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:: and People
:: Example: " See People v. Hilt, 298 Ill. App. 3d 121, 123, 125-26, 698 N. E. 2d 233, 232 Ill. Dec.
:: Chapter headings resemble the breadth of the work: The Land and the People ; Social Organization ; Villages, Houses, Forts, and Other Works ; Travel and Transportation ; Fishing and Hunting ; Food and its Preparation ; Arts and Industries: Men ’ s Work ; Arts and Industries: Women ’ s Work ; Dress and Decoration ; The Life Cycle ; Ceremonies ; War and Peace ; Illness and Medicine ; Shamanism ; Witchcraft ; Games and Gambling ; and Time, Tides, and Winds.
:: People make a bridge or raft-the wise have crossed already.
: See also :: Category: People from Belarus
:: See also: Category: People educated at Portora Royal School
:: People on stage should be properly dressed.
:: Gitwilnaak ’ il Clan ( People Separated But Of One )
:: Classification: People: By nationality: American: By state: New York </ center >
Preceded by :: Category: People of Nazi Germany1933-1945
:: Happy People: A Year in the Taiga " directed by Werner Herzog
:: My Place, My Land, My People, QTV
:: People, Places, Politics ( TVT-6 )
:: People, Places, Politics ( TVT-6 )
:: People have been shown to be differentially influenced by ingroup members.

:: and are
:: One consequence is that people are more cooperative if it is more likely that individuals will interact again in the future.
* 200, 000 – 500, 000 Thrombocytes :: Also called platelets, thrombocytes are responsible for blood clotting ( coagulation ).
Some pairs of consonants like p :: b, t :: d are sometimes called fortis and lenis, but this is a phonological rather than phonetic distinction.
:: Whether or not we find what we are seeking
Some of these perform bootstrapping tasks, such as ExtUtils :: MakeMaker, which is used for building and installing other extension modules ; others, like CGI. pm, are merely commonly used.
Some of them, such as the DBI family of modules used for interfacing with SQL databases, are nearly irreplaceable in their area of function ; others, such as the List :: Util module, are simply handy resources containing a few common functions.
* CPAN :: Forum is a discussion forum where threads are classified by CPAN distribution
Even outside the Acme :: hierarchy, some modules are still written largely for amusement ; one example is Lingua :: Romana :: Perligata, which can be used to write Perl programs in a subset of Latin.
:: Operations in a data warehouse are typically concerned with bulk data manipulation, and as such, it is unusual and inefficient to target individual rows for update, insert or delete.
:: Examples are databases of local work-groups and departments at regional offices, branch offices, manufacturing plants and other work sites.
:: The major parallel DBMS architectures ( which are induced by the underlying hardware architecture are:
:: Whether rich or poor, are equal in death.
:: Her wells of bitter water, behold they are become wells of good water,
:: We are sensitive to the need for the courts to remain open to all who seek in good faith to invoke the protection of law.
:: Obeikan: Of course, they are not binding for the member Islamic states.
:: Asharq Al-Awsat: But, what is the point of the Islamic Fiqh Academy's consensus on fatwās that are not binding for the member states?
:: domestic: Microwave radio relay transmission and coaxial and fiber-optic cable are employed on trunk lines ; considerable use is made of mobile cellular systems ; Internet service is available.
:: Original album covers are black and white with pink tint, later replaced with full-color covers of the same photo
:: In North America, Groups III, IV and V are now described as synthetic lubricants, with group III frequently described as synthesised hydrocarbons, or SHCs.

:: and more
:: And you, Alcaeus, more full-throatedly
:: In January – June 1918: 22 ; in July – December 1918: more than 6, 000 ; in 1918-20: 12, 733.
:: * chain branching ( the case of propagation step when more new active particles form in the step than enter it );
:: Come trembling back, unite, and now once more
:: This is a reactor design that is cooled by liquid metal, totally unmoderated, and produces more fuel than it consumes.
:: And having done that, Thou hast done ; / I fear no more.
AdvanceCOMP < tt > advdef </ tt > and Ken Silverman's PNGOUT and Glenn Randers-Pehrson's pngcrush and Image :: Pngslimmer employ DEFLATE compression algorithms that are more exhaustive and produce smaller files than the reference implementation, zlib, that is used by the other compressors.
:: Plying is done by pulling yarn from two or more bobbins and twisting it together, in the opposite direction from that in which it was spun.
:: Any more of her childhood or life
:: Austrian school economist Carl Menger wrote in his work Principles of Economics, " As each economizing individual becomes increasingly more aware of his economic interest, he is led by this interest, without any agreement, without legislative compulsion, and even without regard to the public interest, to give his commodities in exchange for other, more saleable, commodities, even if he does not need them for any immediate consumption purpose.
:: The type of network topology in which all of the nodes of the network are connected to a common transmission medium which has more than two endpoints that are created by adding branches to the main section of the transmission medium – the physical distributed bus topology functions in exactly the same fashion as the physical linear bus topology ( i. e., all nodes share a common transmission medium ).
:: A type of network topology in which a network that is based upon the physical star topology has one or more repeaters between the central node ( the ' hub ' of the star ) and the peripheral or ' spoke ' nodes, the repeaters being used to extend the maximum transmission distance of the point-to-point links between the central node and the peripheral nodes beyond that which is supported by the transmitter power of the central node or beyond that which is supported by the standard upon which the physical layer of the physical star network is based.
:: A type of network topology that is composed of individual networks that are based upon the physical star topology connected in a linear fashion – i. e., ' daisy-chained ' – with no central or top level connection point ( e. g., two or more ' stacked ' hubs, along with their associated star connected nodes or ' spokes ').
:: The type of network topology in which some of the nodes of the network are connected to more than one other node in the network with a point-to-point link – this makes it possible to take advantage of some of the redundancy that is provided by a physical fully connected mesh topology without the expense and complexity required for a connection between every node in the network.
:: Whoever, except in cases and under circumstances expressly authorized by the Constitution or Act of Congress, willfully uses any part of the Army or the Air Force as a posse comitatus or otherwise to execute the laws shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than two years, or both.
:: For more information, see Romanov sainthood
:: Example: The Supreme Court appears to suggest the more stringent reasonable-doubt standard may apply when the inference is the “ sole and sufficient basis for a finding of guilt ”.
:: Example: Some statutes impose more requirements, for instance by requiring defense counsel to subpoena the analyst, to show good cause for demanding the analyst's presence, or even to affirm under oath an intent to cross-examine the analyst.
:: Example: We caution, however, that our analysis might have been different if Lanciloti had shown that anyone had been excluded from jury service by the way the boundaries had been drawn ( for example, to save the cost of reimbursing mileage ) or if he had been tried, over objection, before a jury drawn from a district other than where the crime was alleged to have been committed, or if the clear legislative purpose had not been to create a broader and more representative jury pool.
:: Or thus am I more like a Bacchanal?
:: Provides more fine-grained control over caching.

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