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Post and House
Cannon, a member of the Republican Party, was elected as to the United States House of Representatives from Illinois to the Forty-second and to the eight succeeding Congresses ( March 4, 1873 – March 4, 1891 ), and was the chairman, Committee on Expenditures in the Post Office Department ( Forty-seventh Congress ), Committee on Appropriations ( Fifty-first Congress ).
Then, in testimony before the House Rules Committee on May 7-8, Post proved " a convincing speaker with a caustic tongue " and defended himself so successfully that Congressman Edward W. Pou, a Democrat presumed to be an enthusiastic supporter of Palmer, congratulated him: " I feel that you have followed your sense of duty absolutely.
Austro-Hungarian ambassador to the United States Ladislaus Hengelmüller von Hengervár, who was visiting the White House on the same day, claimed to have found a rabbit's foot in Washington's coat pocket when he mistakenly put on the coat ; The Washington Post elaborately described it as " the left hind foot of a graveyard rabbit, killed in the dark of the moon ".
The founding director of CBS News, Paul White, for whom the top award given by the broadcast news directors organization Radio Television Digital News Association ( RTDNA ) is named, Kent Cooper, who later became the longtime GM of rival Associated Press, early ABC News president Elmer Lower, Raymond Clapper, originator of the term " smoked-filled room ", Merriman Smith, Helen Thomas, Marie Colvin, Martha Gellhorn, Kate Webb, Henry Tilton Gorrell, Seymour Hersh, Lucien Carr, Neil Sheehan, Brit Hume, Keith Olbermann, New York Times columnists Thomas Friedman and Gail Collins, Washington Post columnist Richard Cohen, sportswriter and Untouchables co-author Oscar Fraley, author H. Allen Smith, military author Joe Galloway, Saigon evacuation photographer Hubert van Es, photographer Stan Stearns, 1970s White House photographer David Hume Kennerly, White House spokesmen George Reedy, Ron Nessen and Larry Speakes, longtime Las Vegas bureau manager Myram Borders, onetime CIA Director Richard Helms, who interviewed Adolf Hitler for United Press during the 1936 Olympics, diplomat Edward M. Korry, former UP correspondent to Moscow Eugene Lyons, C-SPAN founder Brian Lamb, ex-Dow Jones CEO Les Hinton, 1980's-90's Singapore President Wee Kim Wee and novelists Allen Drury, Tony Hillerman and Daniel Silva.
Relying heavily upon anonymous sources, Post reporters Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein uncovered information suggesting knowledge of the break-in, and attempts to cover it up, led deep into the Justice Department, the FBI, the CIA, and the White House.
The Galveston US Post Office, Custom House and Courthouse
It is housed in the United States Post Office, Customs House and Court House federal building in downtown Galveston.
of ye Post House.
* United States Post Office, Custom House, and Courthouse ( Fernandina, Florida, 1912 ), NE corner Centre and 4th streets
After the Republicans gained the majority in the House of Representatives in the mid-term elections of 1858, Colfax became chairman of the Committee on Post Offices and Post Roads.
Helped design the " You Are Not Forgotten " POW / MIA flag that still flies in front of all U. S. Post Offices, most firehouses and police stations, all major U. S. Military installations as well as most veterans organization chapters in the United States. Served as the Leagues liaison to the White House, the United Nations and the Paris Peace Talks.
Old Custom House & Post Office ( 1860 ), designed by Ammi B.
The project includes demolition of several buildings including the Post Office, Crown Building, Peggy Middleton House and Thomas Spencer Halls of Residence, and the construction of new council offices called the Woolwich Centre ( opened in August 2011 ) and housing, local shops and a large branch of Tesco.
The Owsley Court House Post Office opened in 1844 and was renamed Booneville in 1846.
New buildings were constructed to cover the necessities of this growth, such as educational institutions, churches, the Stock Exchange Building, the Town Hall, the Central Market, the Post Office Building and charity institutions ; the port was also supplemented and modernised, with dredging operations, the construction of the Royal Landing, the Troumba Pier and the quay-ways up to the Customs House area, the commencement of construction work on the Outer Moles and the completion of permanent dry-docks.
The Post has also received 18 Nieman Fellowships and 368 White House News Photographers Association awards, among others.
The Post has distinguished itself through its political reporting on the workings of the White House, Congress, and other aspects of the U. S. government.
The old Elmore County House is directly across the street from the old U. S. Post Office.
Outside of the business district are the Stillheart Institute educational event center, Skywood Trading Post, the Mountain Terrace event center, and the following restaurants: Bella Vista, The Little Store, The Mountain House and Alice's.
* United States Post Office, Custom House, and Courthouse ( Fernandina, Florida, 1912 )
Cecil House Inn / Gamble House ( CE-397 ): Located at Caroline and Bladen Streets, the “ Cecil House Inn ” is believed to be the site of an older structure once located along the Old Post Road.

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