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Primary and objectives
The Primary objectives of the society were defence against Sunmoni ( slave prowler ) raids, group hunting of wild animals, and mutual assistance.
Primary mission objectives were deployment of the Laser Geodynamic Satellite II ( LAGEOS-II ) and operation of the U. S. Microgravity Payload-1 ( USMP-1 ).
The official objectives of Primary are to:

Primary and are
Primary industries are also of great importance, however.
There are three classifications of Primary Progressive Aphasia: Progressive nonfluent aphasia ( PNFA ), Semantic Dementia ( SD ), and Logopenic progressive aphasia ( LPA )
Other services are provided at the Accrington Pals Primary Health Care Centre and the Accrington Acorn Primary Health Care Centre.
Primary industrial exports are clothing, iron and steel, machinery and refined fuels.
There are a further three primary ( or elementary ) schools within Bodmin ; Berrycoombe School in the north west corner of the town, St. Mary's Catholic Primary School and Robartes Primary Junior School, both situated west of the town centre.
Primary and secondary education are available in Croatian and in languages of recognised minorities.
Both Primary and Normal classes are based on the Bible and the writings of Mary Baker Eddy.
St. Colmcilles Primary School and St. Colmcilles Community School are two schools in Knocklyon, Dublin, named after St. Colmcille, with the former having an annual day dedicated to the saint on 9 June.
* Primary colours or first colours: The main croquet ball colours used which are blue, red, black and yellow ( in order of play ).
Primary elements of a CDPD network are:
The films Primary and Crisis: Behind a Presidential Commitment ( both produced by Robert Drew ), Harlan County, USA ( directed by Barbara Kopple ), Dont Look Back ( D. A. Pennebaker ), Lonely Boy ( Wolf Koenig and Roman Kroitor ) are all frequently deemed cinéma vérité films.
Primary name servers are often master name servers, while secondary name server may be implemented as slave servers.
Dartmouth Community College and Dartmouth Primary School are part of the Dartmouth Learning Campus ; as from September 2007, Dartmouth Community College is part of a federation with Dartmouth Primary School and Nursery, meaning that the two schools share one governing body for pupils aged 1 to 19.
Primary schools in these countries are often subdivided into infant schools and junior school.
Primary examples of taboo words requiring the use of a euphemism are names for deities, such as Persephone, Hecate, or Nemesis.
Primary explosives are often used in detonators or to trigger larger charges of less sensitive secondary explosives.
Primary explosives are commonly used in blasting caps and percussion caps to translate a physical shock signal.
Primary users are large-scale mining and construction operations.
Primary tourist areas are located around the existing towns of Corralejo in the north and Morro Jable in Jandia, plus the purely tourist development of Caleta de Fuste, south of Puerto del Rosario.
Primary among the dissolved cations ( positively charged ions ) are Ca < sup > 2 +</ sup > ( calcium ), ( magnesium ), and ( potassium ); the major nutrient anions in nutrient solutions are ( nitrate ), ( sulfate ), and ( dihydrogen phosphate ).
There are several kinds of access interfaces to ISDN defined as Basic Rate Interface ( BRI ), Primary Rate Interface ( PRI ) and Broadband ISDN ( B-ISDN ).

Primary and ones
* Primary Medical Doctor, another name for ones Primary care physician
Among its many schools are the main ones: Casino High School, Casino Public School, Casino West Public School, St. Mary's Primary School, St. Mary's High School and Casino Christian Community School.

Primary and which
Primary cell walls characteristically extend ( grow ) by a mechanism called acid growth, which involves turgor-driven movement of the strong cellulose microfibrils within the weaker hemicellulose / pectin matrix, catalyzed by expansin proteins.
Primary power for the mission was produced by a new solar array technology, the Solar Concentrator Array with Refractive Linear Element Technology ( SCARLET ), which uses linear Fresnel lenses made of silicone to concentrate sunlight onto solar cells.
The Pakistani textbook " Primary Stage English " includes lessons such as " Pakistan My Country ", " Our Flag ", or " Our Great Leader " ( Malik 1993: 5, 6, 7 ) which might well sound jingoistic to Western ears.
The other ISDN access available is the Primary Rate Interface ( PRI ), which is carried over an E1 ( 2048 kbit / s ) in most parts of the world.
He also served on the Habitat for Humanity Board of Directors, and served on the board of Atlanta-based software maker EzGov Inc. Kemp also served on the Board of Directors of Election. com, which was the private company that ran the world's first election on the internet ( won by Al Gore ), the 2000 Arizona Democratic Primary.
The five primary schools in the immediate vicinity of Kesgrave are Beacon Hill Primary School, Birchwood Primary School, Cedarwood Primary School the building of which was awarded a Civic Trust Award in 2003, Gorseland Primary School and Heath Primary School.
* Primary immune deficiency, disorders in which part of the body's immune system is missing or does not function properly
The only information about him is contained in the 12th-century Russian Primary Chronicle, which states that Chuds, Slavs, Merias, Veses and Krivichs "… drove the Varangians back beyond the sea, refused to pay them tribute, and set out to govern themselves ".
Characters also each had a Primary Skill Area ( PSA — Military, Technological, or Biosocial ) which allowed them to buy skills that fell into their PSA at a discount.
** Pre-primary school ( Ages 5 – 6 ) At the age of five, children normally attend the pre primary class, which prepares them to join Primary school
There are several principles on which empirical thermometers are built, as listed in the section of this article entitled ' Primary and secondary thermometers '.
* William Gladstone Primary School ( Formerly St. Thomas ' and recently renamed as Rimrose Hope ) is a Primary School located in Seaforth, in which he was raised and educated.
After attending Damacre Primary School and Brechin High School, he was accepted to University College, Dundee ( which was then part of the University of St Andrews but became the University of Dundee in 1967 ).
Al Capone's support allowed Thompson to return to the mayor's office using such tactics as the " Pineapple Primary " which occurred ( April 10, 1928 ), so-called because of the hand grenades thrown at polling places to disrupt voting.
Primary elections were advocated by the progressive faction in the Republican Party, which wanted to break the control of political parties by bosses.
Primary telephone service providers are offering information services such as automatic number identification, which is a telephone service architecture that separates CTI services from call switching and will make it easier to add new services.

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