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Plaque and King
Plaque commemorating King Charles I who was born at Dunfermline Palace in 1600
Plaque commemorting the 500th anniversary of the remences acceptance of King Ferdinand II of Aragon | Ferdinand II's mediation between the remences and the feudal lords.
On 11th November 1982, King Fahd bin Abdul Aziz and Shaikh Isa bin Salman Al Khalifa unveiled the curtain on the Memorial Plaque during a formal ceremony attended by the leaders of the GCC states marking the beginning of the project.
Plaque commemorating Dr. Martin Luther King's speech at ONU on January 11, 1968, one of the last campus visits made by Dr. King before his assassination.

Plaque and Edward
London Borough of Southwark Blue Plaque awarded to famous motorbike designer Edward Turner unveiled in 2009 at his former residence, 8 Philip Walk, Peckham.
* Edward Tufte, Pioneer Space Plaque Redesign.
London Borough of Southwark Blue Plaque awarded to Edward Turner unveiled in 2009 at his former residence, 8 Philip Walk, Peckham, London SE15
Edward de Wind Blue Plaque
Plaque to Edward Hincks in Killyleagh, County Down
Plaque erected near Lane's birthplace, DeSable, Prince Edward Island
In the Metropolitan Police Fingerprint Bureau Centenay Year, 2001, at the suggestion of Maurice Garvie, English Heritage in honour of Sir Edward Henry unveiled a Blue Plaque on his former London home, 19 Sheffield Terrace, Kensington, W. 8.

Plaque and .
Plaque for Alexander Selkirk in Lower Largo, Scotland.
Plaque explaining the history of Deception Pass " Deception Pass-Named By Captain George Vancouver 10 June 1792.
File: Plaque marking Heather O ' Rourke's grave. jpg | Plaque marking Heather O ' Rourke's interment
Plaque on exterior of the Chiesa della Pietà, Venice | Chiesa della Pietà in Venice, the church of the orphanage.
In Liverpool, where he lived at 34 Upper Parliament Street, a City of Liverpool Heritage Plaque is situated next to the front door of the property which has now been divided into private flats.
H. P. Lovecraft Memorial Plaque at 22 Prospect Street.
On the 27th November 2004 a Blue Plaque presented by the Institute of Physics was unveiled at the Norman Lockyer Observatory, Sidmouth, to mark 100 years since the invention of the Thermionic Radio Valve.
Plaque commemorating the restoration of relations between Germany and France, showing Adenauer and Charles de Gaulle.
Plaque to Maciej Płażyński commemorating on the wall of his former parliamentary office in Gdańsk.
Plaque depicting saints rising from the dead.
Image: ShrinePeaceMemorial-plaque-Toronto-CNEGrounds-Sept1-05. jpg | Shrine Peace Memorial Plaque at CNE grounds in Toronto
Plaque commemorating Banbury mutiny | three Levellers shot by Oliver Cromwell in Burford.
Plaque of Ted Williams in Boston Red Sox Hall of Fame at Fenway Park.
State Historical Plaque No. 45 marks the site of the College of California at the northeast corner of Thirteenth and Franklin Streets in Oakland.
Juventus was the first team in Europe to win all UEFA's official championships and cups and, in commemoration of achieving that feat, have received The UEFA Plaque by the Union of European Football Associations on 12 July 1988.
Plaque marking the place of Wallace's execution.
Plaque recording the location of the formation of the Labour Party ( UK ) | British Labour Party in 1900.
Plaque dedicated to Mascagni in Rome.
Plaque from the house.
Plaque beneath Boole's window in Lincoln Cathedral.
Plaque commemorating the creation of Mosaic web browser by Eric Bina and Marc Andreessen, new NCSA building, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

remembering and King
The small sign at the edge of the park on Main Street has a silhouette of King Kong on it, remembering her role in the film King Kong.
King contests this, remembering that it was only Turner who sat in with his band.
At lines 372-375, Hroðgar, the Danish king, recalls Ecgþeow, remembering that he married King Hreðel's only daughter.
The Presbyterians and the Scots, after, Cornet George Joyce of Fairfax's horse seized upon the person of the King for the army ( 3 June 1647 ), began at once to prepare for a fresh civil war, this time against Independency, as embodied in the New Model Army and after making use of its sword, its opponents attempted to disband it, to send it on foreign service, to cut off its arrears of pay, with the result that it became exasperated beyond control, and, remembering not merely its grievances but also the principle for which it had fought, soon became the most powerful political party in the realm.
King Chitrabhanu explained that he had a gift of remembering the incidents of his past birth, and in his previous life he had been a hunter in Varanasi and his name was Suswara.
He does not ask his host, the Fisher King Anfortas, about his mysterious wound, however, or about the magical objects paraded before him, remembering Gurnemanz's advice to be not too curious.
8 ) some insertions which were made in the first and second benedictions and in the last two, and which are now found in all prayer-books ; in the first ( after " for the sake of His Name in love "): " Remember us for life, King who delights in life ; and inscribe us in the book of life, for Your sake, living God "; in the second ( after " make salvation to grow "): " Who is like You, merciful Father, remembering His creatures in mercy for life "; in the last but one, near the end: " And inscribe for life all the sons of Your covenant "; in the last benediction immediately before the close: " May we be remembered and inscribed before You in the book of life, of blessing, of peace, and of good sustenance.

remembering and .
His remembering the self-dictate brought no peace -- only a faint chill of doubt.
At noontime, remembering what the teacher had said about maybe playing with the kids, Jack stayed close to the schoolhouse while all the other big boys, except Charles, went off out the road to play ball.
And yet the elements which capture his liberal and humanistic imagination are those which make the English story worth telling and worth remembering.
My other nugget of art and architectural knowledge -- besides remembering that it was Ghiberti who designed the doors of the baptistery in Florence -- is the three styles of Greek columns.
All this remembering took place the other night when I had supper with the Ziegfeld Girls at the Beverly Hills Club.
And so, he squirms with each play, remembering his youth.
In particular he sought the gentle, sweet-faced nuns, with head coverings and veils coming to the middle of their foreheads, remembering their expressions until he reached home and set them down on paper.
and it is to be noted also that confidence should grow from remembering that great men often appeared in the past to turn local catastrophe into future good for all mankind.
No wonder that Pozzatti and I had at times difficulty in remembering the real purpose of our presence, namely, Cultural Exchange.
From the dated poems we can venture certain conclusions about Hardy's career in poetry, always remembering that conclusions based on a fraction of the whole must remain tentative.
Erikson has noted that, unless this trust developed early, the time ambivalence experienced, in varying degree and temporarily, by all adolescents ( as a result of their remembering the more immediate gratification of wants during childhood, while not yet having fully accepted the long-range planning required by adulthood ) may develop into a more permanent sense of time diffusion.
At the doorway he squinted up at the gray morning overcast and patted his jacket pockets for the cigarettes, remembering then that he'd left them at the Doughnuttery.
She closed her eyes, remembering the small French cemetery, enclosed by stone walls.
This class of language disorder ranges from having difficulty remembering words to being completely unable to speak, read, or write.
It was a difficult shoot for Campbell who had to learn elaborate choreography for the battle scenes, which involved him remembering a number system because the actor was often fighting opponents that were not really there.
In these sources, Benjamin swore an oath, on the memory of Joseph, that he was innocent of theft, and, when challenged about how believable the oath would be, explained that remembering Joseph was so important to him that he had named his sons in Joseph's honour ; these sources go on to state that Benjamin's oath touched Joseph so deeply that Joseph was no longer able to pretend to be a stranger.
An example would be the problem of remembering a phone number and recalling it later.
Neither of these experiments on their own would fully explain how the process of remembering a phone number works.
Indeed, his mother was illiterate and never recorded the date of his birth, remembering only that he had been born on a Wednesday, eight days before the Feast of the Ascension, which itself occurs 40 days after Easter.
Queensrÿche fared better later the decade, releasing the rock opera Operation: Mindcrime in 1988, which tells a story of a young man, Nikki, awoken from a coma suddenly remembering work done as a political assassin.
If this output is then used as the clock signal for a similarly arranged D flip-flop ( remembering to invert the output to the input ), you will get another 1 bit counter that counts half as fast.
Specific episodes are made easier to remember and recall by repeatedly exposing oneself to them ( which strengthens the links in the memory space ) allowing for faster retrieval when remembering.
The lateral Prefrontal cortex ( PFC ) is essential for remembering contextual details of an experience rather than for memory formation.
Using PET studies and word stimuli, Endel Tulving found that remembering is an automatic process.
In the condition of H. M. the same results from this priming task are reflected when looking at the other basic memory functions like remembering, recall and recognizing.

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