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Phyllis and wrote
Rodgers wrote the music for musicals and revues including Once Upon a Mattress ( 1959 ), From A to Z ( 1960 ), Hot Spot ( 1963 ), The Mad Show ( 1966 ), Working ( 1978 ), and Phyllis Newman's one-woman show The Madwoman of Central Park West ( 1979 ).
* Phyllis Chesler wrote in Women and Madness ( 2005 and 1972 ) that feminist women must " dominate public and social institutions ".
Phyllis Higinbotham, a nurse from Toronto who worked at the school for six years, wrote of the mountain peoples ' confusion over the role of a nurse, their penchant for calling on her over minute issues, and her difficulties with Appalachian customs:
After contributing a song to Phyllis Newman ’ s one-woman musical, The Madwoman of Central Park West, the team wrote Woman of the Year, which starred Lauren Bacall and won the team their second Tony Award for Best Score.
She also wrote books under the names Frances Dale and Phyllis Cradock.
The Observer wrote, " Louise Gold's Phyllis is versatile and formidable: injured queen one moment, vamp the next.
The U. S. State Department Bureau of Intelligence and Research wrote a report in 1999 questioning the attack on the factory, suggesting that the connection to bin Laden was not accurate ; James Risen reported in the New York Times: " Now, the analysts renewed their doubts and told Assistant Secretary of State Phyllis Oakley that the C. I. A.
* Phyllis Briggs wrote a sequel called Son of Black Beauty, published in 1950.
Phyllis Lambert wrote of the centre and the arrangement of its elements within the site:
Phyllis Sternberg Perrakis wrote in The Journal of Bahá ’ í Studies that Shikasta is the " symbolic rendering of the coming of a new prophet to an earthlike planet ", and relates it to Bahá ’ í principles.
He also wrote the successful original book to the Parisian tale of The Street Singer for Phyllis Dare ( 1924 ) and Lady Mary ( 1928 ).
He wrote for a number of performers such as Red Skelton, Phyllis Diller and Johnny Carson as well as for shows including Get Smart.
Phyllis Thompson wrote that between 1949 and 1952, after the victory of the Communist armies, there was a “ reluctant exodus ” of all of the members of the China Inland Mission.

Phyllis and her
The signal film in this vein was Double Indemnity, directed by Billy Wilder ; setting the mold was Barbara Stanwyck's unforgettable femme fatale, Phyllis Dietrichson — an apparent nod to Marlene Dietrich, who had built her extraordinary career playing such characters for Sternberg.
Phyllis Rogers Stone, a stylish and elegant woman, even more attractive now, also arrives with her handsome and successful husband, Ben.
Phyllis reflects on the two sides of her personality, " juicy " Lucy — the young Phyllis, naive but passionate, and " dressy " Jessie — Phyllis's jaded, well-groomed present self (" The Story of Lucy and Jessie ").
* Canadian Poet Phyllis Webb references " The Hound of Heaven " in her poem " Poetics Against the Angel of Death.
Several years earlier, DOB founders Del Martin and Phyllis Lyon similarly relegated sexual acts as unnecessary in determining what a lesbian is, by providing their definition: " a woman whose primary erotic, psychological, emotional and social interest is in a member of her own sex, even though that interest may not be overtly expressed ".
Mies was chosen by the daughter of the client, Phyllis Bronfman Lambert, who has become a noted architectural figure and patron in her own right.
Sebastian ignores his former lovers on the show: Angel, who performs in the elephant act ; and Phyllis, who does a double turn as an iron jaw artist and a vocalist starring in a South Seas spectacular built around her talent as a singer.
They are all smitten with Phyllis, and they have appealed to the Lord Chancellor to decide who will have her hand.
The Lord Chancellor is hesitant to act upon his own regard for Phyllis due to his position as her guardian.
Seeing Phyllis, he finally explains to her that his mother is a fairy, which accounts for a good many things!
Although the Lord Chancellor is visibly moved by her appeal, which evokes the memory of his lost wife, he declares that he himself will marry Phyllis.
In 1942, Phyllis Dixey formed her own company of girls and rented the Whitehall Theatre in London to put on a review called The Whitehall Follies.
Nancy was reluctant, so he told her the move had been her mother ’ s wish and would also be good for Nancy's younger sister, Phyllis.
Her sister Phyllis ( who never converted to Christian Science ) had given her Science and Health by Mary Baker Eddy because she thought Nancy might find it interesting.
Rogers maintained a close friendship with her cousin, writer / socialite Phyllis Fraser, but was not Rita Hayworth's natural cousin, as has been reported.
Astaire was married for the first time in 1933, to the 25-year-old Phyllis Potter ( née Phyllis Livingston Baker ; born 1908, died September 13, 1954 ), a Boston-born New York socialite and former wife of Eliphalet Nott Potter III ( 1906 – 1981 ), after pursuing her ardently for roughly two years, and despite the objections of his mother and sister.
After five seasons, Phyllis is widowed, learns that her husband had virtually no assets, and moves to San Francisco in the spinoff series Phyllis.
* Phyllis Diller published an autobiography, Like a Lampshade in a Whorehouse, that describes her downtown Lima girlhood in detail.
When Nick confronts Mitchell, Phyllis reveals that it was she who paid off her lover Drake's debt using the necklace.

Phyllis and article
These conjectures have been given credentials in an article by Phyllis McIntosh in the U. S. State Department's publication Washington File ( August 23, 2004 ): " It is likely that Christopher Columbus, who discovered America in 1492, charted his way across the Atlantic Ocean with the help of an Arab navigator.
A noteworthy scandal he creates ( with some help from Oliver Wendell Jones ) involved changing the front page article of the New York Times, from " Reagan Calls Women ' America's Most Valuable Resource '" to " Reagan Calls Women ' America's Little Dumplins '", resulting in an attack on the White House by angry feminists but earning praise from Phyllis Schlafly.
In the January 16, 1903 issue of the Dallas Morning News, an article in Amusements critiqued Williams ' performance in " When We Were Twenty-One ": " Miss Kathlyn Williams, who assumed the role of Phyllis, is an actress of rare ability, attractiveness, and grace of delivery ".
* 2010 article by Phyllis Stark

Phyllis and Secret
** No Secret Anymore: The Times of Del Martin and Phyllis Lyon ( Sundance Channel )

Phyllis and Year
He was named to the LSU School of Journalism Hall of Fame in 1991 ; " Legislator of the Year " by the National Taxpayers Union, 1977, and Phyllis Schlafly's Eagle Forum, 1990 ; 96 percent rating, Louisiana Association of Business and Industry ; recipient, Winston Churchill Award, Council for National Policy, 1990 ; producer, Baton Rouge Today, named " Outstanding Local News Program in the U. S ." by Community Broadcasters Association, 1992 ; named " Louisiana's Pro-Family, Pro-Life Champion " by Christian Coalition of Louisiana for his service in the legislature ; listed in Who's Who in America ; B. A., Journalism, Juris Doctor, LSU.

Phyllis and I
Angry and hurt, Phyllis considers whether to grant his request (" Could I Leave You?
Phyllis angrily rejects Strephon for his supposed infidelity and declares that she will marry either Lord Tolloller or Lord Mountararat ("... and I don't care which !").
" My well-loved Lord " and Barcarole, " Of all the young ladies I know " ( Phyllis, Lord Tolloller, and Lord Mountararat )
" Though p ' r ' aps I may incur thy blame " ( Phyllis, Lord Mountararat, Lord Tolloller, and Private Willis )
*" I Am the Most Interesting Book of All: The Diary of Marie Bashkirtseff " ( English translation by Phyllis Howard Kernberger, Katherine Kernberger ) ISBN 0-8118-0224-8, ISBN 978-0-8118-0224-6, Publisher: Chronicle Books ( June 1, 1997 )
* The Way I See It by Eddie Cantor ( 1959 ) with Phyllis Rosenteur, ed.
The first six tunnel boring machines ( TBMs ) were named in pairs in early 2012 after a public competition ; Ada and Phyllis ( after Ada Lovelace and Phyllis Pearsall ), Victoria and Elizabeth ( after British Queens ), and Mary and Sophia ( after the wives of engineers I. K.
" Other performers to make cameo appearances included Steve Allen, Milton Berle, Ernest Borgnine, Wally Cox, Robert Culp ( as a waiter in an episode sending up Culp's I Spy ), Phyllis Diller, Buddy Hackett, Bob Hope, and Martin Landau.
On the Board of NeWest Press ( Edmonton ) since 1981, she is the founder and editor of The Writer as Critic series, which includes, among others, Douglas Barbour's Lyric / Anti-lyric: Essays on Contemporary Poetry, Frank Davey's Canadian Literary Power, Daphne Marlatt's Readings from the Labyrinth, Fred Wah's Faking It: Poetics and Hybridity, Phyllis Webb's Nothing But Brush Strokes, and, most recently, Di Brandt's So This Is the World & Here I Am in It.
* Selected poetry of Phyllis Gotlieb-Biography & 15 poems ( Aquarius, as I was walking down the street, A Catful of Buttermilk, Death's Head, A Discourse, A Double Vision, First Person Demonstrative, Hospitality, Latitude, Ordinary, Moving, Red Black White, Seventh Seal, So Long It's Been, Thirty-Six Ways of Looking at Toronto Ontario, What I Know ( Making Free with Villon's Smalltalk ))
Wuorinen devoted increased attention to writing works for the voice, these included his setting of Dylan Thomas ’ s A Winter's Tale for soprano Phyllis Bryn-Julson and the Fenton Songs I & II on poems of the British poet James Fenton with whom Wuorinen was collaborating on an opera.
* The Cranstons at Sandly Bay by Phyllis I Norris 1949
She was a guest star on many television series, including The Philco-Goodyear Television Playhouse ( The Sisters, with Grace Kelly, 1951 ), I Love Lucy ( 1954 ), Producers ' Showcase ( The Petrified Forest, with Lauren Bacall, Humphrey Bogart, and Henry Fonda, 1955 ), The Beverly Hillbillies ( 1964 ), Mayberry RFD ( 1970 ), The Brady Bunch ( 1974 ), and Phyllis ( 1976 ).
" Now, the analysts renewed their doubts and told Assistant Secretary of State Phyllis Oakley that the C. I. A.
Singing their greatest hits as part of their act, they were also featured performing specialty numbers like the frantic " I Love a Violin ," the a cappella " Danny Boy ," and a segment during which Phyllis retired backstage as Christine and Dorothy shared the spotlight playing a concert arrangement of " The Way We Were " on twin pianos.
* Fair Phyllis I Saw Sitting All Alone
* " This Too Shall Pass " ( Phyllis Hyman, I Refuse To Be Lonely CD ) ( PIR, 1995 )
His mother was the late R & B / Dance singer Phyllis Nelson, known for the songs I Like You and Move Closer.
* I Want The World To Know-Guy & Phyllis

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