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Petrie and remains
Siamun is cited as having built a temple dedicated to Amun, the remains of which were found by Flinders Petrie in the early 20th century, in the south of the temple of Ptah complex.
Petrie reburied these human remains in the desert.

Petrie and controversial
" Moore's character was initially intended to be a divorcée, but as divorce was still controversial at the time, and the network was afraid viewers might think that Mary had divorced Rob Petrie, Laura's husband on The Dick Van Dyke Show, the premise was changed to that of a single woman with a recently broken engagement.

Petrie and for
Author Lin Carter later created a son for Dr. Petrie and Kara, but this is not considered canonical.
In 1892 he worked under the tutelage of Flinders Petrie for one season at Amarna, the capital founded by the pharaoh Akhenaten.
Moore is best known for The Mary Tyler Moore Show ( 1970 – 77 ), in which she starred as Mary Richards, a 30-something single woman who worked as a local news producer in Minneapolis, and for her earlier role as Laura Petrie ( Dick Van Dyke's wife ) on The Dick Van Dyke Show ( 1961 – 66 ).
When she won an Emmy award for her portrayal of Laura Petrie, she said, " I know this will never happen again.
The other WordStar emulation utility created was the WordStar Command Emulator for Microsoft Word, also known as " WordStar for Word ," by Mike Petrie.
Hugh Petrie argues that a more sophisticated setup is required, in his case not for biological evolution but the evolution of ideas:
Hemen is also used for the name of a town of ancient Egypt ( as mentioned by Flinders Petrie during his studies of Abydos ).
The Irish word for round tower, cloigtheach, literally meaning bellhouse indicates this, as noted by George Petrie in 1845.
For a long time, it was assumed that this indicated that she was a teacher by profession ( for this reason, Flinders Petrie donated the portrait to Girton College, Cambridge, the first residential college for women in Britain ), but today, it is assumed that the term indicates her level of education.
Many of the show's plots were inspired by Reiner's experiences as a writer for Your Show of Shows, but though he based the character of Rob Petrie on himself, Rob's egocentric boss Alan Brady is less Sid Caesar ( host of Your Show of Shows ) than a combination of the more abrasive Milton Berle and Jackie Gleason, according to Reiner himself.
* Rob Petrie ( Robert Simpson Petrie ; played by Dick Van Dyke ) – Head comedy writer for a fictional New York television variety series called The Alan Brady Show.
With an initial gift from The Carroll and Milton Petrie Foundation and the late Joseph H. Flom, the Petrie-Flom Center for Health Law Policy, Biotechnology, and Bioethics was founded in 2005 as an interdisciplinary program intended to respond to the need for leading legal scholarship in these fields.
The regular heptadecagon is the Petrie polygon for one higher-dimensional polytope, projected in a skew orthogonal projection:
In 1952 he began freelance work for the children's comic The Beano, drawing series like Little Plum, Minnie the Minx ( started in 1953, taken over by Jim Petrie in 1961 ), The Three Bears and The Bash Street Kids ( initially called When the Bell Rings ).
However, later finding that Gaston Maspero placed little value on them and left them open to the elements in a yard behind the museum to deteriorate, he angrily demanded that they all be returned, forcing Maspero to pick the 12 best examples for the museum to keep and then returning 48 to Petrie, which he sent to London for a special showing at the British Museum.
In 1923 Petrie was knighted for services to British archaeology and Egyptology.
The focus of Petrie ’ s work shifted permanently to Palestine in 1926 ( although he did become interested in early Egypt, in 1928 digging a cemetery at Luxor that proved so huge that he devised an entirely new excavation system, including comparison charts for finds, which is still used today ).
Flinders Petrie was also responsible for mentoring and training a whole generation of Egyptologists, including Howard Carter.

Petrie and on
The Reverend James Doran had scarcely completed Pat Conyers' last rites on Boot Hill in the township of Petrie, when shots were heard in the distance.
In Egypt in 1887, W. M. F. Petrie found painted sherds of Cretan style at Kahun in the Fayum, and farther up the Nile, at Tell el-Amarna, chanced on bits of no fewer than 800 Aegean vases in 1889.
Petrie related the precision of the casing stones as to being " equal to opticians ' work of the present day, but on a scale of acres " and " to place such stones in exact contact would be careful work ; but to do so with cement in the joints seems almost impossible ".
Petrie suggested that such a sarcophagus was intended but was lost in the river on the way north from Aswan and a hurriedly made replacement was used instead.
He was sent on a mission to murder Dr. Petrie, but he met Fu Manchu's archenemy, Sir Denis Nayland Smith and learned that Fu Manchu was evil and rebelled against his father.
Margaret Murray accompanied the renowned Egyptologist Sir William Flinders Petrie, on several archaeological excavations in Egypt and Palestine during the late 1890s.
A penteract ( 5-cube ) pattern using 5D orthographic projection to 2D using Petrie polygon basis vector s overlaid on the diffractogram from an Icosahedron | Icosahedral Ho-Mg-Zn quasicrystal
George Petrie, a stock player on several incarnations of Jackie Gleason's television series and the Ewing family lawyer in Dallas, had a small role as a doctor.
* Donald Petrie, The Prize Game: Lawful Looting on the High Seas in the Days of Fighting Sail ( Annapolis, Md.
In contrast to Petrie ’ s findings, a seven-year Japanese study of free-ranging peafowl came to the conclusion that female peafowl do not select mates merely on the basis of their trains.
Flinders Petrie suggested that the odem, the first stone on the High Priest's breastplate, was a red jasper, whilst tarshish, the tenth stone, may have been a yellow jasper.
Historian Charles Petrie concludes that he was one of the greatest prime ministers " if on no other ground than that he enabled the country to pass from the old order to the new without any violent upheaval .... He understood the new Britain.
In Egypt in 1887 W. M. F. Petrie found painted sherds of Cretan style at Kahun in the Faiyum, and farther up the Nile, at Tell el-Amarna, chanced on bits of no fewer than 800 Aegean vases in 1889.
* George W. Petrie Jr., Major, United States Army ( Retired ), a Green Beret, first man on the ground on the Son Tay Raid to rescue prisoners of war held in North Vietnam in 1970 ; Caldwell County's most decorated soldier of the Vietnam war ; planned and coordinated the Evacuation of Saigon, last U. S. Army Special Forces Officer to leave South Vietnam during the Fall of Saigon, April 30, 1975 ; two time recipient of the Silver Star.
Examples of Egyptian adzes can be found in museums and on the Petrie Museum website.
* " Out Where The Breakers Roar " ( w. Harlow Hyde m. H. W. Petrie )-Frank C. Stanley on Edison
* " Asleep In The Deep " ( w. Arthur J. Lamb m. Henry W. Petrie )-William Hooley on Edison Records
*" I Don't Want To Play In Your Yard " ( w. Philip Wingate m. Henry W. Petrie )-George J. Gaskin on Berliner-Maud Foster on Berliner
Club director Rod Petrie commented that any decision would be based on financial grounds and after consultation with the fanbase, as the club were not being forced to move.
Amsterdam as Buddy, in this episode the house guest of Rob and Laura Petrie on The Dick Van Dyke Show, 1962.

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