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President and Kennedy's
Only recently, and perhaps because a television debate can so effectively dramatize President Kennedy's extraordinary mastery of detail, have the abilities on which the capacity for making distinctions depend begun to be clearly discernible at the level of politics.
Remembering the step-by-step fate of Danzig and the West German misgivings about `` salami '' tactics, it is to be hoped that the dispatch of General Clay to West Berlin as President Kennedy's representative will mark a stiffening of response not only to future indignities and aggressions but also to some that have passed.
The move for establishment of a national seashore park on 30,000 acres of Cape Cod, from Provincetown to Chatham, is strengthened by President Kennedy's interest in that area.
much of the glamor President Kennedy's Peace Corps may have held for some prospective applicants has been removed by Sargent Shriver, the head corpsman.
President Kennedy's latest warning to the Communist world that the United States will build up its military strength to meet any challenge in Berlin or elsewhere was, somewhat surprisingly, reported in full text or fairly accurate excerpts behind the Iron Curtain.
`` President Kennedy's enlargement of the American military program was welcomed on Wall Street as a stimulus to the American munitions industry.
`` Former Vice President Nixon came out in support of President Kennedy's program for stepping up the arms race.
I would like to see you devote some space in an early issue to the news blackout concerning President Kennedy's activities, so far as Southern California is concerned.
Dance teachers can respond to President Kennedy's request not only through their regular dance work, but also through the kind of basic gymnastic work that makes for strength and flexibility.
The rule was enforced by demand of Sen. Wayne Morse ( D., Ore. ) in connection with President Eisenhower's cabinet selections in 1953 and President Kennedy's in 1961.
He was critical of what he feels is President Kennedy's tendency to be too conciliatory.
He urged support for President Kennedy's requests for both defense and foreign aid appropriations.
The Vienna meeting will bring together a seasoned, 67-year-old veteran of the cold war who, in Mr. Kennedy's own words, is `` shrewd, tough, vigorous, well-informed and confident '', and a 44-year-old President ( his birthday is May 29 ) with a demonstrated capacity for political battle but little experience in international diplomacy.
Main purpose of the meeting: To discuss President Kennedy's Alliance for Progress.
First conceived during the Presidency of Dwight D. Eisenhower as a three-man spacecraft to follow the one-man Project Mercury which put the first Americans in space, Apollo was later dedicated to President John F. Kennedy's national goal of " landing a man on the Moon and returning him safely to the Earth " by the end of the 1960s, which he proposed in a May 25, 1961 address to Congress.
Upon Kennedy's death, President Johnson issued an executive order on November 29, 1963 to rename the LOC and Cape Canaveral in honor of Kennedy.
But six months after the crisis, a Gallup Poll found that public worry about nuclear weapons had fallen back to its lowest point since 1957, and there was a view, disputed by CND supporters, that U. S. President John F. Kennedy's success in facing down Soviet premier Nikita Khrushchev turned the British public away from CND.
Behind the long table set up on the steps of the Rathaus Schöneberg were US and German dignitaries, including Dean Rusk ( Kennedy's Secretary of State ), Lucius D. Clay ( the US administrator of Germany ), Konrad Adenauer ( the German chancellor ), Willy Brandt, and Otto Bach ( President of the German House of Representatives ).
Their names had not been credited in most movie and historical accounts, and they were turned back before they could visit President Kennedy's inauguration, though the Australian coastwatcher would also meet the president.
* January 2 – NAACP Executive Secretary Roy Wilkins praises U. S. President John F. Kennedy's " personal role " in advancing civil rights.
) 12472 which broadened the NCS ' national security and emergency preparedness ( NS / EP ) capabilities and superseded President Kennedy's original 1963 memorandum.
After Kennedy's assassination, President Lyndon Johnson's strong support for the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Voting Rights Act of 1965 angered white segregationists even more.

President and invitation
On 20 October 1966, President Johnson arrived in Australia at Holt's invitation for a three-day state visit, the first to Australia by a serving U. S. President.
Biden was elected Vice President of the United States in 2008 ; on 18 January 2009 Glenys Kinnock revealed on the BBC's Andrew Marr Show that she and Neil Kinnock had received a personal invitation from Biden to attend the inauguration of Barack Obama and Biden on 20 January 2009 at the United States Capitol in Washington.
Although he accepted an invitation from President Lyndon B. Johnson to revisit the White House in 1964, Nurmi lived a very secluded life until the late 1960s when he began granting some press interviews.
* 2008 – Turkish President Abdullah Gül attends an association football match in Armenia after an invitation by Armenian President Serzh Sarkisyan ; he is the first Turkish head of state to visit the country.
President Triet arrived in Caracas on 18 November 2008 for a two-day official visit on an invitation from Chavez.
One of the results was a dinner invitation to the White House in 1901 by President Theodore Roosevelt.
After José Manuel Durão Barroso accepted the invitation to be the next European Commission President, a new government had to be formed.
He chaired the United States Delegation at the 1994 Cairo Conference on Population and Development, and was the lead U. S. negotiator for the Kyoto Climate Conference until he resigned from the Administration in late 1997 to accept Ted Turner ’ s invitation to be President of the newly created United Nations Foundation.
Also, in 1995, when Bouchard garnered an invitation to meet visiting US President Bill Clinton by virtue of being Opposition Leader, Reform leader Preston Manning was also given a meeting with Clinton in order to diffuse Bouchard's separatist leverage.
* Thomas Bland Harvey, Sr. attended the Inauguration of U. S. President Woodrow Wilson at the President's personal invitation and sat in the front row at Washington, D. C. Harvey founded the first Dodge Brothers Dealership in the World.
They met in Mexico City on February 14, 1963, upon invitation of the then President of Mexico, Adolfo López Mateos, to form an international organization that would achieve the unity of all commissions of the world to control the expansion of boxing.
The touring band visited the White House on invitation of John Gardner Ford, son of U. S. President Gerald Ford.
As team owner, the popularity derived from his public persona lead to the invitation to run for governor of Texas and ultimately, two terms as President.
The current Hellenic Republic has long challenged King Constantine's right to use his title ; in 1981, the then Greek President Konstantinos Karamanlis declined to attend the wedding of the Prince of Wales when it was revealed that Greece's deposed monarch, a cousin of the Prince, had been referred to as ' King ' in his invitation.
Brock originally stated that he wouldn't go to the White House even if he was invited however, after consideration he decided that forgiveness was the best course and accepted a belated invitation to meet with the President.
The invitation to President O ' Kelly to address Congress meant that Ireland had been forgiven by the larger power.
On both shows, it was intercut with footage of various Republican leaders describing an invitation to President Barack Obama's health care summit as a trap.
On April 23, 1975, President Gerald R. Ford, Jr., spoke at Tulane University's Fogelman Arena at the invitation of Congressman F. Edward Hebert, a representative of Louisiana ’ s 1st Congressional District.
George Price refused an invitation from Guatemalan President Ydígoras Fuentes to make British Honduras an " associated state " of Guatemala.
President Clinton announced his invitation to Barak and Arafat on 5 July 2000, to come to Camp David to continue their negotiations on the Middle East peace process.
She entered government in 1987, serving as assistant secretary and undersecretary of the Department of Trade and Industry upon the invitation of President Corazon Aquino.
He became the Director of the Académie des Sciences, and the first President of the Prussian Academy of Science, at the invitation of Frederick the Great.

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