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Pope and John
when his Holiness Pope John 23, first called for an Ecumenical Council, and at the same time voiced his yearning for Christian unity, the enthusiasm among Catholic and Protestant ecumenicists was immediate.
First of all, it is now known that Pope John sees the renewal and purification of the Church as an absolutely necessary step toward Christian unity.
Equally significant, Pope John has said that Catholics themselves bear some responsibility for Christian disunity.
McClellan's letter incensed Radical Republicans, who successfully pressured Lincoln to appoint John Pope, a Republican, as head of the new Army of Virginia.
* 1329 – The Roman Catholic Diocese of Quilon, the first Indian Christian Diocese, is erected by Pope John XXII ; the French-born Jordanus is appointed the first Bishop.
* 1862 – American Civil War: Battle of Cedar Mountain – At Cedar Mountain, Virginia, Confederate General Stonewall Jackson narrowly defeats Union forces under General John Pope.
Ozanam was beatified by Pope John Paul II in 1997.
In 2004, Pope John Paul II's efforts to unite Europe were honoured with an ‘ Extraordinary Charlemagne Medal ’, which was awarded for the first time ever.
But John having died, the Pope and the English aristocracy changed their allegiance to his nine-year-old son, Henry, forcing the French and the Scots armies to return home.
He went to Rome in 1007 to receive his pallium — symbol of his status as an archbishop — from Pope John XVIII, but was robbed during his journey.
* 2005 – Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger is elected the 265th Pope of the Catholic Church following the death of Pope John Paul II.
Baldassarre Cossa ( c. 1370 – 21 December 1418 ) was Pope John XXIII ( 1410 – 1415 ) during the Western Schism.
John XXIII was acknowledged as pope by France, England, Bohemia, Prussia, Portugal, parts of the Holy Roman Empire, and numerous Northern Italian city states, including Florence and Venice ; however, the Avignon Pope Benedict XIII was regarded as pope by the Kingdoms of Aragon, Castile, and Scotland and Gregory XII was still favored by Ladislaus of Naples, Carlo I Malatesta, the princes of Bavaria, Louis III, Elector Palatine, and parts of Germany and Poland.
Pope Martin V protested in vain against the inscription on the sarcophagus: " John the former pope ".
He should not be confused with Pope John XXIII of the twentieth century.
When Angelo Cardinal Roncalli was elected and became Pope John, there was some confusion as to whether he would be John XXIII or John XXIV ; he then declared that he was John XXIII to put this question to rest.
His brothers were equally willing to save the dowager queen, but Otto got an army into the field: they subsequently met at the old Lombard capital of Pavia and were married in 951 ; he was crowned emperor in Rome, 2 February 962 by Pope John XII, and, most unusually, she was crowned empress at the same ceremony.
They are first mentioned in the papal bulls Extravagantes of Pope John XXII and of Pope Benedict XII.
To regulate the proper expedition of these reserved benefices, Pope John XXII instituted the rules of chancery to determine the competency and mode of procedure of the Chancery.
Other authors reject this early institution and ascribe it to Pope John XXII ( 1316 ).

Pope and Paul
The union was confirmed by Pope Paul V in 1606, at which time the congregation added the name of St. Barnabas to its title, adopted new constitutions, divided its houses into four provinces, two of them, St Clement's and St Pancras's, being in Rome.
The commentary itself was written during the papacy of Pope Damasus I, that is, between 366 and 384, and is considered an important document of the Latin text of Paul before the Vulgate of Jerome, and of the interpretation of Paul prior to Augustine of Hippo.
Pope Paul II suppressed this college ; but Sixtus IV ( Constitutio 16, " Divina ") reestablished it.
Pope Paul V, who in early manhood was a member of the College ( Const.
One example might be traveling in a car protected by a bubble of clear bulletproof glass, such as the Popemobile of Pope John Paul II – built following an attempt at his life.
During Pope Shenouda III's visit to Rome from 4 to 10 May 1973, Pope Paul VI gave the Coptic Patriarch a relic of Athanasius, which he brought back to Egypt on 15 May.
He was suspected and denounced, but nothing ensued until the establishment of the Inquisition in Rome in June 1542, at the instigation of Cardinal Giovanni Pietro Carafa, the first Grand Inquisitor, and later Pope Paul IV.
This entry deals with the Breviary prior to the changes introduced by Pope Paul VI in 1974.
He received some votes in the 1605 conclaves which elected Pope Leo XI, Pope Paul V, and in 1621 when Pope Gregory XV was elected, but only in the second conclave of 1605 was he papabile.
Under Pope Paul V ( reigned 1605 – 1621 ), a major conflict arose between Venice and the Papacy.
In Evangelium Vitae, Pope John Paul II suggested that capital punishment should be avoided unless it is the only way to defend society from the offender in question, opining that punishment " ought not go to the extreme of executing the offender except in cases of absolute necessity: in other words, when it would not be possible otherwise to defend society.
Pope John Paul II's apostolic constitution Divinus Perfectionis Magister of 25 January 1983, and the norms issued by the Congregation for the Causes of Saints on 7 February 1983, for its implementation on diocesan level continued the work of simplification already initiated by Pope Paul VI.
The pope, as Bishop of Rome, may open a process and has the authority to waive the five year waiting period, as was done for Mother Teresa by Pope John Paul II, and for Lúcia Santos and for John Paul II himself by Pope Benedict XVI.

Pope and II
In 355 Constantius became the sole Emperor and extended his pro-Arian policy toward the western provinces, frequently using force to push through his creed, even exiling Pope Liberius and installing Antipope Felix II.
# REDIRECT Pope Adrian II
* Pope Adrian II ( 792 – 872 )
" On his arrival in Rome, however, charges of simony, or the buying of ecclesiastical office, and lack of learning were brought against him, and his elevation to York was refused by Pope Nicholas II, who also deposed him from Worcester.
Only the death of Stephen, the great hospodar of Moldavia, enabled Poland still to hold her own on the Danube River ; while the liberality of Pope Julius II, who issued no fewer than 29 bulls in favor of Poland and granted Alexander Peter's Pence and other financial help, enabled him to restrain somewhat the arrogance of the Teutonic Order.
Alexander was named after Pope Alexander II.
* Pope Alexander II, Pope from 1061 to 1073
In 1095 his ambassadors appeared before Pope Urban II at the Council of Piacenza.
In 1143, he wrote to Pope Innocent II to declare himself and the kingdom servants of the Church, swearing to pursue driving the Moors out of the Iberian Peninsula.
After being excommunicated for his audacities by Pope Honorius III, Afonso II promised to make amends to the church, but he died in 1223 before making any serious attempts to do so.
Pope Innocent IV then ordered Sancho II to be removed from the throne and be replaced by the Count of Boulogne.
The intervention of Pope Calixtus II brought about an arrangement between the old man and his young namesake.
* Pope Anastasius II
* Pope Anastasius IIPope 496 – 498
From the 980s, Gerbert of Aurillac ( later, Pope Sylvester II ) used his position to spread knowledge of the numerals in Europe.
At the Council of Clermont in 1095, Adhemar showed great zeal for the crusade ( there is evidence Urban II had conferred with Adhemar before the council ) and having been named apostolic legate and appointed to lead the crusade by Pope Urban II, he accompanied Raymond IV, Count of Toulouse, to the east.
When at last successful, he was excommunicated by Pope Callixtus II for having expelled the monks of Saint-Gilles, who had aided his enemies.
* 1149 – Pope Eugene III takes refuge in the castle of Ptolemy II of Tusculum.
* 1509 – Pope Julius II places the Italian state of Venice under interdict.

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