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Poetry and written
* Poetry written by Abraham Lincoln
* Profile with poems ( written and audio ) at the Poetry Archive
T. S. Eliot attacked the reputation of Kubla Khan and sparked a dispute within literary criticism with his analysis of the poem in his essay " Origin and Uses of Poetry " from The Use of Poetry and the Use of Criticism ( 1933 ): " The way in which poetry is written is not, so far as our knowledge of these obscure matters as yet extends, any clue to its value ...
Poetry scholar Derek Attridge describes how this works in his book Poetic Rhythm – " rap lyrics are written to be performed to an accompaniment that emphasizes the metrical structure of the verse ".
Poetry, such as Sappho's, written in quantitative verse, is difficult to reproduce in English which uses stress-based meters and rhyme compared to Ancient Greek's solely length-based meters.
* Profile at the Poetry Archive with poems written and audio
Poetry written during the war, which had either been broadcast from London or had circulated illegally, was published as collections in the spring of 1945, and enjoyed a popularity that Norwegian poetry has not seen before or since.
The following excerpt is from a poem titled Dream and Poetry, written in vernacular Chinese by Hu.
The March issue of Poetry contained A Few Don ' ts by an Imagiste and the essay entitled Imagisme both written by Pound, with the latter being attributed to Flint.
Some of the authors who have written about the Italian American experience are Pietro Di Donato ; Lawrence Ferlinghetti ; Dana Gioia, Executive Director of the National Endowment for the Arts ; John Fusco, author of Paradise Salvage ; and Daniela Gioseffi, winner of the John Ciardi Award for Lifetime Achievement in Poetry and The American Book Award.
Poetry is written in various Bavarian dialects, and many pop songs use the language, as well, especially ones belonging to the Austropop wave of the 1970s and 1980s.
* Profile and poems written and audio at The Poetry Archive
In 1760, noted Shakespearean editor Edward Capell included the play in his Prolusions ; or, Select Pieces of Ancient Poetry, Compil'd with great Care from their several Originals, and Offer'd to the Publicke as Specimens of the Integrity that should be Found in the Editions of worthy Authors, and concluded that it had been written by Shakespeare.
* Profile and poems written and audio at Poetry Archive
* Poetry Archive profile and poems written and audio
The Awards recognize written and artistic works in 30 categories, including Architecture, Comic Art, Ceramics & Glass, Digital Art, Design, Drawing, Fashion, Film & Animation, Jewelry, Mixed Media, Painting, Photography, Printmaking, Sculpture, Video Games, Art Portfolio, Photography Portfolio, Dramatic Script, Humor, Journalism, Personal Essay / Memoir, Persuasive Writing, Poetry, Novel Writing, Science Fiction / Fantasy, Short Story, Short, Short Story, General Writing Portfolio, Nonfiction Portfolio, and Creativity & Citizenship.
The term was first used in Classic of Poetry written as early as 3000 years ago.
* Poetry Archive profile with poems written and audio
His collection V-Letter and Other Poems, written while Shapiro was stationed in New Guinea, was awarded the Pulitzer Prize for Poetry in 1945, while Shapiro was still in the military.
* Profile and poems written and audio at Poetry Archive
Some of the books were written with combination of both the Prose and Poetry.
Part of his official duties as Chair of Poetry was to create poems for various University celebrations, programs, debates and funeral services of his colleagues-all of these written either Latin or Greek.
* Profile and poems written and audio at the Poetry Archive

Poetry and Latin
The faculty at the University of Leipzig refused Gesner teaching privileges, however, and on the foundation of the University of Göttingen he became Professor of Poetry and Eloquence ( 1734 ) and subsequently librarian, continuing to publish works on classical languages and literature as well composing Latin poetry and publicizing the university.
* F. J. E. Raby, A History of Secular Latin Poetry in the Middle Ages ( Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1934.
Both his parents died early and he was taught by Martin Georg Christgau where he learned Hebrew and became interested in Latin Poetry.
Poetry was often a teachers favorite as it taught not only Latin, but mnemonic value and " truth ".
* Palabra virtual Latin American Poetry.
* Milton: Complete Poetry and Selected Prose, with English Metrical Translations of the Latin, Greek and Italian Poems ( 1938 )
The first known translation of Y Gododdin was by Evan Evans (" Ieuan Fardd ") who printed ten stanzas with a Latin translation in his book Some Specimens of the Poetry of the Antient Welsh Bards published in 1764.
* Latin Poetry, Jacopo Sannazaro, ed.
He published a translation of Beowulf in English and Latin verse ( 1814 ), but is particularly noted for his posthumously published 1826 Illustrations of Anglo-Saxon Poetry.
He wrote Latin Literature of the Empire ( 2 vols., Prose and Poetry, 1898 – 1899 ), a History of Classical Philology ( 1902 ) and Sources of Plutarchs Life of Cicero ( 1902 ); and edited Tacitus Dialogus de oratoribus ( text with commentary, 1894 and 1898 ) and Agricola ( 1899 ; with Germania, 1900 ), and Sallusts Catiline ( 1903 ).
The following subjects were taught in the grammar school: the basis of Latin and German, Geography, Anthropology and Arithmetic, Latin with syntax, Religious Lessons, Nature Studies and Anthropology, World ’ s History, Archeology, Physics, Logics, Rhetoric, Poetry and Ethics.
Temple was with Sidney when he died in 1586, and wrote a Latin Ramist commentary on An Apology for Poetry.
* Translations from Latin Poetry ( 1949 )
On the Introduction to Latin, Latin I, Latin II, Latin III, Latin III / IV Prose, and Latin III / IV Poetry exams, there are questions on grammar, comprehension, mythology, derivatives, literature, Roman life, history, geography, oral Latin, and Latin in use in the modern world.
Seniors who win a gold medal on the Latin III, III-IV Prose, III-IV Poetry, or the Latin V-VI + exam are eligible to apply for one of twenty-one $ 1000 scholarships awarded annually.

Poetry and predecessor
She had also been the first president of its predecessor, the Poetry Recital Society, formed in 1909.

Poetry and language
Poetry ( from the Greek poiesis — — with a broad meaning of a " making ", seen also in such terms as " hemopoiesis "; more narrowly, the making of poetry ) is a form of literary art which uses the aesthetic qualities of language to evoke meanings in addition to, or in place of, the prosaic ostensible meaning.
In Shelley's " Defense of Poetry ", he contends that poets are the " creators of language " and that the poet's job is to refresh language for their society.
Category: Poetry by nation or language
Category: Poetry by nation or language
Some of the language of " To Autumn " resembles phrases found in earlier poems with similarities to Endymion, Sleep and Poetry, and Calidore.
Category: Poetry by nation or language
Category: Poetry by nation or language
Online writing samples of many language poets can be found on internet sites, including blogs and sites maintained by authors and through gateways such as the Electronic Poetry Center, PennSound, and UbuWeb.
In History of the Voice: The Development of Nation Language in Anglophone Caribbean Poetry ( 1984 ), Kamau Brathwaite alludes to the poem as an example of imperial education and hopes those who have had to recite its lines will be able to express themselves in nation language instead of imposed language ( and poetry ).
Within historical Chinese phonology, the term refers to the language reflected by the rhymes of the Classic of Poetry and the phonetic components of Chinese characters, corresponding to the earlier half of the 1st millennium BC.
Category: Poetry by nation or language
Category: Poetry by nation or language
Category: Poetry by nation or language
In modern times, shi can and has been used as an umbrella term to mean poetry in any form or language, whether or not Chinese ; but, it may imply or be used to refer certain classical forms of poetry, for example the folk song derived poetry of the Classic of Poetry ( Shijing, 詩經 / 诗经 ), the classic reference of shi.
Poetry persuades by the precision of its language, and this necessary exactness is carefully and coldly won over years of drafting and redrafting.
Category: Poetry by nation or language
Category: Poetry by nation or language
His daughter Charlotte Brooke was herself an important figure in the history of Irish literature, publishing Reliques of Irish Poetry ( 1789 ) and working to increase the profile of Irish language poetry.
He is one of the pioneers of Free Verse ( New Style Poetry ) in Persian language.
Category: Poetry by nation or language
Category: Poetry by nation or language

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