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Police and officials
Police officers and court officials have a general power to use force for the purpose of performing an arrest or generally carrying out their official duties.
Some of the targets were the Kabul International Airport, Serena Hotel, Kabul City Center, Inter-Continental Hotel, UN guest house, the Presidential palace, Ministry of the Interior, Ministry of Justice, Indian Embassy, Afghan National Police stations, supermarkets, residence of Burhanuddin Rabbani and other top Afghan officials.
While in other nations the customs officials were responsible for most stops, in Mali, gendarmerie ( National paramilitary police ) and the Police force were found creating the majority of bribe extorting roadblocks.
Since the American, British and Soviet Occupation Zones converged there, people theoretically only had to walk a few paces across sector boundaries to avoid the respective Police officials.
Following a Transitional Federal Government-Puntland cooperative agreement in August 2011 calling for the creation of a Somali Marine Force, of which the already established Puntland Maritime Police Force ( PMPF ) would form a part, the Puntland administration resumed training of PMPF naval officials.
In the United States, ambulance service provided by a local government are often referred to as " third service " EMS ( the Fire Department, Police Department, and separate EMS forming an emergency services trio ) by the employees of said service, as well as other city officials and residents.
Tournament officials evicted the group en masse from the stadium upon which they were arrested and held by the Police.
Once in Canadian airspace, or arrived at a Canadian event taking place abroad, the Canadian Secretary to the Queen, officers of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, and other Canadian officials will take over from whichever of their other realms ' counterparts were previously escorting the Queen or other member of the Royal Family.
State flags as a lid or can be mounted on a bier or coffin bier of President or Vice President, former President or former Vice President, members of state agencies, ministers or ministerial-level officials, regional heads, members of regional parliaments, heads of diplomatic representatives, members of the Armed Forces of Indonesia, Indonesian National Police members who died in service, and / or Indonesian citizens who have contributed to the nation.
Police officers are alleged to have targeted Washington and Lee University students in particular, prompting criticism by university officials and local civil rights advocates.
Police Chief Derek Merritt and other city officials have denied the charges.
Police and city officials claimed the girls were required to obtain a business license.
The appointed officials include: Chief of Police, Department of Public Works Director, and Village Administrator.
Police and fire officials, who said that it would be highly unlikely for anyone else to have survived under the concrete, had evacuated nearby homes and businesses, where the power had been fluctuating.
Police, soldiers, National Guardsmen, executive-level officials, and the governor typically attend.
Other city officials are: City Manager, Robert Garza ; Assistant City Manager / Chief Operating Officer, Brian Denmark ; Assistant City Manager / Chief Administrative Officer, Mark Winson ; Director of Communications, Udell Vigil ; City Attorney, Harry " Pete " Connelly ; Police Chief, Richard Williams ; Fire Chief, Travis Brown.
This contradicts Police Executive Leadership College ( PELC ) officials who ascertain that such policies are unethical.
Between 2005 and 2007, several local hospitals and suburban law-enforcement agencies were accused by Los Angeles Police Department and other officials of transporting those homeless people in their care to Skid Row.
" Ferguson sent letters to the New York City Police Commissioner and other officials complaining about his arrest, describing it as " viscous and racist ", and claiming he was brutalized by the officers who arrested him.
Police and government officials have been accused of responding with indifference to the crimes against females as well as exhibiting tolerance for such crimes, conducting inadequate and negligent investigations, ineffectively responding to the crimes, and failing to prevent and protect females from violence.
Police suspected that Besumer was a German spy, and government officials began a full investigation of his potential espionage.
Police and prosecutorial officials have been accused of ignoring due process provisions of the law and constitution.
* To nominate and to report to the Central People's Government for appointment the following principal officials: Secretaries and Deputy Secretaries of Departments, Directors of Bureaux, Commissioner Against Corruption, Director of Audit, Commissioner of Police, Director of Immigration and Commissioner of Customs and Excise ; and to recommend to the Central People's Government the removal of the above-mentioned officials ;

Police and Dr
However, it would be months before Dr. Banda's whereabouts could be known leading to his scheduled arrival at Chileka Airport in 1958 being postponed twice ; causing the local white Police to forcefully remove ' disappointed ' crowds that had threatened to storm the BOAC flight, inside of which they had believed Dr. Banda was being held hostage!
Spy Dr. Richard Sorge gave Stalin the exact German launch date ; Swedish cryptanalysts led by Arne Beurling also knew the date beforehand, but Sorge and other informers ( e. g. from Berlin Police dept.
Dr. John Raba, Medial Director of Cermak Health Services, the prison hospital in the Cook County Hospital system, later examined Wilson, determined his patient Wilson had been tortured, and quickly complained to then Chicago Police Superintendent Richard Brzeczek in a letter:
In the 1999 episode " The Grift of the Magi " we learn that Dr. Hibbert lives next door to Police Chief Wiggum.
The series is set in the small, picturesque ( and fictitious ) village of Camberwick Green, Trumptonshire, which is inhabited by such characters as Police Constable McGarry ( Number 452 ), Mickey Murphy the baker, Dr Mopp ( who makes house calls in his vintage car ), and the town gossip, Mrs Honeyman, who is always seen carrying her baby.
* Mary Ellen Trainor as Dr. Stephanie Woods ( Police Psychiatrist )
Also-Laurence Carter as Dr Winthrop, Lewis Wilson as Police Sergeant and Alan Chuntz as Trooper
Osborne Gordon, the influential Oxford don, Sir John Josiah Guest, engineer, entrepreneur, and Member of Parliament, Sir Cedric Hardwicke, the Hollywood character actor, Ralph Lingen, 1st Baron Lingen, an influential Victorian civil servant ; Dr William Macmichael, physician to Kings George IV and William IV and author of The Gold-Headed Cane, Bishop Thomas Percy, Bishop of Dromore and author of Reliques of Ancient English Poetry, Henry John Roby, the classical scholar, writer on Roman law, and Member of Parliament, Bishop Francis Henry Thicknesse, inaugural Suffragan Bishop of Leicester, General Sir Charles Warren, Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police during the period of the Jack the Ripper Murders and a General in the Second Boer War, and Cyril Washbrook, the cricketer who played for Lancashire and England.
In contrast to armchair detectives such as Dr. Gideon Fell or Hercule Poirot, Chief of Police Frank W. Ford and his men never hold back information from the reader.
The Metropolitan Police did not investigate Dr. T. W.
Invariably, the Metro City police department learns of his plans in advance and assigns Gadget to stop them, with no explanation of how most of Dr. Claw's crimes could have been even remotely within the jurisdiction of a local police department like the Metro City Police.
Clarke died in Newport on April 20, 1676, and is buried in the cemetery on Dr. Marcus Wheatland Boulevard across the street from the rear of the Newport Police Station.
Colonel Thomas Bushell of the Royal American Mounted Police leads the search for the painting, accompanied by its former curator Dr. Kathleen Flannery and Captain Samuel Stanley.
Following Heydrich's assassination, Himmler personally took over as acting chief of the RSHA, but in January 1943 delegated the office to SS-Obergruppenf├╝hrer and General of Police Dr. Ernst Kaltenbrunner, who served as the head of the RSHA for the remainder of World War II.
Following controversy in 1999 over leaked Australian intelligence reports relating to East Timor and the Indonesian military, Australian Federal Police and Defence Security agents raided Dr Dorling's home in September 2000, but no classified material was found.
In the adventure Breach of the Peace, Egan and Saul, using the identities of Metropolitan Police detectives, track Solomon down and force him to take them back into the Web, but Metaphysic, a heavily guarded research project where an experiment in psychokinesis is being conducted by a Dr Hunter ( Geoffrey Beevers ) on a talented girl named Meta ( Bernadette Gepheart ), causes a tear in the Web that drags Solomon, Egan and Saul back to England ( Eye of the Beholder ) and forces them to intervene when Hunter's experiment goes out of control.
Outward Bound Singapore ( OBS ) was established in 1967 at Pulau Ubin, by Dr Goh Keng Swee, while the National Police Cadet Corps ( NPCC ) opened its 30-hectare site located between Kamupung Bahru and Kampung Noordin.
A Report on Police Batons and the News Media at the World Economic Forum, Melbourne, September 2000 Dr. Bernard Barrett, Historian
The leading developer of geographic profiling is Dr. Kim Rossmo, a former detective with the Vancouver, Canada Police Department.
His most notable film appearances were in films such as The Name of the Rose ( 1986 ), Romeo is Bleeding ( 1993 ), The Adventures of Huck Finn ( 1993 ), Police Academy: Mission to Moscow ( 1994 ), The Last Supper ( 1995 ), The Island of Dr. Moreau ( 1996 ), Alien Resurrection ( 1997 ), Enemy at the Gates ( 2001 ), Blade II and Star Trek Nemesis ( both 2002 ) and two Stephen King story-to-movie adaptations, Sleepwalkers and Desperation.
* Dr. Mordecai Sahmbi of MIT, won the Nobel Prize for Physics for his theoretical work in the teletransportation of particle mass in the same year that Darien is admitted to the Police Academy at West Point ( estimated about 2178 ).
He is best known for his roles on television as Dr. Emil Skoda in NBC's Law & Order ( and other shows in the Law & Order franchise ), Assistant Police Chief Will Pope in TNT's The Closer, neo-Nazi Vernon Schillinger in the HBO prison drama Oz, on film as J. Jonah Jameson in Sam Raimi's Spider-Man trilogy and the upcoming animated series Ultimate Spider-Man, Mac MacGuff in Juno, as the voice of Cave Johnson in Portal 2 and being the most recognizable ' that guy ' actor.

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