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Perry and Congress
Perry County is part of Indiana's 9th congressional district and is represented in Congress by Republican Todd Young.
One of Cohen's first major duties was to present to Congress the Fiscal Year 1998 Defense budget, which had been prepared under Secretary Perry.
Concurrent with the issuance of Congressional Gold Medals to Commodore Perry and Jesse Elliott, Congress awarded Silver Medals ( modeled on the Perry medal ) to each commissioned officer and one to the nearest male relative of Lt. John Brooks, Jr. of the U. S. Marine Corps, who was killed in the engagement.
For his part in the American victory at Lake Erie, Lt. Turner received the praise of Perry, a vote of thanks and a medal from Congress, and a sword from the state of New York.
Sullivan began working as the Special Assistant, the civilian equivalent to the Chief of Staff, to Defense Secretary William Perry in 1994 where she managed the Secretary's relationship with the press corps, the White House and the United States Congress.
: For the U. S. Congress member, see Aaron F. Perry.
It sponsored the First American Congress of Theatre ( FACT ) in 1974, and is best known as creator and owner of The American Theatre Wing's Antoinette Perry Awards for Excellence in Theatre -- the Tony Awards — named for its co-founder and wartime Chair.

Perry and September
Calbraith Perry Rodgers began the flight on 17 September 1911, taking off from Sheepshead Bay NY.
3 September 1996, Ruth Perry followed Sankawulo as chairwoman of the Council of State, with the same three militia leaders in it.
* September 10 – War of 1812 – Battle of Lake Erie: An American squadron under Commodore Oliver Hazard Perry defeats a British squadron, capturing 6 ships.
Cellular Confinement technology ( geocells ) are prominently supported and promoted as a recommended BMP by the USACE itself levee rehabilitation in USACE Technical Report REMR-GT-26, Innovative Methods for Levee Rehabilitation Edward B. Perry, September 1998 ( http :// www. dtic. mil / cgi-bin / GetTRDoc? AD = ADA354949 ).
Raymond William Stacey Burr ( May 21, 1917 – September 12, 1993 ) was a Canadian actor, primarily known for his title roles in the television dramas Perry Mason and Ironside.
In September, Oliver Hazard Perry destroyed most of the British fleet at the Battle of Lake Erie, taking control of the lake.
Construction of the London Heathrow Terminal 5 began in September 2002, on the site of the Perry Oaks sewage works, with earthworks for the construction of the buildings ' foundation.
Perry Hall is served by Perry Hall Patch, a locally-reporting online news site launched in September 2010, a branch of Patch Media.
Its greatest accomplishment came on September 8, 1963, when Baltimore County Executive Spiro Agnew and other officials dedicated the new Perry Hall library on Belair Road.
It is named in honor of Commodore Oliver Hazard Perry to commemorate his victory over the British fleet at the Battle of Lake Erie in September 1813.
The village played a significant role in the War of 1812 as the location of the squadron of U. S. naval commander Oliver Hazard Perry, who sailed from the port on September 10, 1813 to engage a British squadron just north of the island in the Battle of Lake Erie.
This plot of ground was later sold to David Miller on September 1, 1780, who filed for a patent in 1790 for the " laying out of the town ," thus making Miller's Town the first town to be plotted for sale in the territory at that time comprising Perry County.
The North Atlantic Council, with Perry participating, had decided in September 1995 to develop a NATO-led force to implement any peace agreement for Bosnia, setting the force size at 60, 000 troops, including 20, 000 from the United States.
On both September 2 and 3, U. S. aircraft attacked Iraqi fixed surface-to-air missile ( SAM ) sites and air defense control facilities in the south, because, Perry explained, the United States saw the principal threat from Iraq to be against Kuwait.
In September 1996 an investigative panel set up by Perry recommended vigorous measures to deter, prevent, or mitigate the effects of future terrorist acts against U. S. personnel overseas, and further, that a single DoD element have responsibility for force protection.
When Perry retired in 1975, Moores took over the Sunday strips as well, combining the daily and Sunday stories into one continuity starting September 28, 1975.
During the 1960s, he continued his television career, with guest appearances on such series as The Barbara Stanwyck Show, Route 66 ( a moving portrayal of a doomed pilot in the two-part episode " Fly Away Home "); Alfred Hitchcock Presents ; Perry Mason ( one of four actors in four consecutive episodes substituting for series star Raymond Burr, who was recovering from surgery ); Wagon Train ( a 90-minute colour episode as an English big game hunter who, in a display of amazing marksmanship, is able to kill an Indian chief from a great distance ); The Great Adventure ( in an installment of this anthology series about remarkable events in American history, he portrayed Confederate president Jefferson Davis ); Daniel Boone, ( in episodes " The Sound of Wings " and " First in War, First in Peace "); Lost in Space ( another two-part episode — as an all-powerful alien zookeeper, " The Keeper ", he worked one last time with his Third Man costar Jonathan Harris ); The Time Tunnel ( as Captain Smith of The Titanic, in the series ' 9 September 1966 premiere episode ); Batman ( as the villainous Sandman, in league with Julie Newmar's Catwoman ); three episodes of The Invaders ( as a malign variation of the Klaatu persona, culminating in a parallel plot also involving an assembly of world leaders ); an episode of I Spy (" Lana "); and two episodes of The F. B. I.
On September 13, Perry gained a complete victory in the Battle of Lake Erie, after a hard-fought battle.
Perry started pottery lessons in September 1983 at the Central Institute where he was taught by Sarah Sanderson.
Martin was suspended and fired in September of that same year for telling Tiger pitchers to throw the spitball in a game to hitters in protest, believing Gaylord Perry was doing the same thing and openly mentioning this order to the press.
The Chicago 8, written and directed by Pinchas Perry, was filmed in September and October 2009 and is scheduled to release on October 23, 2012.
Gaylord Jackson Perry ( born September 15, 1938 in Williamston, North Carolina ) is a former Major League Baseball right-handed pitcher.
On September 17 of that year, two days after his 30th birthday, Perry no-hit the Cardinals and Bob Gibson 1-0 at Candlestick Park.

Perry and possibility
In February 2012, Perry Farrell discussed the possibility of releasing a follow-up to The Great Escape Artist whilst touring in support of the album, stating, " What I have not seen before is a group that's done a record, had somewhat of a theme – escapism – and then done a second record almost as if it was a follow-up movie.
On 28 March 2010, in an interview for Bulgaria's Katehizis. com online music magazine, Perry revealed the possibility of a future Dead Can Dance reunion: " Yes, I've been talking about it with Lisa.
This line-up was the most straightforwardly " punk " version of ATV, although they combined short fast songs with extended pieces such as " Alternatives To NATO ", in which Perry read an anarchist political text and envisaged the possibility of a Soviet invasion of Britain.
During the years before the Civil War, Governor Perry foresaw the possibility that Florida might secede from the Union, and in 1858 he urged the reestablishment of the state ’ s militia.
According to Wilder himself, the possibility was offered on behalf of The Cure by Daryl Bamonte ( tour manager for both Depeche Mode and The Cure, and brother of The Cure member Perry Bamonte ), and he declined as joining another band was the last thing on his mind.

Perry and President
But President Millard Fillmore, determined to open up trade with Japan, has sent Commodore Matthew C. Perry across the Pacific, and, to the consternation of Lord Abe and the Shogun's other Councillors, the stirrings of trouble begin with the appearance of Manjiro, a fisherman who was lost at sea and rescued by Americans.
In the words of Benjamin F. Perry, President Johnson's choice as the provisional governor of South Carolina: " First, the Negro is to be invested with all political power, and then the antagonism of interest between capital and labor is to work out the result.
Butler's highest ranked federal official ever is William J. Perry, Secretary of Defense under President Bill Clinton from 1994-1997.
Schererville's former Town Council President, Perry Ferrini, died on December 13, 2009.
It was named for John D. Perry, the President of the Kansas Pacific Railroad.
Members of the Borough Council are Council President David Alexander, George Ehrmann, Carol Jenkins-Mitchell, Edward Kain, Jennifer McQuaid and James Perry.
William James Perry ( born October 11, 1927 ) is an American businessman and engineer who was the United States Secretary of Defense from February 3, 1994, to January 23, 1997, under President Bill Clinton.
Shortly after President Clinton's reelection in November 1996, Perry made known his decision to step down as secretary.
Chester A. Arthur, the twenty-first President of the United States spent some of his childhood years in the Village of Perry after being born in Vermont.
Chester A. Arthur, the twenty-first President of the United States spent some of his childhood years in the Village of Perry after being born in Fairfield, Vermont.
During his forty years of involvement in the church, Walther held several positions, including that of president of Concordia Seminary, St. Louis ( founded at Perry County, Missouri in 1838 ), President of Concordia Theological Seminary, now of Fort Wayne, Indiana ( 1861 ), and founder of the St. Louis Lutheran Bible Society ( 1853 ).
However, President Clinton selected William Perry.
President Blake ( Perry King ) authorizes the FAA to suspend all air traffic due to severe turbulence.
* Perry King as President Blake, the President of the United States.
The current President, Vice President, and Treasurer are Kevin Perry (' 12 ), Scott Harrington (' 12 ), and Tyler Brown (' 12 ), respectively.
In 2002, Shiny Entertainment was acquired by Atari, Inc. in a US $ 47M deal, with Perry signed to a long-term contract to continue on as President.
Perry, a Republican, was elected Lieutenant Governor of Texas in 1998 and assumed the governorship in December 2000 when then-governor George W. Bush resigned to become President of the United States.
On August 13, 2011, Perry announced in South Carolina that he was running for the Republican nomination for President of the United States in the 2012 presidential election.
Dean Cain has supported Rick Perry for President in the upcoming 2012 election.
Schultz said, " That black cloud Perry is talking about is President Barack Obama.
* Marcus Jefferson Wall, the antagonist of much of the Matador series by Steve Perry is called the Kingmaker, and controls the President of the Galactic Federation
In his visit, Perry handed over the demands of American President Millard Fillmore to the Bakufu, to the great discontent of Shogun Tokugawa Ieyoshi.

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