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Phillips and wrote
Peirce did some scientific and engineering consulting and wrote much for meager pay, mainly encyclopedic dictionary entries, and reviews for The Nation ( with whose editor, Wendell Phillips Garrison, he became friendly ).
Most notably, he wrote Poème Électronique for the Phillips pavilion at the Brussels World Fair in 1958.
Guralnick wrote the script for A & E's documentary, Sam Phillips: The Man Who Invented Rock ' n ' Roll, narrated by Billy Bob Thornton, and he also scripted Sam Cooke-Legend, narrated by Jeffrey Wright.
Sam Phillips remembered being much more impressed with Orbison's mastery of the guitar than his voice ; a ballad Orbison wrote called " The Clown " was met with lukewarm appreciation at best.
Phillips recorded what some — notably music historian Peter Guralnick — consider the first rock and roll record: " Rocket 88 " by Jackie Brenston and his Delta Cats, a band led by 19-year-old Ike Turner, who also wrote the song.
At age fourteen years, using the I IV V chord progression common to country songs of the day, he wrote what came to be known around Jackson as " Let Me Take You To the Movie, Magg " ( the song would convince Sam Phillips to sign Perkins to his Sun Records label ).
In her book You'll Never Eat Lunch in This Town Again, producer Julia Phillips wrote highly profane remarks about Spielberg, Zsigmond, and Truffaut, because she was fired during post-production due to a cocaine addiction.
William Phillips, a New Zealand born economist, wrote a paper in 1958 titled The Relation between Unemployment and the Rate of Change of Money Wage Rates in the United Kingdom, 1861-1957, which was published in the quarterly journal Economica.
The couple divorced in 1979, and Phillips wrote about this tempestuous period of her life in the second volume of her autobiography, Public Places.
Henry died on 13 May 1878, and was buried in Oak Hill Cemetery in the Georgetown section of northwest Washington, D. C. John Phillips Sousa wrote the Transit of Venus March for the unveiling of the Joseph Henry statue in front of the Smithsonian Castle.
Drudge wrote a book with Julia Phillips in 2000 titled Drudge Manifesto.
Phillips wrote many occasional essays on the fine arts, especially for Rees's " Cyclopaedia ", and also a memoir of William Hogarth for John Nichols's edition of that artist's " Works ", 1808-17.
One was Henry Phillips, who wrote in 1823
Journalist David Graham Phillips wrote a series of articles decrying corruption and subservience to corporate interests within the body entitled Treason of the Senate.
Fellow King's Man Augustine Phillips bequeathed him twenty shillings as a " fellow "; John Davies of Hereford wrote Armin a complimentary epigram.
In a Daily Telegraph article he wrote on Israel ( 10 June 2007 ), Berkoff expressed his support for the Melanie Phillips book Londonistan, calling it " gripping " and " quite overwhelming in its research and common sense.
Janet Maslin, writing for The New York Times, was impressed with Lou Diamond Phillips ' performance, and wrote, " A film like this is quite naturally a showcase for its star, and as Valens, Lou Diamond Phillips has a sweetness and sincerity that in no way diminish the toughness of his onstage persona.
In fact, in his seminal article " How Sherwood Anderson wrote Winesburg, Ohio ," William L. Phillips wrote that the manuscript of " Hands " contained "... almost two hundred instances in which earlier words and phrases are deleted, changed, or added to ..." though no major structural changes to the story were detected.
It also featured such colorful columnists as Pauline Phillips, who wrote under the name " Dear Abby ," " Count Marco " ( Marc Spinelli ), Stanton Delaplane, Terence O ' Flaherty, Lucius Beebe, Art Hoppe, Charles McCabe, and Herb Caen.
According to the researchers ' official version, Phillips also wrote to Randi to ask for a tape of fake metal-bending, which was to be shown alongside the recording of Shaw and Edwards.
* William Phillips ( director ), Canadian filmmaker who wrote and directed the film Gunless
Ryan also indicated that he didn't know Phillips was necessarily dead when he wrote: " I hoped to God that was doing the same.

Phillips and letter
A letter he had drafted in 1796 to Mr and Mrs Phillips is the first known text written in English by an indigenous Australian, thanking Mrs Phillips for caring for him in England, and asking for stockings and a handkerchief.
Shortly before graduation, as he considered his future role as minister of a parish, he had received a letter from Robert Russell Wicks, formerly the Dean of the Chapel at Princeton, and now serving as school minister at Phillips Exeter Academy ; Wicks had offered him the job of instituting a new, full-time religion department at Exeter.
In a letter to Lord Salisbury, the British Foreign Secretary, Phillips requested approval to invade Benin and depose the Oba, adding the following footnote: " I would add that I have reason to hope that sufficient ivory would be found in the King's house to pay the expenses incurred in removing the King from his stool.
Hill, in a letter, denied any attempt to kill white plantation owners stating that it would be senseless to kill plantation owners in Phillips County, Arkansas when he had local chapters in " 25 to 30 counties ".
" This improvement of protocols later led James Randi to list a " straight spoon " award to Phillips in a press release of his " bent spoon " awards, but that award was omitted from the list of awards published by Omni magazine and the Skeptical Inquirer ; it was reported in the latter in a subsequent letter to the editor.
In his letter to George, bishop of Serugh, on Syriac orthography ( published by Phillips in London 1869, and by Martin in Paris the same year ) he sets forth the importance of fidelity by scribes in the copying of minutiae of spelling.
By convention these features are identified on lunar maps by placing the letter on the side of the crater midpoint that is closest to Phillips.
After being expelled from Groton ( among the alleged speculated reasons: the dean didn't care for him, writing a letter to the Headmaster criticizing the school, for insubordination, for being somewhat irreverent about matters of faith ; take your pick ), Archie continued his education at Phillips Academy, Andover, Mass., the Evans School for Boys, and Harvard University, where he graduated in 1916.
The letter was first crafted in 1983 for use in Carl Icahn's attempt to take ownership of Phillips 66.
Phillips ' mother was inspired to create this service when Billy Thompson, a sergeant, requested a letter from home for his Christmas present.

Phillips and Blumenschein
In 1898 a visit of Bert Geer Phillips and Ernest L. Blumenschein to Taos, New Mexico was one of the first steps in the creation of the Taos art colony and the Taos Society of Artists.
1915: Joseph Henry Sharp, Ernest L. Blumenschein, W. Herbert Dunton | W. Herbert ( Buck ) Dunton, E. Irving Couse, Bert Geer Phillips | Bert G. Phillips, Oscar E. Berninghaus.
Bert Geer Phillips and Ernest L. Blumenschein came to Taos, New Mexico as part of a tour of the western United States, but upon seeing Taos decided to stay.
Blumenschein returned to New York in 1896, to work as an illustrator in a studio shared with Bert Phillips.
Blumenschein brought the wheel to be repaired in nearby Taos, leaving Phillips alone with the wagon.
Blumenschein stayed in Taos for three months, returning to New York to resume his career as an illustrator of popular magazines and books ( including two short stories by Jack London ), while Phillips remained in Taos.
Phillips returned to New York in 1896, where together with Ernest Blumenschein he leased a studio.
In the Spring of 1898, Phillips accompanied Blumenschein on a journey to the American West.
Blumenschein rode out on horseback to nearby Taos, New Mexico to have the wheel repaired, while Phillips waited with the wagon.
Phillips decided to stay in Taos when Blumenschein returned to New York a few months later.
In 1915, his dream became reality with the formation of the Taos Society of Artists, of which Phillips was a founding member together with his friends Ernest Blumenschein, Joseph Henry Sharp, and three other artists.

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