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PETA and spokesperson
" A spokesperson for the Virginia Department of Agriculture responded that " PETA will basically take anything that comes through the door, and other shelters won't do that ," and that it had considered changing PETA's status from " shelter " to " euthanasia clinic.

PETA and Lindsay
Lindsay Beyerstein criticized PETA saying They're the ones drawing disturbing analogies between pornography, misogyny and animal cruelty.

PETA and told
Newkirk told Salon in 2001 that PETA works toward the ideal, but tries in the meantime to provide carrot-and-stick incentives .< ref > Brandt, Peter.
Newkirk told Vogue magazine in 1989 that even if it resulted in a cure for AIDS, PETA would oppose it.
" It's hard enough trying to get people to take animal rights seriously without PETA out there acting like a bunch of jerks ," one activist told writer Norm Phelps.
" Insects do not deserve to be eaten alive especially for a gratuitous marketing gimmick ," PETA spokeswoman Jackie Vergerio told Reuters.

PETA and Post
The ten-year battle for custody of the monkeys — described by The Washington Post as a vicious mud fight, during which both sides accused the other of lies and distortion — transformed PETA into a national, then international, movement.
According to The Washington Post, PETA said an employee of the group filmed primates there being choked, hit, and denied medical attention when badly injured.
According to The Washington Post, PETA said an employee of the group filmed primates being choked, hit, and denied medical attention when badly injured.

PETA and
For his charity work with Big Brothers / Big Sisters, Actors and Others for Animals, City of Hope, John Wayne Cancer Society, PETA and dozens more, Fred received a commendation from the City of Los Angeles and Mayor Antonio Villaraigarosa for outstanding humanitarian and philanthropic work helps to further the goal of making the City of Los Angeles a better place .”
He commented on the 26th, When someone actually coaches or conducts criminal behaviour to impose a political agenda on each and every other citizen of Canada, that does seem to me to meet the test of a terrorist organization .” Byrne continued to say, I am calling on the Government of Canada to actually investigate whether or not this organization, PETA, is acting as a terrorist organization under the test that exists under Canadian law .” In response to his interpretation of Canadian law, PETA president Ingrid Newkirk said Byrne's reaction was " a silly, chest-beating exercise.
The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals accused producers of pandering to a morbid and sordid fascination with farm animals ” while PETA and Mediawatch-uk demanded the show be taken off the air.
In 2005, he donated autographed drumsticks to benefit PETA s Kentucky Fried Cruelty ” Campaign.
A vegetarian, in June 2007 Phillips was a nominee for PETA Europe s Sexiest Vegetarians ” poll, and subsequently won the award as ' Sexiest Female Vegetarian 2007 '.

PETA and We
Source: PETA has sent an e-mail releasing the image: " We hereby release this image so it can be used by Wikipedia and anyone else, commercial and non-commercial, with no restrictions.

PETA and try
Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine has responded " If you are in the business of putting veal or beef on the tables of America, and slaughtering more than a million animals per hour, and making an awful lot of money at it, you are going to try to neutralize PETA or other animal-rights groups "
PCRM responded that, " If you are in the business of putting veal or beef on the tables of America, and slaughtering more than a million animals per hour, and making an awful lot of money at it, you are going to try to neutralize PETA or other animal-rights groups.

PETA and use
Animal rights groups such as PETA have called for boycotts and encourage the use of alternative materials such as synthetic leathers.
PETA writes that it is an animal rights organization, and as such it rejects speciesism and the idea of animals as property, and opposes the use of animals in any form: as food, clothing, entertainment, or as research subjects.
McDonald's and Wendy's introduced vegetarian options after PETA targeted them ; Petco stopped selling some exotic pets ; and Polo Ralph Lauren said it would no longer use fur.
PETA opposes the use of animals for producing clothing that utilizes fur, leather, wool, or silk.
PETA also opposes the use of down from birds and the use of silk from silkworms or spiders.
Gary Francione, professor of law at Rutgers School of Law-Newark, argues that PETA is not an animal rights group — and further that there is no animal rights movement in the United States — because of their willingness to work with industries that use animals to achieve incremental change.
In 2008, the animal rights group PETA initiated a campaign against Karan for her company's use of fur in products and her contracted fur farmers ' alleged inhumane treatment of animals.
However, there are some animal rights groups, such as PETA, which support animal welfare measures in the short term to alleviate animal suffering until all animal use is ended.
She allowed PETA to use her song " I Wanna Be Free " in a public service campaign encouraging people not to chain their dogs outside.
PETA cited earlier statements by Pope Benedict XVI on factory farming, in which the pontiff criticized the " industrial use of creatures, so that geese are fed in such a way as to produce as large a liver as possible, or hens live so packed together that they become just caricatures of birds " as being incompatible with Biblical teachings on animals.
Many animal welfare and animal rights organizations, such as PETA, are opposed to the use of wild animals in circuses.
Death is much slower than with the traditional type trap, which has prompted animal activists and welfare organisations such as PETA and the RSPCA to oppose the use of glue traps.
They use methods ranging from persuasion ( the PETA campaign " I would rather go naked than wear fur ") to coercion ( spraying people wearing fur clothes with paint, typically red in imitation of blood ).
Although PETA takes a gradualist approach to improving animal welfare, Newkirk remains committed to ending animal use, and the idea that, as PETA's slogan says, " animals are not ours to eat, wear, experiment on, or use for entertainment.
CCF called PCRM a front for PETA, arguing that when PCRM offers health advice, they " do a very slick job of obscuring their real intentions ," which is simply to oppose the use of meat, dairy products and alcohol.
In October 2004, American fashion retailer Abercrombie & Fitch Co. responded to pressure from PETA to boycott Australian merino wool due in part to the use of mulesing in Australia.
Then, in December 2008, one of the world's largest retailers, Liz Claiborne, ( in which PETA is a shareholder ) banned the use of Australian Merino wool in its products in opposition to the mulesing practice, at the time an Australian Wool Innovations spokesman said " the company did not purchase any Australian wool ".
For this reason, PETA is boycotting businesses that use Tyson as a supplier, such as KFC and distribution channels such as Sunset Strips.
During a pep rally at South Park Elementary, a group of local PETA eco-terrorists protest the use of a cow as the school's mascot ( for " the 47th time ").

PETA and every
The CCF claimed in a press release that "( a ) n official report filed by PETA itself shows that the animal rights group put to death nearly every dog, cat, and other pet it took in for adoption in 2006.
Specter writes that she has the popular image of a monster, becoming more disliked with every PETA stunt, unable even to walk through an airport without accosting every woman wearing fur.

PETA and up
PETA opposes the no kill movement, and, according to a Newsweek report, euthanizes an estimated 85 % of the animals that end up at their shelter.
The first package was picked up by a PETA employee, Maria Blanton, and the second intercepted by the authorities, who identified the handwriting as Coronado's.
Jason Baker, a former staff member of PETA who was involved in setting up PETA India and PETA Australia, is PETA Asia Pacific's first director.
Francione writes that PETA initially set up independent chapters around the United States, but closed them in favor of a top-down, centralized organization, which not only consolidated decision-making power, but centralized donations too.
In 2010, Mosley teamed up with PETA to protest dog fighting and to protest the seal fur trade in Canada.
PETA has suggested that robotic animals can help people recognize that they are not up to the commitment of caring for a real animal.
PETA set up the visit after Barker heard from Florida congressman Bill Young, whose wife had been " appalled " by what she saw.
" Kill " also shows up in location names as in the Catskill Mountains and the town of Fishkill, New York, which was the subject of an etymologically naïve campaign by animal rights group, PETA, which wanted a more animal friendly name.
Stan explains his trouble to a member of PETA who tells him that an election " is always between a douche and a turd ", because they are the only people who suck up enough to make it that far in politics.
Combs shows up at the camp to kill Stan, but is distracted by a PETA member who throws a bucket of red paint on his fur coat.
However, he later assisted the PETA militia set up by the Japanese occupiers by carrying messages, but did not actually become a member.
The donated drumsticks were up for auction with proceeds helping PETA make Kentucky Fried Chicken face the music and eliminate the worst abuses that chickens endure on factory farms.
After a Todd Beamer High School student followed up a campaign promise by swallowing a live goldfish, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals ( PETA ) criticised the school.

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