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Place and mold
Place the cut clay piece loosely over the carved cavity design side of wooden mold.
Place a piece of plaster wall board or plaster bat on clay and reverse bat, clay and mold in one action.
Place project on table and carefully lift the mold off.
The structure of the Peyton Place with its episodic plots and long-running story arcs would set the mold for the prime time serials of the 1980s when the format reached its pinnacle.
# Place a pattern in sand to create a mold.

Place and paper
His paper " On a Negro's Place in Nature ", delivered before the BAAS in 1863, was met with hisses and catcalls.
She was never far from controversy which reached a fever pitch when the trade unions rebelled against her proposals to reduce their powers in her 1969 white paper, ' In Place of Strife '.
* Place and Print – A sandbox-style city builder with fewer restrictions than SimCity 2000, which also enables users to print cities on paper.
In 1969, the Labour government came into conflict with the trade unions over its In Place of Strife white paper which was later withdrawn.
He was a reporter for the school paper and was sometimes seen at Rob's Place.
The later papers stand in contrast to the Institution's 2000 paper, The Market Place Should Rule on Technology, which discusses Linux as a direct competitor to Microsoft Windows.
* Also see a paper by W. C. Winslow, Governor Edward Winslow, his Place and Part in Plymouth Colony, in the Annual Report of the American Historical Association for 1895 ( Washington, 1896 )
The paper has also received the rank of First Place with " Special Honors " from the American Scholastic Press Association since 2001 and has been dubbed " the best school paper in the state " by the Hartford Courant.
The Gulf War Did Not Take Place, a book by Jean Baudrillard, is a collection of three short essays published in the French newspaper Libération and British paper The Guardian between January and March 1991.
:... Another paper, unique and short-lived, was the Communitist, which was issued fortnightly by the Skaneateles Community, at Community Place, near Mottville, Onondaga County, N. Y., and which bore the motto: " Free inquiry — general progression — common possessions — oneness of interest — universal brotherhood.
In 1845, Bennett published a paper entitled Case of Hypertrophy of the Spleen and Liver in which Death Took Place from Suppuration of the Blood, the first recorded case of leukemia, then known as leucocythemia, in the Edinburgh Medical and Surgical Journal.
In Place of Strife ( Command paper | Cmnd 3888 ).
In Place of Strife ( Cmnd 3888 ) was a UK Government white paper written in 1969.
The title of the paper was a reworking of the title of Nye Bevan's book In Place of Fear.
* Bouncing Benny ( 1960 ) ( Instead of painting the film on cels, animators Place and Feuer created paper cutouts of the characters to create shadow effects.
* EZ battle bowling: Place 3 paper cups in triangle formation, then fire at the cups from 50 cm away.
* EZ sky jump: Place a paper cup with opening on top, then fire at the cup from 50 cm away for 3 shots.
He began writing the paper ’ s Market Place column, focusing primarily on disclosure failures by public companies.
* Cage ’ s Place In the Reception of Satie-a 1999 paper by Matthew Shlomowitz, published on Niclas Fogwall's " Erik Satie " website.
On two of the issues which divided the Labour Party at the time, Heffer took the side of the rebels: he rejected the proposals for reform of the House of Lords as too weak, preferring fundamental reform or preferably abolition, and he worked to change proposals in Barbara Castle's trade union White paper In Place of Strife ( a cabinet rebellion later forced the government to abandon it completely ).

Place and pattern
Place pattern inside holder ; ;
Market Place and Bridge Street feature number of other early 18th century houses and inns, mostly of brick and in several cases combining red and blue bricks in a chequer pattern.
: The impetus for the social pattern of affluence to the west and poverty to the east which has long-defined the area has been established with the houses along Portland Place and west of there being much larger than those to the east.
It has 34. 84 hectares of total area, about 1. 6 kilometres from the Raffles Place and has a shoe form of pattern.

Place and on
The following morning, as John entered the Place Molard on his way to visit a sick refugee, he had a premonition of danger.
The window looked out on the Place Redoute -- it was the only window of the apartment that did.
Place on rectangle of foil and pinch edges together tightly.
Place patterns on rolled clay and cut around them with knife in vertical position.
Place clay pieces on wall board.
Place jar on plaster board with lid in place to dry slowly.
Place cylinder on a disk of clay slightly larger than cylinder.
Place work on a flat surface and smooth out.
Place flat palms on either side of the head a few inches away from the ears, fingers pointing toward the shoulders.
Place the template ( Fig. 2 ) on the fabric so that the sides of the 10 inch square cut out of the template are parallel to the warp and filling for woven fabrics, or the wales and courses for knitted fabrics, and so that the same amount of fabric extends beyond the edges of the template on all sides.
and talks on how their Christian faith can guide them in learning about and fighting Communism during high school and college days, by Ted Place, director of Greater Miami Youth for Christ, and Jon Braun, director of Campus Crusade for Christ.
The necessity is not clear to me, and, in any case, to present a case-hardened race-driver as saying he has left his car, which, or whom, he calls `` Giuseppe '', parked `` on the Place Vendome sneering at a dozen Bentleys and Rolls-Royces parked around him '' is not a liberty ; ;
* 1979 – An IRA bomb explodes on the Grand Place in Brussels.
Highland Place Unitarian Church celebrated its 150th anniversary in 2010, with a number of lectures on its history and the history of Unitarianism in Wales taking place there.
* 1979: A concert with Jean Michel Jarre on the Place de la Concorde in Paris attracted one million people, securing an entry in the Guinness Book of Records for the largest crowd at an outdoor concert.
The Murray Canal has been cut through the " Carrying Place ", the few miles separating the end of the bay and Lake Ontario on the west side.
* The old gendarmerie on Place Manuel was originally constructed to house the subprefecture in 1825 in a neoclassical style, and its façade occupies one entire side of the square.
Early street railways on Broadway included the Broadway and Seventh Avenue Railroad's Broadway and University Place Line ( 1864?
Blackridge is defined as the territory bounded on the West by Graham Boulevard, on the South by William Penn Highway, on the East by Beulah Road and the Churchill Country Club property, from the Churchill Country Club property along Orlando Place to Atkinson Place, Atkinson Place to Pine Way, and Pine Way to Graham Boulevard, and shall include the properties fronting on both sides of said portions of Country Club Drive, Orlando Place, Atkinson Place and Pine Way.

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