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Persons and with
`` We, the Subscribers, do agree, that as soon as a convenient Number of Persons have subscribed to this, or a similar Writing, We will present a petition to the Hon'ble General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, praying for an Act incorporating into a Body politic the subscribers to such Writing with Liberty to build such a Bridge, and a Right to demand a Toll equal to that received at Malden Bridge, and on like Terms, and if such an Act shall be obtained, then we severally agree each with the others, that we will hold in the said Bridge the several shares set against our respective Names, the whole into two hundred shares being divided, and that we will pay such sums of Money at such Times and in such Manners, as by the said proposed Corporation, shall be directed and required ''.
An Analysis of the Effect of the ADA on the Employment of Persons with Disabilities.
* Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities
Persons who claim to be pope, but have few followers, such as the modern sedevacantist antipopes, are not classified with the historical antipopes.
Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities also defines the communication to include the display of text, Braille, tactile communication, large print, accessible multimedia, as well as written and plain language, human-reader, augmentative and alternative modes, means and formats of communication, including accessible information and communication technology.
Persons with the surname Catalan:
Persons with lowered immunity, such as persons with AIDS or children who are malnourished, are more likely to experience a severe case if they become infected.
* International Day of Persons with Disabilities ( International )
Persons with hyperthyroidism absorb too much iodine.
Persons with hyperthyroidism can easily exhibit levels many times these upper limits for T4 and / or T3.
* Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities ( CRPD )
* Inter-American Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Persons with Disabilities
* Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities
United Nations General Assembly ( resolution 46 / 119 of 1991 ), " Principles for the Protection of Persons with Mental Illness and the Improvement of Mental Health Care " is a non-binding resolution advocating certain broadly-drawn procedures for the carrying out of involuntary commitment.
The ADA and Persons with Mental Disabilities: Can Sanist Attitudes Be Undone?
The uni-divine existence in the Trinity is the real universal of the three Persons, and in the Eucharist the ever-real presence of Christ justifies the deliverance that complete reality is compatible with the spatial division of the existence.
Boulton, Darwin and Whitehurst were in turn introduced by Michell to Benjamin Franklin when he travelled to Birmingham in July 1758 " to improve and increase Acquaintance among Persons of Influence ", and Franklin returned in 1760 to conduct experiments with Boulton on electricity and sound.
:* Persons with Spanish heritage by birth location
:* Persons who self-identify with Latin America, excluding Brazil
Considered to be one of the most important actors in American cinema, Brando was one of only three professional actors, along with Charlie Chaplin and Marilyn Monroe, named by Time magazine as one of its 100 Persons of the Century in 1999.
Persons going overseas for an extended period of time should arrange for " courtesey dosing " arrangements to be put in place with a clinic at their destination.
Many patients report that Methadone's sedation effect is often less pronounced than with other opioids and cite this as a major argument for preferring Methadone as an analgesic .< ref > Persons reciveing MMT should not suffer from extreme sedation as a resullt of the treatment, due to the fact that a properly prescribed person will have had their dose titrated up to the optimal level to remove the effects of withdrawl, a point at which sedation should not be evident.

Persons and disorder
A somewhat controversial application of psychopharmacology is " cosmetic psychiatry " Persons who do not meet criteria for any psychiatric disorder are nevertheless prescribed psychotropic medication.
Persons with obsessive-compulsive disorder are also diagnosed with DSPD at a much higher rate than the general public.
Persons with conditions in which neuropathy is common ( e. g., diabetes, uremia, alcoholism, malnutrition, and HIV infection ), as well as pregnant women and persons with a seizure disorder, may be given pyridoxine ( vitamin B < sub > 6 </ sub >) ( 10 – 50 mg / day ) with isoniazid.
LGBT rights advocates widely criticized his 1986 letter to the Bishops of the Church, On the Pastoral Care of Homosexual Persons, in which he stated that " although the particular inclination of the homosexual person is not a sin, it is a more or less strong tendency ordered toward an intrinsic moral evil ; and thus the inclination itself must be seen as an objective disorder.

Persons and may
Persons who find it convenient may send their contributions to the Journal-Bulletin's Cranston office at 823 Park Avenue.
Persons who from having been born within British territory are British subjects, but who at birth became under the law of any foreign state subjects of such state, and also persons who though born abroad are British subjects by reason of parentage, may by declarations of alienage get rid of British nationality.
Persons with fragile X syndrome in their family histories are advised to seek genetic counseling to assess the likelihood of having children who are affected, and how severe any impairments may be in affected descendants.
Persons with at least one Indian grandparent may apply for a Person of Indian Origin card, provided that neither the applicant nor any ancestor has ever been a citizen of Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, or China.
The Migration or Importation of such Persons as any of the States now existing shall think proper to admit, shall not be prohibited by the Congress prior to the Year one thousand eight hundred and eight, but a tax or duty may be imposed on such Importation, not exceeding ten dollars for each Person.
Persons retaining their birth name after marriage, and their spouses, may encounter difficulties with having people correctly use their name.
An example of the usage of this word is as follows: "... Thomas Fraser, Gregor Van Iveren and John Schaver having some time since been Confirmed by the Committee of the County of Albany for being Persons disaffected to the Cause of America and whose going at large may be dangerous to the State, Ordered Thereupon that a Mittimus be made out to keep them confined till such time as they be discharged by the Board or any other three of the Commissioners.
Persons over age 14 may carry personal-protection spray devices with their legal guardian's consent.
The trafficking in Persons Report of 2007 from the US Department of State says that sexual slavery exists in the Arab states of the Persian Gulf, where women and children may be trafficked from the post-Soviet states, Eastern Europe, Far East, Africa, South Asia or other parts of the Middle East.
Persons with ideas of reference may experience:
he King's most Excellent Majesty, his Heirs and Successors, shall and may from Time to Time, as Occasion shall require, issue forth several Commissions of Lieutenancy to such Persons as his Majesty, his Heirs and Successors, shall think fit to be his Majesty's Lieutenants for the several and respective Counties, Cities and Places of England and Dominion of Wales, and Town of Berwick upon Tweed.
Persons who have been indoctrinated severely enough may never recover any moral perspective, resulting in serious disciplinary problems.
Persons connected with former British protectorates, protected states, mandated or trust territories may remain British Protected Persons if they did not acquire the nationality of the country at independence.
Persons lending money to on-line micro-lending charity Kiva for example do not get paid any interest, although the end users to whom the loans are made may be charged interest by Kiva's partners in the country where the loan is used.
: The Migration or Importation of such Persons as any of the States now existing shall think proper to admit, shall not be prohibited by the Congress prior to the Year one thousand eight hundred and eight, but a tax or duty may be imposed on such Importation, not exceeding ten dollars for each Person.
Although their countries may for all practical purposes have been ruled by the imperial government, such persons are considered to have been born outside the sovereignty and allegiance of the British Crown, and were ( and, where these persons are still alive, still are ) known as British Protected Persons.
Persons in Holy Orders may wear clerical dress instead of subfusc.
Persons with claims that may expose a plaintiff to double or multiple liability may be joined as defendants and required to interplead.
Persons subject to US income tax, for example, are required to declare on penalty of perjury, any offshore bank accounts — which may or may not be numbered bank accounts — they may have.
Persons who believe themselves immune to the effects of alcohol may often be the most at risk for health concerns and the most dangerous of all operating a vehicle.

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