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Players and win
Players who do not bust and have a total higher than the dealer, win.
Players must navigate one side of the double diamond, hit the stake, then navigate the opposite side of the double diamond and hit the starting stake to win the game.
Players ' worms are able to build forts, and the objective of the game has shifted from simply killing the enemy worms, as players can now win a game by destroying the opponent's fort.
Players contribute a chip of lowest value towards the kitty when they win a pot, and it pays for expenses other than bets such as " rent " ( formally known as time fees ), tipping the dealer when he leaves, buying fresh decks of cards ( some public cardrooms include this cost in the " rake " or other fees, while others charge for decks ), and similar costs.
Players ' awareness that the only way for them to win or lose is militarily makes them unlikely to respond to gestures of diplomacy.
Players who play neither the suit led nor trump cannot win the trick.
Players win if their net total equals or exceeds 65.
Players from the Montreal Canadiens have won the award sixteen times ; players from Boston Bruins are second with twelve winners, and the Detroit Red Wings and Edmonton Oilers have seen players win the award nine times.
Players from the Pittsburgh Penguins have won the trophy 14 times ( within 24 seasons ); players from the Montreal Canadiens have won it nine times ; and the Chicago Blackhawks have seen players win the award eight times.
One such solution is by bidding: Players take turns bidding on how many moves it will take them to win the game.
* One Flip: Players who make a successful pair win these cards but do not go again until their next turn.
Nicklaus ' failure to win a major in 1974 was offset somewhat by winning the inaugural Tournament Players Championship and being named one of the 13 original inductees into the World Golf Hall of Fame.
The 1976 Tournament Players Championship saw Nicklaus set a championship record of 19-under par 269 for his second win in this event which remained in place until Greg Norman's 24-under-par 264 assault in 1994.
Later in the year, Nicklaus won the Senior Players Championship by six shots over Lee Trevino for his second win of the year, and also his second major of the year by shooting a record 27-under par 261.
Players must stand underneath and take part in a game of ' drench roulette ' to win prizes.
As an amateur, Curtis found much success, winning the Ohio Amateur in 1999 and 2000 ( joining professional golfers John Cook and Arnold Palmer as the only men to win the Ohio Amateur in consecutive years ), and also the Players Amateur in 2000.
Curtis has followed up his win at the Valero Texas Open with 3 straight top-15 finishes ( tied for 13th at the Zurich Classic, tied for 5th at the Wells Fargo Classic, and tied for 2nd at The Players Championship ).
His last ranking victory to date came in April 2004, when White defeated Shaun Murphy, John Parrott, Ian McCulloch, Peter Ebdon and Paul Hunter to win the Players Championship in Glasgow – his first ranking title in over 11 years.
After Storm formed a tag team with Justin Credible known as the Impact Players in the summer of 1999, she managed both men, helping them win the ECW Tag Team Championship on two occasions.
* Players cannot be awarded " loss shares ", or negative win shares, by definition.
In August 2011, Robson was voted as the greatest ever Manchester United player from a poll of ex Manchester United Players as part of a new book, 19, released to celebrate their 19th league title win.
Players could win prizes up to a million dollars their first time playing.
McNabb was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois, and he attended Mount Carmel High School where, as a sophomore he was a teammate of future NFL Players Simeon Rice and Matt Cushing, as they helped Mount Carmel win the 1991 State Championship over Wheaton Central.
Players win money ($ 2, 000 in most YDKJ volumes ; $ 5, 000 in HeadRush, $ 4, 000 in YDKJ-2011, $ 1, 000 in the 2012 Facebook edition ) if they buzz in when the correct match is displayed on the screen.

Players and resources
Players are limited to some finite number of actions, and in some cases must split their resources between these actions ( so that additional actions make each less effective ).
Players spend less time aiming and shooting, as they might in simpler games, and spend more managing various resources, and allocating power.
Players can fight each other or they can attack NPCs for artifacts, resources, or as a part of a quest.
Players often assume the role of a general, king, or other type of figurehead leading an army into battle while maintaining the resources needed for such warfare.
Players must attempt to cut off enemies from these resources, and invade their territory to capture them.
Players aim to gather resources, which they use to build towns, create armies, and defeat their enemies.
Players take alternating turns, managing the resources of their side to build ships and defenses, and maneuver their ships ( or fleets ) to attack the enemy and then resolve the resulting combats ; his opponent then does the same on his turn.
Players may trade technologies, resources, maps and gold.
Players must constantly make decisions such as whether and where to build cities, roads, irrigation, fortresses, and whether to form an alliance with a neighboring country or risk attacking it, and whether to devote scarce resources to research, production, warfare, or the morale of the populace.
Players can build facilities that will extract these resources at a certain rate.
Players can form corporations to share planets, ships, and other resources.
Players can play with players across the globe, as in EVE Online, along with the advantages in load scaling and resources of a traditional multiple server model for ArenaNet, the developers.
Players grow crops, accumulate resources, manufacture weapons, manage armies, build and lay siege to castles, and attempt to conquer their enemies.
Players must capture whole cities to gain resources that can be channeled into manufacturing even more weapons and units.
Players could also choose to venture into trading by mining and harvesting resources on other planets.
Players must balance their resources and cash with repairs from battle, buying new weapons and armor, and upgrading their vessel.
Players start with a few souls and increase their resources by locating unclaimed souls, or by converting the souls of unfriendly creatures their wizards have killed.
Playersresources are increased by collecting power in the form of ‘ storm crystals ’, which can be used to build new units.
Players can harvest, mine, or grow resources and sell them to other cities for Drachmas.
Players trade, raid, and conquer other cities in order to acquire different resources or because once conquered cities pay the player tribute.
Players take control of a number from five different goblin clans, each with their own unique units and designs with the objective of harvesting resources to build up their horde and warring with the opposing player clans.

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