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Primary and external
As a major component of national power, alongside the Indian Navy and the Indian Air Force, the roles of the Indian Army are as follows ; Primary, preserve national interests and safeguard sovereignty, territorial integrity and unity of India against any external threats by deterrence or by waging war.

Primary and rail
The town is linked to Dublin by the M11 / N11 National Primary Route, and the national rail network.
Primary considerations in choosing between light rail and bus rapid transit systems are the differences in construction costs, operating costs, capacity, adaptability and image.
Primary bus services are provided by Stagecoach West Scotland, while rail services are operated by SPT.

Primary and links
Primary producers form the base ( red spheres ), predators at top ( yellow spheres ), the lines represent feeding links.
Sturry Church of England Primary school is situated near the north of the village, with strong links with Hersden Primary School.
Primary commodity dependency also links to the weakness of excessive specialization as primary commodities have incredible price volatility, given the inelastic nature of their demand, leading to a disproportionately large change in price given a change in demand for them.
Most recently, 60 + has led in the partnership on establishing working links with Haringey Primary Care Trust to develop a delayed hospital discharge project.

Primary and network
Primary elements of a CDPD network are:
The Primary Rate Interface ( PRI ) is a standardized telecommunications service level within the Integrated Services Digital Network ( ISDN ) specification for carrying multiple DS0 voice and data transmissions between a network and a user.
Primary and secondary education is predominantly public ( private schools also exist, in particular a strong nationwide network of primary and secondary Catholic education ), while higher education has both public and private elements.
The bypass is part of the N31 which joins the ferry port at Dún Laoghaire to the national Primary Route network.
The motorway network has been expanded extensively since the 1990s, through construction of new motorways and redesignation of existing motorway-standard dual-carriageway sections of National Primary routes.
Ireland's national road network consists of of National Primary Routes and of National Secondary Routes.
The facility is supervised by Dr. Eisenberg and consists of a Primary Operations Complex and a network of five Forward Observation Pods suspended over a canyon.
Openreach is looking at the possibility of integrating MSANs into the access network, although this was originally deemed unlikely to happen because there are only 5600 exchange buildings and over 85 000 Primary Connection Points, which usually come in the form of street cabinets.

Primary and with
Primary closure has been successful when combined with curettage and antibiotics or with curettage alone.
Primary progressive aphasia ( PPA ) is associated with progressive illnesses or dementia, such as
The third a cappella musical to appear Off-Broadway, In Transit, premiered 5 October 2010 and was produced by Primary Stages with book, music, and lyrics by Kristen Anderson-Lopez, James-Allen Ford, Russ Kaplan, and Sara Wordsworth.
The town includes three schools, Abersychan Comprehensive School and Victoria Primary School along with various shops and other amenities.
The Primary class focuses on the chapter, " Recapitulation " in Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures.
St. Colmcilles Primary School and St. Colmcilles Community School are two schools in Knocklyon, Dublin, named after St. Colmcille, with the former having an annual day dedicated to the saint on 9 June.
Primary considerations include the relationship of Jesus ' nature and person with the nature and person of God the Father.
Dartmouth Community College and Dartmouth Primary School are part of the Dartmouth Learning Campus ; as from September 2007, Dartmouth Community College is part of a federation with Dartmouth Primary School and Nursery, meaning that the two schools share one governing body for pupils aged 1 to 19.
Primary power for the mission was produced by a new solar array technology, the Solar Concentrator Array with Refractive Linear Element Technology ( SCARLET ), which uses linear Fresnel lenses made of silicone to concentrate sunlight onto solar cells.
Primary endosymbionts ( sometimes referred to as P-endosymbionts ) have been associated with their insect hosts for many millions of years ( from 10 to several hundred million years in some cases ), they form obligate associations ( see below ), and display cospeciation with their insect hosts.
Primary pathogens may also cause more severe disease in a host with depressed resistance than would normally occur in an immunosufficient host.
Primary Rate Interface ( PRI ), also called primary rate access ( PRA ) in Europe — contains a greater number of B channels and a D channel with a bandwidth of 64 kbit / s.
Primary pH standard values are determined using a concentration cell with transference, by measuring the potential difference between a hydrogen electrode and a standard electrode such as the silver chloride electrode.
For instance, the Primary Chronicle states that Rurik arrived to Slavic lands with two brothers, Sineus and Truvor, and sent them to rule the towns of Beloozero and Izborsk, respectively.
Primary syphilis is typically acquired by direct sexual contact with the infectious lesions of another person.
As of version 3, Samba provides file and print services for various Microsoft Windows clients and can integrate with a Windows Server domain, either as a Primary Domain Controller ( PDC ) or as a domain member.
Until recently the history of the Viking Age was largely based on Icelandic Sagas, the history of the Danes written by Saxo Grammaticus, the Russian Primary Chronicle and The War of the Irish with the Foreigners.
Western historians tend to agree with the Primary Chronicle that these Scandinavians founded Kievan Rus ' in the 880s and gave their name to the land.
Until recently, the history of the Viking Age was largely based on Icelandic sagas, the history of the Danes written by Saxo Grammaticus, the Russian Primary Chronicle and The War of the Irish with the Foreigners.
Padthaway Primary School caters for years Reception-7 along with a Child Parent Centre ( CPC ).

Primary and Ukraine
Primary Galicia on the map of contemporary Ukraine
Primary Galicia on the map of contemporary Ukraine
Kyi ( also Kiy, Kij or Kyj ), Shchek and Khoryv () are the three legendary brothers, sometimes mentioned along with their sister Lybid (), who, according to the Primary Chronicle, were the founders of medieval Kiev city-now the capital of Ukraine.

Primary and on
The way MacArthur said his line -- if you had the recorded transcript of a professional linguist -- would probably have gone like this: Af Primary stresses on emeralds and wish ; ;
Primary Ousia: An Essay on Aristotle's Metaphysics Ζ and Η. Ithaca, NY: Cornell University Press.
Victoria Primary School is also in this area on a large grounds.
Both Primary and Normal classes are based on the Bible and the writings of Mary Baker Eddy.
Primary memory stored on secondary memory is called " virtual memory ".
* Gunner's Primary Sight, a part of the targeting and fire-control system on the M1 Abrams tank
The UN Model Regulations on the Transportation of Dangerous Goods and national transportation authorities, such as United States Department of Transportation, have classified gunpowder ( black powder ) as a Group A: Primary explosive substance for shipment because it ignites so easily.
The following is an example of a Primary Rate ( PRI ) ISDN call showing the Q. 921 / LAPD and the Q. 931 / Network message intermixed ( i. e. exactly what was exchanged on the D-channel ).
After Bush won and Kemp left Congress for the Cabinet, the two did not really cross paths again until 1996, when Kemp endorsed Dole's opponent Forbes on the eve of the New York Primary in March.
He also served on the Habitat for Humanity Board of Directors, and served on the board of Atlanta-based software maker EzGov Inc. Kemp also served on the Board of Directors of Election. com, which was the private company that ran the world's first election on the internet ( won by Al Gore ), the 2000 Arizona Democratic Primary.
The stake entitles Primary Wave to a portion of all royalties on the catalogue.
* Voting on September 11 in the City of New York Mayoral Primary Election was halted.
Primary chancre of syphilis on the hand
There are several principles on which empirical thermometers are built, as listed in the section of this article entitled ' Primary and secondary thermometers '.
They are located on Garnet street in close proximity to the local Wallace James shop, St Peter's Primary School, Gastronomica bar, Docklands General Store and Crane Wharf.
Adams attended St Finian's Primary School on the Falls Road where he was taught by De La Salle brothers.
According to the Primary Chronicle: upon his expeditions he carried with him neither wagons nor kettles, and boiled no meat, but cut off small strips of horseflesh, game or beef, and ate it after roasting it on the coals.

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