievements within the film industry as a child actress.
Years after his death, he would be honored with a statue in front of the Avalon Theater on Main Street, where he was depicted writing a screenplay in a bathtub.
In 2001 he was awarded a British Computer Society's Lovelace Medal, and in 2005 he was made a Fellow of the Computer History Museum and honored with the Norbert Wiener Award, which is given annually by Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility.
On December 9, 2008, Engelbart was honored at the 40th Anniversary celebration of the 1968 " Mother of All Demos ".

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