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Parker and J
* Mackie, J. D., Bruce Lenman, and Geoffrey Parker.
Hoover attempted to appoint John J. Parker of North Carolina to the Supreme Court in 1930 to replace Edward Sanford.
In the early 20th century, people like Ordway Tead ( 1891 – 1973 ), Walter Scott and J. Mooney applied the principles of psychology to management, while other writers, such as Elton Mayo ( 1880 – 1949 ), Mary Parker Follett ( 1868 – 1933 ), Chester Barnard ( 1886 – 1961 ), Max Weber ( 1864 – 1920 ), Rensis Likert ( 1903 – 1981 ), and Chris Argyris ( 1923-) approached the phenomenon of management from a sociological perspective.
* June 12 – Charlie Parker equals J. T.
J. W. Parker and Son.
• Castagnino Berlinghieri, E. F., 2003, ( with introduction by A. J. Parker ) The Aeolian Islands: crossroads of Mediterranean maritime routes.
* Parker, S., R. Talbert, T. Elliott, S. Gillies, S. Gillies, J. Becker.
* The Cognitive Neuroscience of Memory By Amanda Parker, Edward L. Wilding, Timothy J. Bussey
The approach to childhood nutrition was criticized by a number of experts, including his co-author, Dr. Steven J. Parker, as too extreme and likely to result in nutritional deficiencies unless it is very carefully planned and executed, something that would be difficult for working parents.
This period saw the launch of innovative models such as the Parker 51, the Sheaffer Snorkel and the Eversharp Skyline and ( later ) Skyliner, while the Esterbrook J series of lever-fill models with interchangeable steel nibs offered inexpensive reliability to the masses.
J. Parker.
Contemporary trombonist Steve Turre has summarized, " J. J. did for the trombone what Charlie Parker did for the saxophone.
Today, it is better known as the Parker House, once home to John G. Parker and his wife Elmira J. Parker, daughter of Michigan Governor Cyrus Gray Luce.
Joyce Spratt is the current mayor, and the town has five council members — Michael E. Henry ( District 1 ), Michael D. Nordstrom ( District 2 ), Parker J. Durham ( District 3 ), Charles T. Cephas ( District 4 ) and Christopher D. Adams ( District 5 ).
McCarthy-Towne School is housed in the Parker Damon Building ( named for McCarthy-Towne's first principal, J. Parker Damon ), which it shares with the Merriam School.
The town's first mayor was Melville B. Parker was chosen and as the borough's first mayor, after J. H.
* John J. Parker, U. S. judge who failed confirmation to the Supreme Court by one vote
* Parker, J. Fred.
The drive for the formation of Gamble Township was led Ira Parker, Abraham Swartz, and J. C. Green.
Oxford: J. H. Parker.
There have been examples of Uncle Ben remaining alive in alternative timelines, including stories featured in Marvel's What If ( one of which he forces Peter to unmask in front of J. Jonah Jameson ), and a storyline of the 1994 Spider-Man animated series featured a universe where Uncle Ben had never died, and Peter Parker became a successful industrialist, having never really bothered to use his powers responsibly as everything always seemed to work out for him.

Parker and .
Some preferred Judge Alton B. Parker of New York.
In his own state of New York, the two Democratic bellwethers, State Leader Hill and Tammany Boss Murphy, were saying nothing openly against Hearst but industriously boosting their own favorites, Murphy being for Cleveland and Hill for Parker.
More splenetic was Senator Edward Carmack of Tennessee, a Parker man.
The revolution in jazz that took place around 1949, the evolution from the `` bebop '' school of Dizzy Gillespie to the `` cool '' sound of Miles Davis and Lennie Tristano, Lee Konitz, and the whole legend of Charlie Parker, had made an impression on many academic and literary men.
Like the pillars of Hercules, like two ruined Titans guarding the entrance to one of Dante's circles, stand two great dead juvenile delinquents -- the heroes of the post-war generation: the great saxophonist, Charlie Parker, and Dylan Thomas.
Now Dylan Thomas and Charlie Parker have a great deal more in common than the same disastrous end.
Music, of course, is not so explicit an art, but anybody who knew Charlie Parker knows that he felt much the same way about his own gift.
It is the theme of Horace, who certainly otherwise bears little resemblance to Parker or Thomas.
I think all this could apply to Parker just as well, although, because of the nature of music, it is not demonstrable -- at least not conclusively.
Thomas and Parker have more in common than theme, attitude, life pattern.
Similarly, the innovations of bop, and of Parker particularly, have been vastly overrated by people unfamiliar with music, especially by that ignoramus, the intellectual jitterbug, the jazz aficionado.
What Parker and his contemporaries -- Gillespie, Davis, Monk, Roach ( Tristano is an anomaly ), etc. -- did was to absorb the musical ornamentation of the older jazz into the basic structure, of which it then became an integral part, and with which it then developed.
Again, contrary to popular belief, there is nothing crazy or frantic about Parker either musically or emotionally.
Parker and Pollock wanted to substitute a work of art for the world.
Technique pure and simple, rendition, is not of major importance, but it is interesting that Parker, following Lester Young, was one of the leaders of the so-called saxophone revolution.
A poem by Dylan Thomas, a saxophone solo by Charles Parker, a painting by Jackson Pollock -- these are pure confabulations as ends in themselves.
Parker certainly had much more of an influence.
Parker, who agreed with much of this criticism, did not conceal his dissatisfaction with procedural defects.
Parker insisted that the size of the record would have been drastically reduced but for an unavoidable duplication of testimony.
In a private communication written in 1911, Parker had been more to the point.
The vast industrial interests caught up in the Selden suit, as well as the complex character of the automotive art, encouraged both sides to exploit `` every possible chance '' for or against the patent, said Parker.
Parker listed the remedies he deemed essential for reducing the cost and mass of testimony.
Parker called for abolition of the indiscriminate or uncontrolled right of taking depositions before officers of the court who had no authority to limit testimony.
In the end Hough's acidulous protest, which Parker called the `` now somewhat famous note on this ' Selden ' case '', did not go unheeded.
Miss Betsy Parker was one of the speakers on the panel of the Eastern Women's Liberal Arts College panel on Wednesday evening in the Security Life Bldg..

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