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Page "belles_lettres" ¶ 1376
from Brown Corpus
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Perhaps and was
Perhaps it was insane, Pamela thought.
Perhaps it was all a vividly conceived dream.
Another Indiana observer later commented, `` Perhaps we shall never know how much was spent ( by Hearst ), but if as much money was expended elsewhere as in Indiana a liberal fortune was squandered ''.
Perhaps his most important private activity was the combination of reading, discussion with a few -- if we can trust his writings to Diodati and the younger Gill, very few -- congenial companions.
Perhaps there is more truth than we are wont to admit in the conviction of that ornament of Tarheelia, Robert Ruark's grandfather, who was persuaded that the great curse of the modern world is `` all this gallivantin' ''.
Perhaps it was right ; ;
Perhaps after the soldiers had laid him on the ground, while Joseph of Arimathea was at Pontius Pilate's asking for Christ's body, Nicodemus was gathering his mixture of myrrh and aloes, and the others had gone home to mourn.
Perhaps it was just that he had so much more flesh, so that more of it seemed to come in contact with hers ; ;
Perhaps the outstanding standard bearer of Mr. Brown's tradition for accuracy was Mr. Oscar J. Beale, whose mechanical genius closely paralleled that of Mr. Brown, and whose particular forte was the development of the exceedingly accurate measuring machinery that enabled Brown & Sharpe to manufacture gages, and therefore its products, with an accuracy exceeding anything then available elsewhere in the world.
Perhaps it was his misfortune, or good fortune, whichever way one looked at it, to belong to the former group, and he was struggling unconsciously to build up pressure in a world which demanded none, which was positively antagonistic to it.
Perhaps that was the first thing to do.
Perhaps he had better have someone help him put up the pegboard and build the workbench -- someone who knew what he was about.
Perhaps this was related to the fact that all were in on it to some extent.
Perhaps this was reality and Dale Nelson, the actor, was delusion ; ;
Perhaps it was Dora May.
Perhaps if Felix had first come upon us when this boy was not cavorting so gaily up and down the hall outside the murdered woman's apartment, we might have had less trouble convincing Felix of our seriousness.
Perhaps the Pirate who will be the unhappiest over the news that Musial probably will sit out most of the series is Bob Friend, who was beaten by The Man twice last season on dramatic home runs.

Perhaps and once
Perhaps its most important and prominent usage in scientific literature was Nobel laureate Theodor W. Hänsch's reference in a 1979 Scientific American article on spectroscopy where he says that " the spectrum of the hydrogen atoms has proved to be the Rosetta stone of modern physics: once this pattern of lines had been deciphered much else could also be understood ".
Perhaps the most shocking proscription was that of Caesar's legate Lucius Iulius Caesar, Caesar's first cousin once removed ( and Antony's uncle ) and one of Caesar's closest friends.
Dorothea Lynde Dix proclaims that “ Perhaps no flower ( not excepting even the queenly rose ) claims to be so universal a favorite, as the viola tricolor ; none currently has been honored with so rich a variety of names, at once expressive of grace, delicacy and tenderness .” Many of these names play on the whimsical nature of love, including “ Three Faces under a Hood ,” “ Flame Flower ,” “ Jump Up and Kiss Me ,” “ Flower of Jove ,” and “ Pink of my John .”
His poetry departs from his more serious sociological works, though it too harnesses nationalist sentiment: " Run, take the standard and let it be planted once again in Plevna / Night and day, let the waters of the Danube run red with blood ...." Perhaps his most famous poem was his 1911 Turan, which served to compliment his Turanist intellectual output: " For the Turks, Fatherland means neither Turkey, nor Turkestan ; Fatherland is a large and eternal country -- Turan!
* Perhaps the news of the empty tomb, the resurrection, of Jesus ' victory over death was simply too overwhelming for them to believe, too difficult to assimilate all at once.
Perhaps once all Stygia was like Ankhwugat, and perhaps, if Set has his way, it will be again.
Perhaps the most noticeable was the renovation of Blair's store: everything was kept behind the cashier's desk as was once common practice ; and shortly after Brian Blair was released from prison it was transformed into a walk-around store.
Perhaps in keeping with the original tradition, the Original Welsh Border Morris ( founded 1973 ) meet only once a year, at Christmas, and dance the traditional dances of Herefordshire and Worcestershire.
Perhaps once there were many, but over the years, in-fighting and fighting the younger races have taken their toll.
Perhaps the most accomplished mathematician to be associated with the group was Cornelius Lanczos, who had once served as an assistant to Albert Einstein.
Perhaps this is because jazz, once considered a decadent kind of music, has only token respectability.
Film critic Tadao Sato said Shindo had " inherited from his mentor Mizoguchi his central theme of worship of womanhood ... Perhaps it would be more accurate to say that Shindo's view of women blossomed under his master's encouragement, but once in bloom revealed itself to be of a different hue ... Shindo differs from Mizoguchi by idealizing the intimidating capacity of Japanese women for sustained work, and contrasting them with shamefully lazy men.
Perhaps f5 was better because once he takes on g6 his pieces get tied down, and Black ends up with a very passive position.
Perhaps most damaging, the war as proposed would subjugate the Confederacy piecemeal, with by necessity the border states bearing most of the burden, " instead of enveloping them all ( nearly ) at once by a cordon of ports on the Mississippi to its mouth from its junction with the Ohio, and by blockading ships on the sea board.
Perhaps individuals afflicted with FD are accustomed to actually being sick, and thus return to their previous state to recapture what was they once considered the ' norm.
Perhaps his most noticeable memorials are several huge pieces of masonry in Binnel Bay, which once formed a harbour which is all but inaccessible from the land.
Perhaps the most realistic form of aeromodeling, in its main purpose to replicate full-scale aircraft designs from aviation history, for testing of future aviation designs, or even to realize never-built " proposed " aircraft, is that of radio control scale aeromodeling, as the most practical way to re-create " vintage " full-scale aircraft designs for flight once more, from long ago.
Perhaps the most significant event in Wellesbourne's history was the founding in 1872 of the first trade union for agricultural workers by Joseph Arch – an event once celebrated by an annual parade, which it was hoped to be revived in 2010.
Perhaps due to this frustration, in 1955 he once more decided to leave the BBC, and indeed the full-time broadcasting industry as a whole, joining Hulton Press as the company's Joint General Manager.
Perhaps the most well-known spot is an area that was once called " La Fortaleza " ( The Fortress ).
Perhaps deriving from an ancient rite for the Celtic goddess Rhiannon, the Mari Lwyd was once widespread throughout Wales, but is now associated with the south and south-east of the country, in particular Glamorgan and Gwent.

Perhaps and involved
Perhaps every person involved should be judged separately on his or her own merits, and each costume or line is its own work of art ( with perhaps the director having the job of unifying them all ).
The project involved 3, 400 workers, mostly immigrants from Europe, along with hundreds of Mohawk iron workers, many from the Kahnawake reserve near Montreal. Perhaps the most famous popular culture representation of the building is in the 1933 film King Kong, in which the title character, a giant ape, climbs to the top to escape his captors but falls to his death after being attacked by airplanes.
Perhaps more importantly, many people want a professional advocate when they become involved in a dispute, particularly if the dispute involves perceived legal rights, legal wrongdoing, or threat of legal action against them.
Perhaps one of the most bizarre incidents for the WFL in 1974 involved former Raiders defensive end John Matuszak, who had left the NFL's Houston Oilers to play for the WFL's Houston Texans.
Perhaps because it was the first such process in which they had been involved, the Naskapis placed considerable faith in the consultation undertaken by Indian and Northern Affairs.
Perhaps the most notorious instance involved getting a Babel Fish out of a dispenser in the hold of the Vogon ship.
Perhaps the most notorious example of circular reasoning, and the most important specific influence on Hale ’ s views about property, is that involved in judicial determination of the fair rates in which public utilities were entitled to charge under the Constitution.
Perhaps Goldberg's most influential move on the Court involved the death penalty.
Perhaps the most interesting and notable exterior change involved the top of the car.
Perhaps the most important carbamate is the one involved in the capture of CO < sub > 2 </ sub > by plants since this process is relevant to global warming.
Perhaps the most famous story in which Hang Tuah is involved is his fight with his closest childhood companion, Hang Jebat.
Perhaps the largest impact the raids had was their role in the development of Canadian nationalism and helping to lead the provinces involved into Confederation.
Perhaps the most notable incident was in the early 1990s when a young girl was killed when the car she was passenger in was involved in a crash with an unknown car which left the scene.
Perhaps the most memorable example of this was his interview of Edward Woodward and Michele Dotrice, during which he performed his version of Othello ' for the rugby leagues clubs ', which involved him squirting tomato sauce over a ventriloquists's dummy, reducing Woodward to helpless laughter.
Perhaps the biggest controversy ( in a series of questionable decisions in favor of Bockwinkel ) was known as the " screwjob " that involved Hulk Hogan.

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