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Post and cranial
Post cranial remains such as KNM-WK 16901, includes an associated right fibula ( lacking the proximal portion, and is approximately the same size as Pan troglodytes ; 184 mm ), a right proximal third metatarsal, a right fourth metatarsal lacking the head, and an incomplete first metatarsal head.

Post and remains
On April 26, 2007 the Washington Post reported that an SCI cemetery in Alexandria, Virginia had improperly buried the remains of the stillborn daughter of Nsombi Hale in a grave too shallow ( in a grave about 8 inches deep ).
A few days later, the Post reported that family members of a deceased Army veteran whose remains were stored in an unrefrigerated garage at National Funeral Home asked the Fairfax County Commonwealth's Attorney to investigate the actions of National and its parent company, SCI, as crimes.
The Post further reported that the family of retired U. S. Army Colonel Andrew DeGraff filed a lawsuit in Fairfax County alleging that SCI mishandled DeGraff's remains.
Colloquially, Staines remains associated with the former, historical, or geographic county of Middlesex, through its cultural and sporting affiliations, and the form of mail addressing preferred by the Post Office ( officially the use of a county on postal addresses was phased out over the period 1996-2000, but is still widely used in practice ).
Internet usage remains low in comparison with that of other Asian nations, yet connectivity has increased rapidly over the past few years, thanks to an initiative by the Ministry of Post and Telecommunications.
Meanwhile a new project to renovate and modernize the Garden completed phase one in time for the Rangers and Knicks ' 2011 – 12 seasons, though the vice president of the Garden says he remains committed to the installation of an extension of Penn Station at the Farley Post Office site.
Tuckersville disappears from maps by 1850 and its exact location remains a mystery although it is known it was north of Waynesville on the Post Road near the Buffalo Swamp.
Sousa composed The Washington Post, which remains one of his best-known works.
The cement step still remains, located across the street from the Post Office.
Writing in the New York Post, Clive Barnes thought it was " the best thing that Lloyd Webber has written for the theater ," but Frank Rich of the New York Times was not impressed, observing that " empty material remains empty, no matter how talented those who perform it.
In a January 2007 report in The Washington Post, a former Salvadoran soldier, José Wilfredo Salgado, told of returning to El Mozote several months after the massacre and collecting the skulls of the youngest victims, whose remains were exposed by recent rains, for " candleholders and good-luck charms.
The latter office remains open ; the South Hornsby office was renamed Normanhurst in 1905 .< ref name = " Post Office ">
His replacement of Paul Wolfowitz has been looked upon favorably in the media with the Washington Post commenting, " England has a reputation for being less ideological than Wolfowitz and more attuned to the administrative demands of the Pentagon's second-ranking civilian job '" but critics still maintain that his prime loyalty remains to the defense industry.
Caulfield Junction Post Office opened in 1923 and remains open.
Protoavis ( meaning " first bird ") is a problematic taxon of archosaurian known from fragmentary remains from Late Triassic Norian stage deposits near Post, Texas.
It was then succeeded by the Hellenic Post S. A. ( abbreviated ΕΛΤΑ ), which remains Greece's official postal provider.
Throughout this period, the Post Office kept the name of the town as Menzies Creek which it remains to this day.
The Washington Post wrote in a 2006 that Baltimore's " homicide rate remains stubbornly high and its public school test scores disappointingly low.
The site was demolished and some remains are viewable at the Veryan Post Museum.
However, most residents continue to consider Washington Ave. the border, and Washington Ave. remains the eastern border of Prospect Heights as recognized by major New York City media such as The New York Times, The New York Post, and The Wall Street Journal.
Of these, due to privatisation, only New Zealand Post remains as an SOE.
Harvard University reached an agreement with the Friends of Post Office Square to place six large trees from its Arnold Arboretum collection on permanent loan in the square, but, as of 2003, only one remains.
Hemyock remains a viable village, with a school, excellent medical facilities, two garages, two hairdressers, a pub, one convenience store, one Post Office, two playing fields, a Parish Hall and two churches.
Seddon West Post Office opened in 1924 and remains open.

Post and can
Tampering with the Post Office may infuriate every voter who can write.
You can mail contribs to Danny Thomas, Post Office Box 7599, Chicago.
The advantage of Britain's new colony in providing a non-Russian source of flax and hemp for naval supplies was referred to in an article in Lloyd ’ s Evening Post of 5 October 1787 which urged: “ It is undoubtedly the interest of Great-Britain to remain neutral in the present contest between the Russians and the Turks ” and observed, “ Should England cease to render her services to the Empress of Russia, in a war against the Turks, there can be little of nothing to fear from her ill-will.
*" As soon as the Engine has performed this task, ( which will be equal to the travelling from Liverpool to Manchester ,) there shall be a fresh supply of fuel and water delivered to her ; and, as soon as she can be got ready to set out again, she shall go up to the Starting Post, and make ten trips more, which will be equal to the journey from Manchester back again to Liverpool.
He told The Washington Post that the study " shows some people can change from gay to straight, and we ought to acknowledge that.
Emily Post, a resident of Tuxedo Park, New York, stated in 1909 that " can have lapels or be shawl-shaped, in either case they are to be have facings of silk, satin or grosgrain.
While almost every contemporary postmark includes a location as well as a date, in 2004 New Zealand Post announced plans to eliminate the location on their postmarks and include only the date ; however, information about this can be determined by a three-number code on the postmarks.
Percussionist Evelyn Glennie has collaborated with Björk and can be heard playing the marimba on Post and Telegram, as well as " Oxygen ".
* “ A furiously intelligent first novel … a book that moves with the kind of speed and grace many older writers can only day-dream about ” – Washington Post
Valentine participates in an annual re-mailing program where thousands of pieces of mail flow into the local United States Post Office so that they can be re-mailed with a special Valentine's Day postmark and verse.
Hudson's landmarks are the " HUB " ( the Hudson Uptown Building, the former Hudson Elementary school where locals can gather for special events ), The Yellow Submarine, The Gold Mine Fine Jewelry & Gifts, Inc., the Hudson Library, the Hudson Volunteer Fire Department, the Hudson Post Office, the Hudson Optimist Club ( where many young local boys and girls can enjoy America's greatest pastime ), and Hudson Primary Care.
Post secondary education and training opportunities can be pursued at Sharon's Penn State Shenango campus ( the only urban campus in the Penn State system ), Laurel Technical Institute, the Schools of Nursing and Radiography at Sharon Regional Health System, and a branch campus of Meadville-based Precision Manufacturing Institute.
A dry moat can allow light and fresh air to reach basement workspaces, as for example at the James Farley Post Office in New York City.
On it, they have provided previously unreleased tracks ( any songs pulled from the site can be obtained via email ), largely from the recording sessions of The Post Wave.
Other cards which can be used are the Post Office phonecard, Tesco international calling card and many other telephone cards which can be bought from newsagents.
Many of the items, which remain under the control of the Post estate or the agents, can be viewed at Hillwood, the former Washington, D. C., estate of Post.
Hikers can ship packages to themselves at the U. S. Post Offices along the trail, resupply at general and grocery stores along the trail, or any combination of the two.
Several historical sites related to the history of the Post Office Department of Canada can be visited today.
A shift can also be seen in Korea itself, where postage stamps issued in 1884 used the name " Corean Post " in English, but those from 1885 and thereafter used " Korea " or " Korean Post ".
Those who are already graduates can take The Post Graduate Diploma in Paralegal Practice ( PPC ) ( similar to the LPC for solicitors ).

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