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Paige and also
The Prince also appears as the murder victim in the first of the Lord Francis Powerscourt crime novels Goodnight Sweet Prince, and as a murder suspect in the novel Death at Glamis Castle by Robin Paige.
In addition, the audience is introduced to the also stereotypical Irish American wife ( Harriet Sansom Harris ), who helps in the pub but is generally a traditional middle-aged housewife ( but oddly has little problems accepting her soon-to-be daughter-in-law's parents ), as well as the couple's tough-but-kind daughter ( Paige Moss ), who waitresses in the family's bar.
Paige also made a cheaper range of cars between 1923 and 1926 and sold as Jewetts named after H M Jewett the company president.
Paige also liked to tell a tall tale referencing one hotel at which he and Bell stayed, in which there was a short delay between flipping the light switch off and the lights actually going off due to faulty wiring, sufficient for Bell to jump into bed in the interim.
" Paige also joked of a time when facing Bell that the outfielder hit a line drive up the middle that went screaming past Paige's ear, and hit Bell in the buttocks as he was sliding into second base.
Dr. Paige also established the university's Center for Excellence in Urban Education, a research facility that concentrates on issues related to instruction and management in urban school systems.
Angel also becomes entangled in a love triangle with rookie X-Men member Paige Guthrie and the mutant prostitute Stacy X.
Paige has also shown the ability to impart momentum on these orbing objects.
It is also revealed that Paige and Henry's marriage will produce three children, twin daughters and a son.
In the comic series, Paige is working as a full-time Whitelighter and can also be seen helping Leo at Magic School with his students.
Paige can also cast spells, often written in iambic pentameter or as a rhyming couplet, to influence others or the world around her.
As a witch and Charmed One, Paige has also developed a number of magical powers which include Telekinetic Orbing and Force Field ( sometimes called Orb-Shield ).
Paige also simultaneously orbs and throws two demons into a dumpster in the episode " Gone with the Witches ".
In this same issue, Paige also uses her force field power offensively to push back demons.
Paige also showcases her singing talents in the season five episode, " Sense and Sense Ability ".
There would also be a cabaret musician or group appearing as a special guest, including Dana, Elkie Brooks, Manhattan Transfer, Pan's People, Michel Legrand, Barbara Dickson, Tina Charles, the Nolan Sisters, Elton John, New World, Elaine Paige and Phil Collins, the last of whom also took part in a few sketches.
Paige is also featured on seven cast albums and has sung in concerts across the world.
Paige also recalls singing the mezzo role of Bastienne in Mozart's Bastien and Bastienne.
Paige also appeared in concert in Scandinavia, Hong Kong, Europe, the Middle East, New Zealand, Australia and Singapore.
What has been seen as a cold side to her personality was also noted by Logan, but Paige has said that a common misconception of her is that she is confident and very serious.
As part of a rigorous routine before musical roles to look after her voice, Paige stops eating dairy products and drinking alcohol and also focuses on keeping fit.
She initially tried to split up Mack and Karen, but after failing she turned her attentions to Greg and also attempted to cheat Paige out of her inheritance from her grandfather.
Paige also appeared in the original London West End stage production of Chess.

Paige and on
* Paige Rense, editor in chief of Architectural Digest, whom he married in Bennington, Vermont, on 10 April 1994.
* Paige Davis ( 1987 ) theater performer, host of Trading Spaces on TLC from 2001 to 2005.
On June 27, 2002, Secretary of Education Rod Paige announced the creation of the Commission on Opportunity in Athletics ( COA ), a blue-ribbon panel to examine ways to strengthen enforcement and expand opportunities to ensure fairness for all college athletes.
On the same day, Secretary of Education Rod Paige announced he would only consider unanimous recommendations, whose effect on the Department of Education was to:
Other sources state that Starling Plantation was first settled in 1779 on 7, 000 acres granted by the State of Massachusetts to " Robert Paige and associates.
* Tony Paige ( boxing ) ( born 1953 ), radio talk show host on WFAN.
According to John C. Paige, who wrote a historical study of the bell for the National Park Service, " We do not know whether or not the steeple was still strong enough to permit the State House bell to ring on this day.
* The October 1985 issue of The Mississippi Rag has an article on Little Brother Montgomery by Paige Van Vorst.
* Edward G. S. Paige, Worked on semiconductors, with Denis Maines turned to Surface acoustic wave ( SAW ) devices, led team that received Wolfe Medal of MOD and earned RRE a Queen's Award, later Professor of Electrical Engineering at the University of Oxford, awarded Rayleigh Medal and Duddell Medal,
The FoxTrot comic centers on the daily lives of the Fox family, composed of father Roger, wife Andy, and their children: Peter, Paige, and Jason, who live together in the same house.
Gold next starred as Reno Sweeney in Anything Goes at Prince Edward Theatre ( 1990, replacing Elaine Paige ; and on the 1995 studio cast album ).
The duet " I Know Him So Well " by Elaine Paige and Barbara Dickson held the Number One spot on the U. K. singles charts for 4 weeks, winning the Ivor Novello Award in the process as the Best Selling Single (' A ' Side ).
The three principal singers from the concept album, Elaine Paige, Tommy Körberg and Murray Head reprised their roles on stage, however due to prior commitments, Barbara Dickson was unable to appear.
In an exhibition game against white all-stars, Bell broke for second on a bunt and run, with Satchel Paige at the plate.
Paige, who grew up in Mississippi, built a career on a belief that education equalizes opportunity, moving from classroom teacher to college dean and school superintendent to be the first African American to serve as the nation's education chief.
Dr. Paige then taught health and physical education and coached at Hinds Agricultural High School and what is now Utica Junior College ( located on the same campus ) in Utica, MIssissippi from 1957 to 1963.
As a trustee and an officer of the Board of Education of the Houston Independent School District ( HISD ) from 1989 to 1994, Paige coauthored the board's ' A Declaration of Beliefs and Visions ', a statement of purpose and goals for the school district that called for fundamental reform through decentralization, a focus on instruction, accountability at all levels, and development of a core curriculum.
As an HISD trustee, Dr. Paige led the board to launch a municipal-style, accredited police department at HISD with police officers certified by the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement Officers Standards and Education.
Dr. Paige ’ s board of education launched that effort to provide better school safety, and the HISD police department remains the only school district police department in the country to earn accreditation from the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies.
Superintendent Paige made HISD the first school district in the state to institute performance contracts modeled on those in the private sector, whereby senior staff members ' continued employment with HISD is based on their performance.
The Bush White House ’ s development of the principles of No Child Left Behind drew in part on the successes of the Houston Independent School District under Dr. Paige ’ s leadership.
Paige has served on review committees of the Texas Education Agency and the State Board of Education's Task Force on High School Education, and he has chaired the Youth Employment Issues Subcommittee of the National Commission for Employment Policy of the U. S. Department of Labor.

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