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Philip and II
Soon after Hermias ' death, Aristotle was invited by Philip II of Macedon to become the tutor to his son Alexander in 343 BC.
* 338 BC – A Macedonian army led by Philip II defeated the combined forces of Athens and Thebes in the Battle of Chaeronea, securing Macedonian hegemony in Greece and the Aegean.
Actaeon Surprising Diana ( Artemis ) in the bath, Titian, 1556-59, for Philip II of Spain | Philip II ( National Gallery of Scotland ).
Braudel's work came to define a " second " era of Annales historiography and was very influential throughout the 1960s and 1970s, especially for his work on the Mediterranean region in the era of Philip II of Spain.
Braudel's first book, La Méditerranée et le Monde Méditerranéen à l ' Epoque de Philippe II ( 1949 ) ( The Mediterranean and the Mediterranean World in the Age of Philip II ) was his most influential.
La Méditerranée et le Monde Méditerranéen à l ' Epoque de Philippe II ( 1949 ) ( translated as The Mediterranean and the Mediterranean World in the Age of Philip II excerpt and text search vol.
In the 4th century BC it continued its traditional policy, but in 338 was besieged by Philip II of Macedon.
* 1165 – Philip II of France ( d. 1223 )
In June 1196 Agnes married Philip II of France, who had repudiated his second wife Ingeborg of Denmark in 1193.
Her two children by Philip II, Philip, count of Clermont ( died 1234 ), and Mary, who married Philip I of Namur, were legitimized by the pope in 1201 at the request of the king.
Little is known of the personality of Agnes, beyond the remarkable influence which she seems to have exercised over Philip II.
He came at an early age to the court of Philip II of Macedon, and after the Grecian fashion became the object of his attachment.
Category: Courtiers of Philip II of Macedon
This violin, now at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, may have been part of a set made for the marriage of Philip II of Spain to Elisabeth of Valois in 1559, which would make it one of the earliest known violins in existence.
Amyntas III ( Greek: Ἀμύντας Γ ΄, died 370 BC ), son of Arrhidaeus and father of Philip II, was king of Macedon in 393 BC, and again from 392 to 370 BC.
By his wife Eurydice, Amyntas had three sons, Alexander II, Perdiccas III and the youngest of whom was the famous Philip II of Macedon.
* 1545 – Elisabeth of Valois, third wife of Philip II of Spain ( d. 1568 )

Philip and Spain
* 1578 – Philip III of Spain ( d. 1621 )
The Inquisition is suspended and a delegation is sent to Spain to petition Philip II.
Only from Spain did Louis XIV receive any good news where Das Minas and Galway had been forced to retreat from Madrid towards Valencia, allowing Philip V to re-enter his capital on 4 October.
Barcelona had always been the stronghold of Catalan separatism and was the center of the Catalan Revolt ( 1640 – 52 ) against Philip IV of Spain.
Philip II of Spain accepted them for Spain, the Netherlands and Sicily insofar as they did not infringe the royal prerogative.
On May 25, 1577, King Philip II of Spain ordered by royal cédula the preparation of a general description of Spain's holdings in the Indies.
* 1635 – Mariana of Austria, second wife of king Philip IV of Spain ( d. 1696 )
* 1602 – A surprise attack by forces under the command of the Duke of Savoy and his brother-in-law, Philip III of Spain, is repelled by the citizens of Geneva.
His grandfather, Thomas Francis, founder of the Carignano line of the House of Savoy, was the son of Catherine Michelle – a daughter of Philip II of Spainand the great-grandson of the Emperor Charles V. But of more immediate consequence to Leopold I was the fact that Eugene was the second cousin of Victor Amadeus, the Duke of Savoy, a connection that the Emperor hoped might prove useful in any future confrontation with France.
Mary's initial popularity ebbed away in 1554 when she announced plans to marry Prince Philip of Spain, the son of Emperor Charles V and an active Catholic.
King Philip, who became King of Spain in 1556, acknowledged the new political reality and cultivated Elizabeth.
In April the Spanish ambassador, Bernardino de Mendoza, wrote to King Philip of Spain that it had been proposed that if Anjou were to travel to England to negotiate his marriage to the Queen, Oxford, Surrey and Windsor should be hostages for his safe return.
Arundel eventually fled to Spain and put himself in the service of the Philip II.
* 1606-The Moriscos ( the descendants of the Muslim inhabitants in Spain ) were expelled from Spain by King Philip III.
: However, whatever the exact events of the time, Gibraltar ceased being under the rule of Philip V of Spain in 1704.
) King Philip V of Spain dubbed San Roque as My city of Gibraltar resident in its Campo.
* 1721 March – Philip V of Spain requested the restitution of Gibraltar to proceed to the renewal of the trade licences of Great Britain with the Spanish possessions in America.

Philip and had
Philip Spencer had cold-bloodedly planned the murder of his captain, yet it seemed in order to chide him for a lapse of proper address.
And it was clear that Adrien was not mistaken, for both Small and Cromwell took no step toward aiding in the sending up of the new topgallant mast till Philip Spencer had given the signal to obey.
Their strategy was sound enough and, he reasoned, had been defeated only by Philip Spencer's unwillingness to sanction an idea he had not originated.
On the other hand, when science fiction author Philip K. Dick was asked which science fiction writers had influenced his work the most, he replied:
Osiander's divergence from Luther's doctrine of justification by faith involved him in a violent quarrel with Philip Melanchthon, who had adherents in Königsberg, and these theological disputes soon created an uproar in the town.
Pope Innocent III espoused the cause of Ingeborg ; but Philip did not submit until 1200, when, nine months after interdict had been added to excommunication, he consented to a separation from Agnes.
They had two sons, Steven and Philip.
In 2004 there was a limited-run revival at the Royal National Theatre starring Desmond Barrit as Pseudolus, Philip Quast as Miles Gloriosus, Hamish McColl as Hysterium and Isla Blair as Domina ( who had previously played Philia in the 1963 production ).
They did so at the invitation of their long-time ally, king Philip V of Macedon, a direct descendant of Antigonus, one of the Diadochi, the generals of Alexander the Great who had shared out his empire after his death in 323 BC.
After nearly 20 years of slavish adherence to the Roman Senate's dictats, Philip had been goaded beyond endurance by the incessant and devastating raiding of the Dardani, a warlike Thraco-Illyrian tribe on his northern border, which his treaty-limited army was too small to counter effectively.
After the latter had been crushed, Philip planned to settle Bastarnae families in Dardania ( southern Kosovo / Skopje region ), to ensure that the region was permanently subdued.
Then the king came to the Haye in Touraine and his men had passed the river of Loire, some at the bridge of Orléans and some at Meung, at Saumur, at Blois, and at Tours and whereas they might: they were in number a twenty thousand men of arms beside other ; there were a twenty-six dukes and earls ( Counts ) and more than sixscore banners, and the four sons of the king, who were but young, the duke Charles of Normandy, the lord Louis, that was from thenceforth duke of Anjou, and the lord John duke of Berry, and the lord Philip, who was after duke of Burgoyne ".
Philip Hayton and Anna Jones were the first two presenters on the set, the relaunch of which had been put back a week due to previous power disruptions at Television Centre where the channel is based.
First, Decius ' predecessor Philip the Arab had refused to continue payments, initiated by Emperor Maximinus Thrax in 238, of annual subsidies to the aggressive tribes of the region.
In 1214, Ferdinand, Infante of Portugal, and Count of Flanders desired the return of the cities of Aire-sur-la-Lys and Saint-Omer, which he had recently lost to Philip II, King of France in the Treaty of Pont-à-Vendin.
On July 23, after having summoned his all vassals, Philip had an army consisting of 4, 000 cavalry and 11, 000 piétons ( foot soldiers ).
The emperor finally succeeded in concentrating his forces at Valenciennes, although John was out of the picture, and in the interval Philip Augustus had counter marched northward and regrouped.
Philip Augustus had then launched an appeal to the municipalities in northern France, in order to obtain their cooperation.
An Augustinian, he had studied theology in Paris under St. Thomas of Aquinas to become one of the most authoritative thinkers of his time, and tutor to French king Philip IV the Fair, ( 1268-29 November 1314 ).

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