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Perhaps and ironically
Perhaps ironically, this includes many Pentecostal congregations.
Perhaps ironically, Theophylact died after falling from a horse in 956.
Perhaps ironically, Taylor had indirectly criticised Barnes when he wrote contemptuously of certain self-styled American Revisionist historians whose work Taylor characterised as marked by obsessive loathing for their own country, nostalgia for isolationism, hatred for the New Deal and a tendency to engage in bizarre conspiracy theories.
" Perhaps ironically, the Cuban Casino style of Salsa dancing actually has significant amounts of movement above the waist, with up-and-down shoulder movements and shifting of the ribcage.
Perhaps ironically the busiest commuter routes had always lost the greatest amount of money, but even Beeching realised it would be impractical to close them.
Perhaps ironically, Liliesleaf Farm, where Nelson Mandela lived in the early 1960s and where many leading political activists were arrested in 1963 and tried as part of the now infamous Rivonia Trial, is just north of Nelson Mandela Square, close to the N3 Highway, off Rivonia Road.
Perhaps ironically, Fraser re-introduced the conscription of troops as the Prime Minister during World War II.
Perhaps ironically, Yosef Burg outlived Zevulun Hammer, who died in 1997.
Perhaps ironically the Health Department's headquarters became notorious for sick building syndrome and the DHSS civil servants were moved out in the early 1990s to a new headquarters across the road, first of all to Hannibal House and then Skipton House.
Perhaps ironically, what was essentially a new engine developed by Volkswagen Group engineers for the RL in 2001, was now producing the same sort of power as the original BMW V8 4. 4 engine used in the first Arnage in 1998.
Perhaps ironically, GMG Radio is run by Myers and Simons who created the original Century brand in 1994.
Perhaps ironically, his original poetry is better known in its German translations, by the Austrian poet and translator Peter Waterhouse.
Perhaps ironically, Dana married Luisito Vigoreaux during the 1990s, linking Miró with the family of his old competitor, Luis Vigoreaux.
Perhaps ironically, the " Rosa Chacel Airbus A340 " flies very frequently between Madrid's Barajas International Airport and Buenos Aires ' Ezeiza International Airport or Rio de Janeiro.
Perhaps ironically, Scarab is Professor Sharp's brother.
Perhaps ironically, they are all British.

Perhaps and there
Perhaps there is more truth than we are wont to admit in the conviction of that ornament of Tarheelia, Robert Ruark's grandfather, who was persuaded that the great curse of the modern world is `` all this gallivantin' ''.
Perhaps perhaps there is a shred of conscience left in the human race.
Perhaps if they know the story there will be a massive cry of indignation ''.
Perhaps Grothendieck's deepest single accomplishment is the invention of the étale and l-adic cohomology theories, which explain an observation of André Weil's that there is a deep connection between the topological characteristics of a variety and its diophantine ( number theoretic ) properties.
Perhaps there is only one relevant work of art, the whole performance, which many different people have contributed to, and which will exist briefly and then disappear.
Perhaps there were elements of both, or as we see elsewhere in the New Testament, the Jewish authorities may have stirred up the secular authorities to suppress the Christians.
He concludes that " Perhaps there will ultimately be some serious contribution from the traditional smoke-and-mirrors social science treatment of IQ, but for now Rushton's framework is essentially the only game in town.
Perhaps the most famous Scottish loch is Loch Ness, although there are other large examples such as Loch Awe, Loch Lomond and Loch Tay.
Perhaps some day only there could the capital of the world be established!
Perhaps the most important of the Rules of Evidence is that, in general, hearsay testimony is inadmissible ( although there are many exceptions to this rule ). the United Kingdom the Civil Evidence Act 1995 sec 1 specifically allows for admission of ' hearsay ' evidence, legislation also allows for ' hearsay ' evedence to be used in criminal proceedings.
Writing in 1944, the liberal Austrian economist Friedrich Hayek said of the change in political attitudes that had occurred since the Great War: " Perhaps nothing shows this change more clearly than that, while there is no lack of sympathetic treatment of Bismarck in contemporary English literature, the name of Gladstone is rarely mentioned by the younger generation without a sneer over his Victorian morality and naive utopianism ".
Perhaps there exist things that are merely possible, but not actual.
Perhaps the most common context for arias is opera, although there are many arias that form movements of oratorios and cantatas.
Perhaps eight millennia ago, already there were peoples established here, among whom the proto-Berbers ( coming overland generally from the east ) mingled and mixed, and from whom the Berbers would spring, during an era of their ethnogenesis.
Perhaps Derrida's most quoted and famous assertion, which appears in an essay on Rousseau in his book Of Grammatology ( 1967 ), is the statement that " there is nothing outside the text " ( il n ' y a pas de hors-texte ),.
Perhaps most notably, there is very little space-travel: Arthur leaves the new Earth only in the final chapters.
Perhaps about 1970 if there was a Tory government some ass might make me Lord Chancellor " – a remark which caused some amusement when in June 1970 there was a Conservative ( also known as " Tory ") government and Edward Heath did indeed make him Lord Chancellor.
Similarly, there is a street in the neighborhood named Mova St. Perhaps he thought he was deserving of at least a street since his wife was given the entire neighborhood.
Mclean was distinctive in that there were no streets between the diagonal line of lots along the tracks. Perhaps because of this, much of the business district developed along Morgan Street, which ran east-west just north of the park, or along Hamilton Street, which ran north-south, just west of the park.
Perhaps the first question to ask is whether there was intended to be a specific meaning to these paintings that ingenious research can hope to recover.
" He quotes George B. McClellan, the Union general, as saying: " Perhaps there is no doubt that he was the best infantry soldier developed on either side during the Civil War.
Perhaps believing there was a limited audience for solo piano, Tatum formed a trio in 1943 with guitarist Tiny Grimes and bassist Slam Stewart, whose perfect pitch enabled him to follow Tatum's excursions.
Perhaps because Tatum believed there was a limited audience for solo piano, he formed a trio in 1943 with guitarist Tiny Grimes and bassist Slam Stewart, whose perfect pitch enabled him to follow Tatum's excursions.

Perhaps and are
Perhaps the moralities of world law are not advanced by stealing American diplomatic papers and planes, but the Kennedy administration can always file a demurrer to the effect that, but for its own incompetence in protecting American interests, these things would not happen.
Perhaps a clue to these and related problems lies in the fact that changes in the intensity of hypothalamic discharges which are associated with changes in its balance lead also to qualitative alterations in reactivity.
Perhaps they are mourning a recent death and want comfort, to feel in touch with the deceased, or seek indications for future plans.
Perhaps you are not His child.
Perhaps you think the editorial meetings are solemn affairs, a little sanctimonious??
Perhaps one of the reasons these Sonatas are not programmed more often is their great length.
Perhaps this meal was like the 1932ish Baghdad tea, where she stares " unbelievingly ", horrified by the first hint of the future, when her host Dr Jordan, Director of Antiquities, pausing while playing Beethoven, says " Our Jews are perhaps different from yours.
Perhaps the most unusual thing about the privately operated buses is the fact that they are all highly decorated and personalized, with decaling and home made interior designs that range from comic book scenes, to erotic themes, and even to " Hello Kitty " themes.
Perhaps the manuscript by Shakespeare is a distinct work of art from the play by the troupe, which is also distinct from the performance of the play by this troupe on this night, and all three can be judged, but are to be judged by different standards.
Perhaps the one meaningful distinction at present is the question of range: a bomber is generally a long-range aircraft capable of striking targets deep within enemy territory, whereas fighter bombers and attack aircraft are limited to ' theater ' missions in and around the immediate area of battlefield combat.
Perhaps his two most influential ideas are the concepts of the public sphere and communicative action ; the latter arriving partly as a reaction to new post-structural or so-called " post-modern " challenges to the discourse of modernity.
Perhaps the most extensive are critical health psychology and community psychology.
Perhaps equally unsurprising as the attitude of post-Domitianic historians, the poems of Martial and Statius are highly adulatory, praising Domitian's achievements as equalling those of the gods.
Perhaps the most important technical skills for electrical engineers are reflected in university programs, which emphasize strong numerical skills, computer literacy and the ability to understand the technical language and concepts that relate to electrical engineering.
Perhaps the best-known type of planetary engineering is terraforming, by which a planet's surface conditions are altered to be more like those of Earth.
Perhaps the most significant changes are in the pelvic region, where the long downwards facing iliac blade was shortened and became wide as a requirement for keeping the center of gravity stable while walking.
Perhaps the most important station in Gabon ( and one that many shortwave radio listeners are familiar with ) is the privately owned Afrique Numero Un, which operates on FM in the Libreville area and also broadcasts via shortwave radio.
In the mid-1950s Rothbard wrote an article under a pseudonym, saying that " we are not anarchists ... but not archists either ... Perhaps, then, we could call ourselves by a new name: nonarchist ," concerned with differentiating himself from communist and socialistic economic views of other anarchists ( including the individualist anarchists of the 19th century ).
Perhaps the most complex aspects of IP are IP addressing and routing.
Perhaps as a result of this, and the fact that Le Morte D ' Arthur was one of the earliest printed books in England, published by William Caxton in 1485, most later Arthurian works are derivative of Malory's.
Perhaps the most frequently-performed of his symphonies are No. 4, for strings, and No. 6 ; probably his most widely-known work, through performances and recordings, is his Concerto funebre for violin and strings, composed at the beginning of World War II and making use of a Hussite chorale and a Russian revolutionary song of 1905.
Perhaps the view for which the logical positivists are best known is the verifiability criterion of meaning, or verificationism.
Perhaps the most prominent figures in the history of philosophy who have rejected moral rationalism are David Hume and Friedrich Nietzsche.

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