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Page "belles_lettres" ¶ 857
from Brown Corpus
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Perhaps and most
Perhaps the most illuminating example of the reduction of fear through understanding is derived from our increased knowledge of the nature of disease.
Perhaps the mere fact that by plucking on the nerves nature can awaken in the most ordinary of us, temporarily anyway, the sleeping poet, and in poets can discover their immortality, is the most remarkable of all the remarkable phenomena to which we can attest??
Perhaps it is only an analogy, but one of the most obvious differences between cheap fiction and fiction of an enduring quality is the development of a theme or story with leisure and anticipation.
Perhaps his most important private activity was the combination of reading, discussion with a few -- if we can trust his writings to Diodati and the younger Gill, very few -- congenial companions.
Perhaps the most eloquent move toward removal of racial barriers has been in Dallas.
Perhaps the most important incentive for them will be clear evidence that where other countries have done this kind of home work we have responded with long-term commitments.
Perhaps the Pirate who will be the unhappiest over the news that Musial probably will sit out most of the series is Bob Friend, who was beaten by The Man twice last season on dramatic home runs.
Perhaps the most unusual thing about the privately operated buses is the fact that they are all highly decorated and personalized, with decaling and home made interior designs that range from comic book scenes, to erotic themes, and even to " Hello Kitty " themes.
Perhaps the most comprehensive review of agate chemistry is a recent text by Moxon cited below.
Perhaps the most comprehensive of Ancient sources.
Perhaps the most famous video card in the North American market was the NewTek Video Toaster.
The project involved 3, 400 workers, mostly immigrants from Europe, along with hundreds of Mohawk iron workers, many from the Kahnawake reserve near Montreal. Perhaps the most famous popular culture representation of the building is in the 1933 film King Kong, in which the title character, a giant ape, climbs to the top to escape his captors but falls to his death after being attacked by airplanes.
Perhaps most importantly, he formulated the terminology still in use for various complex chess strategies.
Perhaps Capp's most popular creations were the Shmoos, creatures whose incredible usefulness and generous nature made them a threat to civilization as we know it.
Perhaps the most famous Native bead is wampum, a cylindrical tube of quahog or whelk shell.
Perhaps the most important aspect of Army 2020 is that the Territorial Army will become " fully integrated " with the Regular Army and " better prepared " for overseas deployments and operations.
Perhaps the most famous of these is Louis Eliasberg, the only collector thus far to assemble a complete set of known coins of the United States.
Perhaps the most famous specimen of Homo erectus found in China is the so-called Peking Man discovered in 1923-27.
Perhaps the most important example is the Universal Declaration of Human Rights under the UN Charter.
Perhaps not surprisingly given the injury to Walker and the trading of two of the team's most popular players, the Rockies finished third in the National League in attendance in 2000, marking the first time in club history that it did not lead the league in attendance.
Perhaps most significantly, he restored the practice of democratic elections.
Perhaps the most cited explanation is that " chocolate " comes from Nahuatl, the language of the Aztecs, from the word chocolātl, which many sources derived from xocolātl, from xococ ' sour ' or ' bitter ', and ātl ' water ' or ' drink '.

Perhaps and powerful
Perhaps even more serious, he clashed with powerful state governors who used states ' rights arguments to withhold their militia units from national service and otherwise blocked mobilization plans.
Perhaps the most powerful technique for detection of individual molecules is radio astronomy, which has resulted in the detection of over a hundred interstellar species, including radicals and ions, and organic ( i. e. carbon-based ) compounds, such as alcohols, acids, aldehydes, and ketones.
Perhaps linked to this theme is the new face he has taken on in Haiti which is not exactly related to his African roots, that of a powerful political leader.
Perhaps Sylvester's most developed role is in a series of Robert McKimson-directed shorts, in which the character is a hapless mouse-catching instructor to his dubious son, Sylvester Junior, with the " mouse " being a powerful baby kangaroo which he constantly mistakes for a " king-size mouse ".
Perhaps his most bizarre and powerful film role occurred in Roman Polanski's Cul-de-sac ( 1966 ), in which he portrayed the love-sodden husband of a much younger French wife ( Françoise Dorléac ).
Perhaps his most important accomplishment was his brokering of a nonaggression pact between Chicago's most powerful street gangs.
Perhaps the most powerful impression any narrative text has ever left on me, though, is that inscribed by Aeschylus in Agamemnon, the first play of the Oresteia trilogy.
Perhaps even more unexpected is the discovery of very powerful molecular hydrogen signals from the shock wave, seen by the NASA Spitzer Space Telescope which detects infrared radiation.
Perhaps as a result of this unorthodox training ( or in spite of it ), he developed a powerful and effective backhand but never had anything more than an accurate but relatively soft serve.
Perhaps more than any other space in the building, the Keeping History Center is the link between the Museum ’ s subject matter and its powerful symbolic neighbors.
Perhaps the fastest combination of the year was Keke Rosberg in the other Williams, who used the powerful Honda engine to set a new lap record around Silverstone in qualifying for the British Grand Prix-becoming the first man to lap at an average speed of over.
Perhaps the biggest winner of the first Desmond Rebellion was the Earl of Ormonde, who established himself as loyal to the English Crown and as the most powerful lord in the south of Ireland.
Perhaps we are torn between doing the moral thing or acting from ambition, or between powerful present desires and long-term goals, or we are faced with difficult tasks for which we have aversions.
Perhaps Azalin's single most physically powerful ally.

Perhaps and frequently
Perhaps surprisingly, some of Loos's own architectural work was elaborately decorated, although more often inside than outside, and the ornamented interiors frequently featured abstract planes and shapes composed of richly figured materials, such as marble and exotic woods.
Perhaps the most frequently occurring is Thaddeus Kosciusko, though the full " Andrew Thaddeus Bonaventure Kosciusko " is also seen.
Perhaps the most important skill for a system administrator is problem solving -- frequently under various sorts of constraints and stress.
Perhaps drawing inspiration from Ohkawa's own poor right-eye vision, Clamp frequently features one-eyed characters or characters that lose their sight in one eye as means to express the feeling of loneliness.
Perhaps ironically, the " Rosa Chacel Airbus A340 " flies very frequently between Madrid's Barajas International Airport and Buenos Aires ' Ezeiza International Airport or Rio de Janeiro.
Perhaps because the song so effectively showcases the talents of all four band members, it was played frequently during early Led Zeppelin concerts.
Perhaps because of this, the Doctor begins frequently overriding the machine-first travelling to Paris for a holiday, only to get caught up in an alien scheme to steal the Mona Lisa ( The City of Death ).
Perhaps, the best remembered supporting character was Sonia Barrett ( played by Ann Beach ) who would frequently pop round to borrow items to replace hers due to breakage, theft or mislaying.

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