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Part and early
The cynical attitude toward recruited infantry in the face of ever more powerful field artillery is the source of the term cannon fodder, first used by François-René de Chateaubriand, in 1814 ; however, the concept of regarding soldiers as nothing more than " food for powder " was mentioned by William Shakespeare as early as 1598, in Henry IV, Part 1.
Part of Liguria's history since the fall of the Roman Empire, from the 14th to the early 15th century the area was contested for primarily political reasons.
Part of the large amounts of web traffic in the site's early days was because the entire newscast could be viewed for free and supported by advertising.
He is also a character in Shakespeare's Henry IV, Part 1 and was the hero of James Hill's UK TV movie Owain, Prince of Wales, broadcast in 1983 in the early days of Channel 4 / S4C.
Part of a Syrian SA-6 site built near the Beirut-Damascus highway, and overlooking the Bekaa Valley, in early 1982.
* Cronkite Remembers 1997 Part 1: Walter Cronkite describes his early years growing up in Missouri selling newspapers.
As early as 1990 John Gotti was already such a prominent mobster as to be the inspiration for the character Joey Zasa, portrayed by Joe Mantegna, in The Godfather Part III.
Part of the Cheyenne-Arapaho land opening in 1892, the county had gained rail lines by the early 1900s and highways by the 1930s.
Part of it had actually been recorded as early as 1988, before Latimer's departure to the US, and featured all members of the previous incarnation, i. e. Bass, Burgess, Scherpenzeel, alongside a number of additional musicians.
He continued in the racing genre with Sega Rally Championship 2 and Sega Touring Car Championship, before moving onto early rhythm-based music games like Space Channel 5 ( and Space Channel 5: Part 2 ), and Rez.
In late 1900s the day that of the City was founded is Jakin School is a Private School is Formally Part of Jakin School Board was Grades One through Twelve there is no Football field on this school. In 1966 When Jakin School was Closed were Sent to Blakely-Union Elementary, Junior High, and High School ( which later Became Early County High, Middle, and Elementary School ). while Carver school was built for African-American students grades One through Twelve. although late 1960s when Carver school was closed along with Kestler School was based in Damascus were sent to Washington High & Elementary at Blakely. In addition to small farm agriculture, Jakin's early economic growth resulted from turpentine.
In general, early reviewers of The Road to Wigan Pier praised Orwell ’ s depiction of the working class in Part I.
Part of the site has been acquired by Tesco who have submitted plans to the council which are currently ( in early 2012 ) pending.
Called by Ginsberg " a lament for the Lamb in America with instances of remarkable lamb-like youths ", Part I is perhaps the best known, and communicates scenes, characters, and situations drawn from Ginsberg's personal experience as well as from the community of poets, artists, political radicals, jazz musicians, drug addicts, and psychiatric patients whom he encountered in the late 1940s and early 1950s.
Part of UFO's early work was strongly influenced by space rock ( their second album, including a 26-minute long title track and a 19-minute long opus " Star Storm ", was subtitled One Hour Space Rock ) that was modestly popular at the time, but the band soon realised the style was somewhat limited.
Part of it encodes an ABC transporter, which imports AI-2 into the cells during the early stationary ( latent ) phase of growth.
Rita was soon confirmed to be pregnant ( as was Kapture in reality ), and Chris and Rita were married in an early December episode titled " Till Death Do Us Part ".
Part of it was used as a graveyard by the early 12th century and an early Norman building was erected in the vicinity, possibly a temporary church.
Part of the appeal of this instrument over the early modular Moogs was the fact that the Minimoog required no patch cables ; its signal and control voltage path is hard-wired, or " normalled ".
# The Contention is an early draft of the play that was published in the 1623 Folio under the title The second Part of Henry the Sixt.
By early 1982, the band had released a new single from the " Till Deaf Do Us Part " album.
Part of the South Bank Centre known as the under-croft, has been used by the skateboarding community since the early seventies.
Part of Eddystone township at the mouth of Ridley Creek, had been taken up by Olof Persson Stille, one of the early settlers of the Swedish colony of New Sweden who had arrived during 1641.

Part and town
Part of West Cambridge joined the new town of Belmont in 1859, and the rest of West Cambridge was renamed Arlington in 1867 ; Brighton was annexed by Boston in 1874.
Upon activating the amulet, the player is informed of his / her past by his / her dead father, after which the player is transported to the town of Crossroads, and Part I ends.
Part of the citizenry of the town support the transfer of Berwick to Scotland, although others would prefer it to remain as part of the English county of Northumberland.
* Festung Mark – Part of the former town fortification, now rebuilt for party's and conventions
Two feature films were made based on the series-the first was Till Death Us Do Part ( 1969 ), whose first half dealt with the younger Alf and Else during World War II, and whose second half dealt with all the Garnetts in the present day being moved from their East End slum to the New town of Hemel Hempstead, and the adjustments and changes that brought on the family.
The town is depicted in the The Godfather Part III.
Part of the old town of Genoa was inscribed on the World Heritage List ( UNESCO ) in 2006 ( see below ).
Part of Burgas Province and administrative centre of the homonymous Sozopol Municipality, as of December 2009, the town has a population of 5, 410 inhabitants.
Part of the historic province was located on the western bank of the Oder River, where the main settlement Lubusz, later known as the German town of Lebus, was located.
Part of the town and the islands are closed during rocket launches.
Part of Squantz Pond State Park is in the town.
Part of the Mount Everett State Reservation and Mount Washington State Forest also crosses into town.
Part of the town's border with Bridgewater is defined by the Taunton River, which also spawns the Winnetuxet River and several other brooks into town.
Part of the town was destroyed in 1916 by a tornado.
Part of the White Mountain National Forest is in the north, and part of Squam Lake is in the southwestern corner of the town.
Part of the Sandwich Range is in the north, including the Sandwich Mountain ( also known as Sandwich Dome ), the highest point in town.
Part of New Netherland, the town was originally called " Uyle-Kill " ( the Dutch spelling of " Owl-Kill "), a name given to the creek and valley, which ran through the area.
Part of the redevelopment is being held up by a lawsuit by John Fanaro of Fanaro Carpeting over the right of eminent domain, as the town tries to seize property along Main Street that is in front of the new townhomes.
* Richburg – Part of the Village of Richburg is at the south town line.
* East Randolph – Part of the Village of East Randolph is in the southeast part of the town at NY Route 394 and County Road 9.
* Oil Springs Reservation – Part of the Oil Springs Seneca reservation is in the northeast part of the town.
Part of the Zoar Valley is located by the north town line.
* Gowanda – Part of the Village of Gowanda is located in the northwest corner of the town.
* Northern Montezuma Wildlife Management Area – Part of this state conservation area is in the northern part of the town.
* Sinclairville – Part of the Village of Sinclairville is by the north town line.

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