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Patterson's and 16
Madison was the site of a battle in the American Civil War on March 16, 1864, when Col. Josiah Patterson's 5th Alabama Cavalry, supported by Col. James H. Stuart's cavalry battalion and a section of horse artillery, drove Col. Adam G. Gorgas's 13th Illinois Infantry Regiment from the city.

Patterson's and had
Many years later, Bob Heironimus, an acquaintance of Patterson's, said that he had worn an ape costume for the making of the film.
Patterson's friend and business associate, Gimlin, has always denied being involved in any part of a possible hoax with Patterson and claims that he and his partner had encountered a real Bigfoot.
Next, Gimlin rounded up Patterson's horses, which had run off before the filming began, and " the men then tracked it for three miles ( 5 km ), but lost it in the heavy undergrowth.
Coleman has asserted that Wallace had nothing to do with Patterson's footage in 1967, and has argued in an analysis of the media treatment of the death of Wallace that the international media inappropriately confused the Wallace films of the 1970s with the Patterson-Gimlin 1967 film.
Patterson had known Grant since 1852 ; Patterson's brother-in-law David Dixon Porter, married to Patterson's sister George Ann, was the highest-ranking Admiral in the US Navy ; and Patterson's brother Thomas H. Patterson was commander of the Washington Navy Yard ( 1873-1876 ) before becoming the Rear Admiral in command of the Asiatic Squadron ( 1877-1880 ).
Although Megeney's name had previously been published in Canadian media, the Canadian Department of National Defence initiated a military police investigation into Patterson's conduct to determine whether or not he breached doctor-patient confidentiality.
Mary Lou Retton was the first American woman ever to win the title, at the 1984 Summer Olympics in Los Angeles, but because those Games were boycotted by the Soviet Union, meaning Retton did not face stiff competition from the Soviet gymnasts ( who consistently dominated the sport during that period, accounting in 1984 for six of the seven previous Olympic all-around champions and nine of the ten previous World all-around champions ), Patterson's victory had a unique significance.
Patterson and D ' Amato split after Patterson's second consecutive one round KO loss to Sonny Liston, although his influence over the champion had already begun to diminish.
After Patterson's and Torres's careers had ended, D ' Amato worked in relative obscurity.
Albano had previously helped turn the villainous Intercontinental Champion Pat Patterson into a fan favorite, by " purchasing " Patterson's contract against his will.
Holmes defeated Lew Wallace in the primary and Elmo Smith, the Republican state Senate president who had assumed the job after Patterson's death in the general election.
Prior to Patterson's execution, Texas had only two sentencing options for capital crimes: life with parole ( with a minimum prison time of 40 years ) or death by lethal injection ; it did not have a life without parole option.
The reconstructed lions are actually smaller than their original size, presumably because the skins had been originally trimmed for use as trophy rugs in Patterson's house.

Patterson's and been
The book has been characterized as " little more than a collection of newspaper clippings laced together with Patterson's circus-poster style prose.
Barry Humphries has also been interviewed in Patterson's guise on numerous TV talk shows, including Parkinson ( 1982 ), The Panel ( 2003 ) and Rove Live ( 2005 ).
Patterson's home intervention program involving mothers has been shown to reduce aggressive conduct in children.
Patterson's influence has been felt at all levels of Southern Baptist life.

Patterson's and on
Walter Patterson's brother, John Patterson, one of the original grantees of land on the island, was a temporarily exiled Loyalist and led efforts to persuade others to come.
Abbott declined, and Krantz argued this call the same day of the encounter is evidence against a hoax, at least on Patterson's part.
Titmus made casts of the creature's prints and, as best he could, plotted Patterson's and the creature's movements on a map.
Krantz argues, on the basis of an analysis by Igor Bourtsev, that since Patterson's height is known, a reasonable calculation can be made of his pace.
Portions of the 5th Ohio Cavalry, the 59th Indiana Infantry and the 5th Iowa Infantry were sent in pursuit from Huntsville and skirmished with Patterson's rear guard that evening at Fletcher's Ferry on the Tennessee River south of Madison.
In 1803, Patterson's daughter Elizabeth Patterson married Napoléon Bonaparte's brother Jérôme, but when she arrived in Europe as Jérôme's bride, Napoléon refused to let Betsy Patterson Bonaparte set foot on land.
That little episode didn't stop Captain Joe Patterson's interest from being piqued, however, and Willard soon set to work on a new strip for the Chicago Tribune Syndicate.
* The cathedral features prominently in James Patterson's novel, Step on a Crack ( 2007 ) and in the graphic novel version of Maximum Ride ( 2005 ).
The third phase of Patterson's career began with the publication of Eye of the Storm in 1992, a fictionalized retelling of an unsuccessful mortar attack on Prime Minister John Major by a ruthless young Irish gunman-philosopher named Sean Dillon, hired by an Iraqi millionaire.
Patterson's death in 1881, long-delayed financial problems came to a head, and on June 6, 1884, three years after Patterson's death, Congress enacted a private bill, House bill No. 4689, entitled " An act for the relief of Eliza W. Patterson ," C. P.
Patterson's widow, excusing accumulated District of Columbia property taxes on the Patterson land.
Haywood Patterson's Decatur retrial began on November 27, 1933.
The Chicago Tribune-New York News Syndicate was formed in 1918, leading to Joseph Patterson's establishment of the company's second newspaper, the New York Daily News on June 26, 1919.
On September 10, 2008, a remixed version of Patterson's " Temporary Life ( Ordinary Girl )" was played on the Bobby Bones Show.
Patterson's song " Here I Am " was featured on the second season of the ABC Family series Make It or Break It, which is a television drama series that focuses on the lives of teen gymnasts who strive to make it to the Olympic Games.
The influence of the cypherpunks ( a cyberpunk derivative like the biopunk subculture ) on the biopunk community does not end there ; Patterson's husband and long-time collaborator Len Sassaman was a cypherpunk contemporary of Hughes.
Little is known of Patterson's present-day family beyond from the fact that he has a sister whose name is either Lois or Noreen ( sources differ ) and a brother named Gerard, who became a clergyman and later served as an Advisor on Religious Affairs to the Lord Howe Island Chamber of Commerce.
The World Almanac published Patterson's Sigma Pi on its list of fraternities.
On July 2, Maj. Gen. Robert Patterson's division crossed the Potomac River near Williamsport, Maryland and marched on the main road to Martinsburg.

Patterson's and May
The winner of the fight was pencilled in to get a shot at Floyd Patterson's heavyweight title, but Cooper turned down the chance and London fought and lost against Patterson in May 1959. Cooper continued to defend his British and Commonwealth belts against all comers, including Dick Richardson ( KO 5 ), Joe Erskine ( TKO 5 and TKO 12 ), Johnny Prescott ( TKO 10 ), and Brian London again ( PTS 15 ), although he suffered a setback when losing a rematch with Folley by a second round KO.
In an effort to specifically satisfy fans of Les Patterson's earthy humour, Humphries has also performed two one-man shows entirely in Patterson's guise: one in London, entitled Les Patterson Rampant in Whitehall ( June / July 1996 ) and another in New York, entitled Les Patterson Unzipped ( Zipper Theater, 2 May 2005 ).
On May 4, 1981, Patterson's feud with Sgt.

Patterson's and 13
Caniff recounted Patterson's role in creating Terry in a Time profile, " Escape Artist " ( Monday, January 13, 1947 ):

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