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Popularity and song
In 1964, Winters wrote Penny's Guide to Teen-Age Charm and Popularity ( Prentice Hall ), an etiquette book aimed at young girls, which inspired the alternative rock band Nada Surf's 1996 song and video " Popular.

Popularity and increased
Popularity of Salukis dramatically increased, and the Saluki Club of America was founded in 1927, with recognition by The American Kennel Club following in 1929.
Popularity of the NDP gradually increased under leader Grant Notley, who led the party from 1968 until his death in a plane crash in 1984, and was the party's sole MLA until 1982.
Popularity increased, and soon a whole line of cakes was produced.
Popularity increased through word-of-mouth.
Popularity was further increased by the establishment of Cherokee Park in 1891.
Popularity continued to grow, and in 1980 it was moved to Kennedy Park with an increased 300 participants, including children, dogs, and a bag piper.

Popularity and 2001
Popularity of the dental hygiene and dental assistant programs led to the construction of the Health Sciences Annex, completed in 2001.
2001 also brought her Victor of Popularity in the music category, which is presented every year by the magazine Stop: the winner is selected by its readers.

Popularity and ;
* The Cycle of Popularity: Interpersonal Relations Among Female Adolescents # Donna Eder ; Sociology of Education, Vol.
# Popularity ; how widely supported a container is.
The four categories used for rating teachers are Clarity, Helpfulness, Popularity, and the most controversial ; Easiness.

Popularity and at
Powell is also referenced in the novel, " A Collection of Beauties at the Height of Their Popularity " by Whitney Otto
Popularity and demand of the i930 eclipsed when potential buyers found out that stock was grievously scarce, followed by a steep and gradual decline in demand at the release of the i870.

Popularity and some
Popularity in the sport has grown since the 2002 Winter Olympics and now includes participation by some countries that do not have or cannot have a track because of climate, terrain or monetary limitations.

Popularity and events
Popularity took another major surge in 2009 with UFC 100 and the 10 events preceding it including UFC 90, 91, 92, 94 and 98.

Popularity and was
Popularity of the book in Italy was such that a Milan bookseller issued an Italian edition in 1610.
Niven resumed his acting career after his demobilisation, and was voted the second most popular British actor in the 1945 Popularity Poll of British film stars.
In 2005, Vega was the setting for the CMT reality show, Popularity Contest.
Before the film was released theatrically previews for the DVD indicated the title had been " Miss Popularity ".
Popularity of the SNES and its software remained limited to regions where NTSC television was the broadcast standard.
Popularity of the brand was unintentionally assisted by Canadian-American film star Michael J.
Popularity was culturally promoted by such examples as the Firebird Trans Am in popular movies such as Smokey and the Bandit, and TV programs such as The Rockford Files and Knight Rider, the GM pony cars experienced resurgence in popularity in the late 1970s that helped ensure their continuation.
However, the album was not re-issued, and Popularity has since dissolved.
The first Music Popularity Chart was calculated in July 1940.
Popularity in America and Australia was muted, with the track falling short of an American Top 40 position and being restricted to a small musical niche with Australians.

Popularity and national
Popularity of the pure-blood eugenics theory came from a homegrown racial purity or monoculture national belief that has been part of Japanese society since ancient times.

Popularity and .
Popularity of the VFL grew rapidly and by 1925 with 12 teams, had become the most prominent league in the game and would dominate so many aspects of the sport from that point on.
Popularity of CATV started in the 1980s after the Marcos administration.
Popularity of EVM has grown significantly in recent years beyond government contracting, in which sector its importance continues to rise ( e. g., recent new DFAR rules ), in part because EVM can also surface in and help substantiate contract disputes.
Popularity quickly followed in the rest of Europe, and it became a global phenomenon from the early-to-mid 90s onwards.
Popularity with all parts of the Labour movement saw him through the ballot of Labour MPs to win the leadership vote.
Popularity of sports tended to conform to class divisions, with tennis and yachting popular among the very wealthy and football ( soccer ) favoured by the poorest.
Popularity in psychology grew as the public became more aware of the field.
In the early 2000s, Alexakis established his own label, Popularity Recordings, as a subsidiary of Artemis Records.
* Ottenberg, June C. " Popularity of Two Operas in Philadelphia in the 1790s.
Popularity is the quality of being well-liked or common, or having a high social status.
Popularity figures are an important part of many people's personal value systems and form a vital component of success in people-oriented fields such as management, politics, and entertainment, among others.
The name Nakula generally means full of love and the male characteristics implied by the name are: Intelligence, Focus, Hard-Work, Handsomeness, Health, Attractiveness, Success, Popularity, Respect, and unconditional Love.
These include Differentiation, Satisfaction or Loyalty, Perceived Quality, Leadership or Popularity, Perceived Value, Brand Personality, Organizational Associations, Brand Awareness, Market Share, and Market Price and Distribution Coverage.
Popularity can be established to a greater or lesser degree depending on product and market.
* Popularity of folk music of Sufi genres: introduction of philosophy and religion in music.

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