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Passing and with
Passing dogs were greeted with a cordial bark.
Passing it, the bus climbed a hill, with the covered spice bazaar on the right and Pandelli's, a famous and excellent restaurant, above it.
Passing through the gate, with towers on either side once used as prisons, I entered a huge square surrounded by buildings, and on the wall to my right found a general plan of the grounds, with explanations in English for each building.
* 1867 – Alaska purchase: Passing by a single vote, the United States Senate ratifies a treaty with Russia for the purchase of Alaska.
Passing through the hail of arrows launched by the Persian army, protected for the most part by their armour, the Greek line finally collided with the enemy army.
In 1932, with Moe now acting as business manager, Healy reached a new agreement with his former Stooges, and they were booked in a production of Jacob J. Shubert's The Passing Show of 1932.
Passing through dangerous rapids, the group passed down the Green River to its confluence with the Colorado River, near present-day Moab, Utah and completed the journey with many hardships through the Grand Canyon on August 13, 1869.
Passing up advancement in his recently sold company, Dodsworth leaves for Europe with Fran but her motivations to get to Europe become quickly known.
They followed up with several more shows, and of their work in The Passing Show of 1918 Heywood Broun wrote: " In an evening in which there was an abundance of good dancing, Fred Astaire stood out ...
Passing a stagecoach way station on his journey into town, Pat Brennan agrees to return with some storebought candy for the friendly station manager's young son.
* Nella Larsen: Passing ( African American wife and mother torn between allegiance to her race and her friendship with another woman )
Editor's Recommendation also includes the lyrics " the serpent often hisses where the sweet birds do sing " and " my hands are stained with thistle milk " in the songs " On Passing Lilac Urine " and " Lark Descending ", respectively.
* Passing ( shares with Caroline County )
Passing to the east of a railroad fork, Route 26 parallels the Northeast Corrdior tracks as Livingston Avenue, crossing through an industrial area and intersecting with the Route 26 Connector soon after.
Vaughan was reunited with Billy Eckstine for a series of duet recordings in 1957 that yielded the hit " Passing Strangers ".
Passing is the ability of a person to be regarded as a member of social groups other than his or her own, such as a different race, ethnicity, social class, gender, intelligence, age and / or disability status, generally with the purpose of gaining social acceptance.
Passing among persons with disabilities is a complex situation more commonly addressed via the parallel terms visible and invisible disabilities.
Passing near more industrial areas, I-295 / US 130 has an interchange with the Mid-Atlantic Parkway, which provides access to Route 44 as well as to CR 643 and CR 660.
Passing through dangerous rapids, the group passed down the Green River to its confluence with the Colorado River ( then also known as the Grand River upriver from the junction ), near present-day Moab, Utah and completed the journey on August 13, 1869.
Passing between brachioradialis and extensor carpi radialis brevis, this tendon continues into the second tendon compartment together with the latter muscle.
Passing his Entrance Exam with Distinction, he was put in a class two years ahead of his actual age group, and thereafter was consistently first in his class.
Among Eckstine's recordings of the 1950s was a 1957 duet with Sarah Vaughan, " Passing Strangers ", a minor hit in 1957, but an initial No. 22 success in the UK Singles Chart.

Passing and flying
** Passing under an archway, guests enter a library with staring busts, moving ladders, flying books, and an unseen ghost rocking in a chair reading a book by candlelight.

Passing and colors
In addition to coaching the school's soccer team, he shortly served as the Green Turbo Ranger ( along with the rest of the last remnants of the first cast of Power Rangers as their respective colors ) until the episode " Passing the Torch " in which he chose Carlos Vallerte to take his place as the Green Turbo Ranger, and he left the show.

Passing and 205
< table border =" 1 ">< tr >< td > Year </ td >< td > Comp .</ td >< td > Att .</ td >< td > Comp %</ td >< td > Passing </ td >< td > TD </ td >< td > INT </ td ></ tr >< tr >< td > 1991 </ td >< td > 205 </ td >< td > 371 </ td >< td > 55. 3 </ td >< td > 3, 095 </ td >< td > 20 </ td >< td > 8 </ td ></ tr >< tr >< td > 1992 </ td >< td > 228 </ td >< td > 402 </ td >< td > 56. 7 </ td >< td > 3, 060 </ td >< td > 19 </ td >< td > 7 </ td ></ tr ></ table >

Passing and class
and " Passing notes in class ", a post in Free Software Magazine.
Passing out as a midshipman ( second class ) in August 1845, he saw his first naval service in the Pacific Ocean on Brillante.

Passing and were
In Grant's 1916 book, The Passing of the Great Race, Europeans who were not of Germanic origin, but who had Nordic characteristics such as blonde / red hair and blue / green / gray eyes were considered to be a Nordic admixture and suitable for Aryanization.
" Passing the Time " and " Deserted Cities " were quickly removed from the setlist and replaced by " Sitting on Top of the World " and " Toad ".
A number of memorials to the war were added to the cathedral, notably the painting The Passing of Eleanor by Frank Salisbury ( stolen 1973 ) and the reglazing of the main west window, dedicated in 1925.
These were followed by novels, including Otsu Junkichi ( 1912 ), Wakai (" Reconciliation ", 1917 ), and his major work, An ' ya Koro (" A Dark Night's Passing ", 1921 – 1937 ), which was serialized in the radical socialist magazine Kaizō.
Passing through the eastern part of Glen Iris is the Alamein line, with Burwood Station also within the boundaries of the suburb ( Glen Iris did not originally cover this far east, and this station and its surrounds were originally in the suburb of Burwood ).
The penalty for Barabbas ' crime was death by crucifixion, but according to the four canonical gospels and the non-canonical Gospel of Peter there was a prevailing Passing custom in Jerusalem that allowed or required Pilate, the praefectus or governor of Judaea, to commute one prisoner's death sentence by popular acclaim, and the " crowd " ( ochlos ) — which has become " the Jews " and " the multitude " in some translations — were offered a choice of whether to have Barabbas or Jesus Christ released from Roman custody.
At the postwar Nuremberg Trials, Grant's Passing of the Great Race was introduced into evidence by the defense of Karl Brandt, Hitler's personal physician and head of the Nazi euthanasia program, in order to justify the population policies of the Third Reich or at least indicate that they were not ideologically unique to Nazi Germany.
Passing through cities on the way, the Soul tells the Fisherman to do things: in the first, he tells him to steal a silver cup ; in the second, to beat a child ; in the third to kill and rob the man in whose house they were guests.
Some of the law's strongest supporters were influenced by Madison Grant and his 1916 book, The Passing of the Great Race.
Forbes-Robertson's other great roles were Romeo, Othello, Leontes in The Winter's Tale, and the leading role in The Passing of the Third Floor Back ( filmed in 1916, released 1918 ).
Passing the Grade 11 level was required for graduation, but many opportunities for retesting were available.
His Farragut Passing the Forts at the Battle of New Orleans and The Rapids above Niagara, which were exhibited at the Paris Exposition of 1878, were his best known but not his most typical works, for his favorite subjects were storm and wreck, wind and heavy surf, and less often moonlight on the coasts of Holland, of Jersey, of New England, Long Island, the English Channel and of Grand Manan island in the Bay of Fundy.
This model was repeated in Madison Grant's book The Passing of the Great Race ( 1916 ), in which the Alpines were portrayed as the most populous of European and western Asian races.
The literary journal for the past few years were titled as follows: 2007-2008-" Passage of Time "; 2008-2009-" Passing Period "; 2009-2010-" Spectrum "; and the latest edition, 2010-2011-" Metamorphosis.
When not acting, DeSantis owned and managed a clothing-and-memorabilia business, Passing 4 Sane, and a novelty soap company, Bubbletown, both of which were primarily involved in the licensed characters.
Passing through Flanders, he was arrested by authorities of the Roman Church when books by Luther, Melancthon and Ecolampadius were found in his luggage.
Passing through the Suez Canal, they sailed via Fremantle, arriving in Wellington on 23 January 1946, where they were met by the acting Prime Minister, Walter Nash, at Aotea Quay for an official Māori welcome home ceremony.

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