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Patrick and Abernethy
Bruce's brother-in-law, Sir Andrew Murray a Guardian of Scotland during the exile of King David II may also have given holdings in his Smailholm lands Added to these were gifts from lesser donors ; people like Patrick de Dunbar, earl of Marsh who gave a handful of possessions while Sir William Abernethy gave lands in Saltoun and various other minor nobles added further packets of land.
Patrick Abernethy was formerly a keyboard player with Beulah before joining Rogue Wave.

Patrick and joined
In 1990, Patrick attempted to deprogram Elma Miller, an Amish woman who had joined a liberal sect.
Members of the Irish Volunteers — led by schoolteacher and barrister Pádraig ( Patrick ) Pearse, joined by the smaller Irish Citizen Army of James Connolly, along with 200 members of Cumann na mBan — seized key locations in Dublin and proclaimed the Irish Republic independent of Britain.
In 2004, Voight joined Nicolas Cage, in National Treasure as Patrick Gates, the father of Cage's character.
He later joined the faculty of the Royal Conservatory where his notable students included Michel van der Aa, Richard Ayres, Richard Baker, Michael Fiday, Jeff Hamburg, Michael Zev Gordon, Rozalie Hirs, Ivana Kiš, Yannis Kyriakides, Juan Sebastian Lach, Steve Martland, Nathan Michel, Koji Nakano, Damien Ricketson, Patrick Saint-Denis, Víctor Varela, Jasna Veličković, and Sinta Wullur.
Mulder and Scully are joined by John Doggett ( Robert Patrick ) and Monica Reyes ( Annabeth Gish ) late in the series, after Mulder is abducted.
After a couple of weeks of rehearsals Vangelis wavered on the option of joining Yes and, the band had to detour and hire Swiss keyboard player Patrick Moraz instead, who later joined The Moody Blues.
Patrick Codenys and Jean-Luc De Meyer had separately formed a group called Under Viewer at around the same time, and the two duos joined together in 1982.
Mary's husband, Lord Darnley, is said to have been jealous of their friendship, because of rumours that he had made Mary pregnant, and joined in a conspiracy of Protestant nobles, led by Patrick Ruthven, 3rd Lord Ruthven, to murder him.
Led by captain Joe Sakic, forward Peter Forsberg, and defenseman Adam Foote on the ice and Pierre Lacroix as the general manager and Marc Crawford as the head coach, the Avalanche became stronger when All-Star Montreal Canadiens goalie Patrick Roy joined the team.
Massachusetts joined the compact on August 4, 2010, when Governor Deval Patrick signed that state's bill into law.
In 1888, Patrick Garrett ( known as the Sheriff who had shot Billy the Kid ) along with promoter Charles Greene, joined forces with Eddy to design and build a system of canals and flumes to divert water to their ranches and properties.
" included in the book " Patrick O ' Brian: Critical Appreciations and a Bibliography ( 1994 )" that: " Some time after the blitz had died away I joined one of those intelligence organisations that flourished during the War, perpetually changing their initials and competing with one another.
Younger men such as Brian Lenihan, Charles Haughey, Patrick Hillery and Michael Hilliard were all given their first Cabinet portfolios by Lemass, and ministers who joined under de Valera, such as Jack Lynch, Neil Blaney and Kevin Boland were promoted by the new Taoiseach.
The four Republican Congressmen, joined by Senator Tom Coburn ( R-OK ) and Congressman Patrick McHenry ( R-NC ), then wrote IRS Commissioner Douglas H. Shulman on November 16, 2009, asking that CAIR be investigated for excessive lobbying and failing to register as a lobbying organization.
In 1925 he joined Sir Barry Jackson's Birmingham Repertory Company, where many eminent British actors, from Edith Evans and Cedric Hardwicke to Derek Jacobi, learned their craft, and Richardson under the veteran taskmaster H. K. Ayliff " absorbed the influence of older contemporaries like Gerald du Maurier, Charles Hawtrey and Mrs. Patrick Campbell.
The band was formed in 1991 when Chris Murphy and Andrew Scott met at the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design ( NSCAD ) in Halifax ; Patrick Pentland and Jay Ferguson joined soon after.
Both Jackson and Davison formed Refugee with Patrick Moraz in 1974, but Moraz later joined Yes to replace Rick Wakeman.
Having buried his wife Jane ( Purdon ) and two sons ( of their 20 children ) in the family vault at St. Patrick ’ s, Adam Loftus died at his Episcopal Palace in Kevin Street “ worn out with age ” and joined his family in the same vault.
They were joined by Patrick Kavanagh, Anthony Cronin, Tom Joyce ( a dentist who, as Joyce's cousin, represented the family interest ) and AJ Leventhal ( Registrar of Trinity College, Dublin ).
Virginia was accompanied from her moorings on the Elizabeth River by Raleigh and Beaufort, and was joined at Hampton Roads by the James River Squadron, Patrick Henry, Jamestown, and Teaser.
Jones was joined at Haas in by former Ferrari and Renault works driver Patrick Tambay.
Beginning in 2005, Cantrell has joined Alice in Chains in a number of performances featuring singers such as Maynard James Keenan, Mark Lanegan, James Hetfield, Phil Anselmo, Billy Corgan, Patrick Lachman, Scott Weiland, and William DuVall.
1913 photo of Paterson silk strike of 1913 | Paterson silk strike leaders Patrick Quinlan ( activist ) | Patrick Quinlan, Tresca, Elizabeth Gurley Flynn, Adolph Lessig, and Bill HaywoodTresca joined the revolutionary syndicalist Industrial Workers of the World ( IWW ) in 1912, when he was invited by the union to Lawrence, Massachusetts to help mobilize the Italian workers during a campaign to free strike leaders Joseph Ettor and Arturo Giovannitti, jailed on false murder charges.
After that season the Canaries were disbanded, and Patrick joined the Stanley Cup champion Seattle Metropolitans.

Patrick and band
Bolstered by this success, Brown recruited a new band, consisted of saxophonist J. C. Davis, guitarist Bobby Roach, bassist Bernard Odum, trumpeter Roscoe Patrick, saxophonist Albert Corley, drummer Nat Kendrick and his old band mate Bobby Byrd, who had rejoined Brown's band on organ.
In 1982, Susanna Hoffs asked long time friend, Patrick Hirtz, to manage the band until his departure in 1986 to pursue the culinary arts.
* Rock bands – Jeff Wayne and Rick Wakeman with Kevin Peek did a Progressive Rock version of the entire suite with added incidental music on an album called " Beyond The Planets " which also contained occasional narration by Patrick Allen. An arrangement of " Mars " by progressive-rock trio Emerson, Lake & Powell appeared on their eponymous album ( 1985 ) and was played in their 1985 – 86 live shows. King Crimson, Greg Lake's first successful band performed a rock arrangement of " Mars " live in 1969.
The Smiths were formed in early 1982 by Steven Patrick Morrissey, a writer who was a big fan of the New York Dolls and briefly fronted punk rock band The Nosebleeds ; and John Maher, a guitarist and songwriter.
A painting of the band by " Patrick " ( John Byrne ) was at an earlier point under consideration to be used as the album's cover.
Likewise, the DeLeo brothers formed the supergroup Army of Anyone with vocalist Richard Patrick of the industrial rock band Filter and session drummer Ray Luzier.
Also in 2004, the band recorded the song " SpongeBob and Patrick Confront the Psychic Wall of Energy " for the soundtrack of The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie.
Even with cameos from Billy Crystal and Patrick Macnee, Spinal Tap still managed to trick many of its moviegoers into believing the band existed.
* Patrick Wilson, Drummer for band Weezer Attended Clarence High School
* Patrick Monahan, singer-songwriter, lead singer of Train ( band )
During this period, the prog-rock band Yes had asked their keyboard player, Patrick Moraz, to leave.
However, Peña soon left the band due to personal reasons and was replaced by Patrick Riley.
During the 1950s, Bogarde came to prominence playing a hoodlum who shoots and kills a police constable in The Blue Lamp ( 1950 ) co-starring Jack Warner and Bernard Lee ; a handsome artist who comes to rescue of Jean Simmons during the World's Fair in Paris in So Long at the Fair, a film noir thriller ; an accidental murderer who befriends a young boy played by Jon Whiteley in Hunted ( aka The Stranger in Between ) ( 1952 ); in Appointment in London ( 1953 ) as a young Wing-Commander in Bomber Command who, against orders, opts to fly his 90th mission with his men in a major air offensive against the Germans ; an unjustly imprisoned man who regains hope in clearing his name when he learns his sweetheart, Mai Zetterling, is still alive in Desperate Moment ( 1953 ); Doctor in the House ( 1954 ), as a medical student, in a film that made Bogarde one of the most popular British stars of the 1950s, and co-starring Kenneth More, Donald Sinden and James Robertson Justice as their crabby mentor ; The Sleeping Tiger ( 1954 ), playing a neurotic criminal with co-star Alexis Smith, and Bogarde's first film for American expatriate director Joseph Losey ; Doctor at Sea ( 1955 ), co-starring Brigitte Bardot in one of her first film roles ; as a returning Colonial who fights the Mau-Mau with Virginia McKenna and Donald Sinden in Simba ( 1955 ); Cast a Dark Shadow ( 1955 ), as a man who marries women for money and then murders them ; The Spanish Gardener ( 1956 ), co-starring Michael Hordern, Jon Whiteley, and Cyril Cusack ; Doctor at Large ( 1957 ), again with Donald Sinden, another entry in the " Doctor films series ", co-starring later Bond-girl Shirley Eaton ; the Powell and Pressburger production Ill Met by Moonlight ( 1957 ) co-starring Marius Goring as the German General Kreipe, kidnapped on Crete by Patrick " Paddy " Leigh Fermor ( Bogarde ) and a fellow band of adventurers based on W. Stanley Moss ' real-life account of the WW2 caper ; A Tale of Two Cities ( 1958 ), a faithful retelling of Charles Dickens ' classic ; as a Flt.
At one New York show they were discovered by an A & M Records talent scout, Patrick Clifford, and the band signed their first recording contract.
His current band, Archie Brown and The Young Bucks, is based in Newcastle, with a catalogue of 9 albums and a line-up of Brown ( vocals, sax, guitar ), Patrick Rafferty ( vocals, accordion, guitar, lap steel guitar, keyboards ), Ian Thompson ( bass ), Phil Screaton ( lead guitar ) and Neil Ramshaw ( drums ).
During Weezer's hiatus he played with Verbena and the first incarnation of Patrick Wilson's band The Special Goodness.
He also played on the road and in the studio with Patrick Wilson's band The Special Goodness.
In late April 1916, a small band of radical Republicans under Patrick Pearse staged the Easter Rising, in which they seized a number of prominent Irish buildings, mainly in Dublin, and proclaimed an Irish Republic.
Ford and his brothers Mark ( harmonica ) and Patrick ( drums ) created a band and named it the Charles Ford Blues Band in honor of their father.
" Mascis enlisted vocalist Charlie Nakajima, also formerly of Deep Wound, and drummer Emmett Patrick Murphy, otherwise known as Murph, to complete the band.
She once threatened to lasso SpongeBob and Patrick for poking fun at Texas in one episode, and in another she attacked Patrick and stuffed him into her trombone for inadvertently kicking her during band class.

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