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Page "belles_lettres" ¶ 275
from Brown Corpus
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Some Related Sentences

Piepsam and him
His name is Praisegod Piepsam, and he is rather fully described as to his clothing and physiognomy in a way which relates him to a sinister type in the author's repertory -- he is a forerunner of those enigmatic strangers in `` Death In Venice '', for example, who represent some combination of cadaver, exotic, and psychopomp.
The cyclist, a sufficiently commonplace young fellow, is not named but identified simply as `` Life '' -- that and a license number, which Piepsam uses in addressing him.
Piepsam calls the cyclist `` cur '' and `` puppy '' among other things, and at the crisis of his fit a little fox-terrier stands before him and howls into his face.

Piepsam and by
Life is further characterized, in antithesis to Piepsam, as animal: the image of a dog, which appears at several places, is first given as the criterion of amiable, irrelevant interest aroused by life considered simply as a spectacle: a dog in a wagon is `` admirable '', `` a pleasure to contemplate '' ; ;

Piepsam and Life
that is, on the basis of his own sinfulness and abject wretchedness, Piepsam becomes a prophet who in his ecstasy and in the name of God imprecates doom on Life -- not only the cyclist now, but the audience, the world, as well: `` all you light-headed breed ''.

Piepsam and is
as Piepsam says to the crowd in his last moments: `` His justice is not of this world ''.
Piepsam is not, certainly, religious in any conventional sense.
Piepsam is grotesque, a disturbing parody ; ;
And if I have gone into so much detail about so small a work, that is because it is also so typical a work, representing the germinal form of a conflict which remains essential in Mann's writing: the crude sketch of Piepsam contains, in its critical, destructive and self-destructive tendencies, much that is enlarged and illuminated in the figures of, for instance, Naphta and Leverkuhn.
Hieronymus, like Piepsam, makes his protest quite in vain, and his rejection, though not fatal, is ridiculous and humiliating ; ;

Piepsam and .
Then an ambulance comes along, and they drive Praisegod Piepsam away.
he keeps a bottle in a wardrobe at home, and `` before this wardrobe Praisegod Piepsam had before now gone literally on his knees, and in his wrestlings had bitten his tongue -- and still in the end capitulated ''.

tries and stop
As he tries to stop Fay, the inmates mingle with the townspeople, until no one can guess who is who.
Players on the batting team take turns hitting against the pitcher of the fielding team, which tries to stop them from scoring runs by getting hitters out in any of several ways.
Professor X tries to make him stop, to reason him one more time.
A play from scrimmage is the activity of the games of Canadian football and American football during which one team tries to advance the ball, get a first down, or to score, and the other team tries to stop them or take the ball away.
The JSDF desperately tries everything to stop Godzilla from entering Tokyo.
When he finally reaches the cables, Andoh tries to stop him from releasing them.
Each team has a goaltender who tries to stop the puck from going into the goal or " net.
She is on a mission when she does not follow orders from her superior and tries to stop their target from choking.
The gangs meet each other under the highway, and as the fight between Bernardo and Diesel is just beginning, Tony arrives and tries to stop the rumble.
He tries to stop one man, Belter, from leaving due to an old debt, but others quickly take up a collection on his behalf to pay it off.
When they stop for a break, Danker tries to drive off with their luggage.
A few months later, Mr. Henry F. Potter ( Lionel Barrymore ), a slumlord and majority shareholder in the Building and Loan, tries to persuade the board of directors to stop providing home loans for the working poor.
A local doctor uncovers what is happening and tries to stop them.
In a passage in Iliad, Apollo tries three times to stop Patroclus in front of the walls of Troy, warning him that it is " over his portion " to sack the city.
Manny recognizes that he cannot stop Hector at present and instead, with the help of his driver and speed demon Glottis, he tries to find Meche on her journey in the nearby Petrified Forest.
Throughout the game, Kamek tries to stop Yoshi by dispatching his minions all across the island and by using magic spells to transform normal enemies into more powerful creatures that further impede Yoshi's progress.
Cú Chulainn tries to stop him taking her, but Cú Roí drives him into the ground up to his armpits and cuts off his hair before escaping, taking Bláthnat with him.
Cú Chulainn tries to stop him taking her, but Cú Roí cuts his hair and drives him into the ground up to his armpits before escaping, taking Blathnát with him.
:" Genocide is in and of itself a national interest where we should act " and " we can say to the people of the world, whether you live in Africa, or Central Europe, or any other place, if somebody comes after innocent civilians and tries to kill them en masse because of their race, their ethnic background or their religion, and it's within our power to stop it, we will stop it.
Annette runs out and tries to stop it.
Gluskab tries to stop his wind in order to hunt by tying his wings and moving him, but realizes that without the wind, the earth and water will suffer and releases him enough to allow some wind.
Senator Parker tries to stop Simmons from getting on the buoy as it's not his turn.

tries and him
We expect him to be noble, and to make us so -- yet he knows, and tries to tell us, how very humble man must be.
In some versions, Orion tries to seduce Opis, one of her followers, and she killed him.
She tries clumsily to tell him that she is not in love with him but that she loves him dearly as a friend.
Torvald enters and tries to retrieve his mail but Nora distracts him by begging him to help her with the dance she has been rehearsing for the costume party, feigning anxiety about performing.
Meanwhile, an official from Dr. Vornoff's home country, Professor Strowksi ( George Becwar ), arrives and tries to persuade him to return to their homeland in hopes that his research will benefit their nation.
Coyote tries to persuade Virginia opossum | Opossum to let him have some persimmon s, in a Caddo story.
He is Demiurge and maker of man, but as a ray of light from above enters the body of man and gives him a soul, Yaldabaoth is filled with envy ; he tries to limit man's knowledge by forbidding him the fruit of knowledge in paradise.
The two women suddenly seem to snap out of their possession, but it is revealed to be a trick when Ash almost releases Cheryl from the cellar and she tries to strangle him through the door.
Scotty's body reanimates, now possessed by a demon, and tries to kill Ash, but he cripples him by gouging out his eyes.
Ash tries to kill Annie, but returns to normal when he sees Linda's necklace, reminding him of her.
Montag tries to talk to Mildred as she quickly leaves the house, but Mildred ignores him, gets inside a waiting taxi, and vanishes down the street.
The media dubs Max " The Good Samaritan " and tries to interview him as Byron comes to publicly thank him for the way he comforted the passengers during the crash, but Max avoids making a statement.
When Godzilla tries to kill Kong with his atomic breath, an electrical storm arrives and revives Kong, giving him the power of an electric grasp.
Another example is " Splut Week ", when Garfield tries to avoid pies that are thrown at him.
The Trojans cannot bring it to him, as Ajax kills everyone who tries.
He tries to assassinate Taraza but Odrade convinces him that the Sisterhood shares the religious beliefs of the Bene Tleilax.

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