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Prime and Ministers
The executive branch of the government was composed of the President, the Prime Minister and Council of Ministers.
A Prime Minister is appointed by the Governor-General as the head of government, and of a multi-party system ; the Prime Minister advises the Governor-General on the appointment of a Council of Ministers.
Since the 1951 general election, the party system has been dominated by the personalist Antigua Labour Party ( ALP ), dominated by the Bird family, particularly Prime Ministers Vere and Lester Bird.
left In keeping with his democratic ideals, Mackenzie refused the offer of a knighthood three times, and was thus the only one of Canada's first eight Prime Ministers not to be knighted.
In their 1999 study of the Prime Ministers of Canada, which included the results of a survey of Canadian historians, J. L.
* List of Canadian Prime Ministers
Category: Prime Ministers of Canada
Many of Canberra's suburbs are named after former Prime Ministers, famous Australians, early settlers, or use Aboriginal words for their title.
He is exceptional among British Prime Ministers for having gained equal social and political renown.
Prince Ranariddh and Hun Sen became First and Second Prime Ministers, respectively, in the Royal Cambodian Government ( RGC ).
* List of Prime Ministers of Cambodia
As of 23 December 2011, the Deputy Prime Ministers are Radimir Čačić, Neven Mimica, Branko Grčić, and Milanka Opačić.
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Category: Deputy Prime Ministers of the United Kingdom
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In the UK, the Prime Ministers Disraeli, Stanley Baldwin, Neville Chamberlain, Winston Churchill, Harold Macmillan, and present Prime Minister David Cameron are progressive conservatives.
In Canada, the Prime Ministers Arthur Meighen, R. B.
Category: Prime Ministers of Greece
The heads of government of five members of the Commonwealth of Nations at the 1944 Commonwealth Prime Ministers ' Conference.
From the ashes of the Second World War, seventeen Commonwealth Prime Ministers ' Conferences were held between 1944 and 1969.
However, the majority of the important decisions are held not in the main meetings themselves, but at the informal ' retreats ': introduced at the second CHOGM, in Ottawa, by Prime Minister of Canada Pierre Trudeau, but reminiscent of the excursions to Chequers or Dorneywood in the days of the Prime Ministers ' Conferences.
* List of Prime Ministers of Dominica

Prime and period
Following the assassination in Parliament of Prime Minister Vazgen Sargsyan and parliament Speaker Karen Demirchyan and six other officials, on 27 October 1999, a period of political instability ensued during which an opposition headed by elements of the former Armenian National Movement government attempted unsuccessfully to force Kocharyan to resign.
In 1862, the King dismissed his Prime Minister, the former admiral Constantine Kanaris, the most prominent politician of the period.
Venizelos became Prime Minister in October 1910, ushering a period of 25 years where his personality would dominate Greek politics.
After a period of unemployment, Major started working at the London Electricity Board ( where his successor as the Prime Minister, Tony Blair, also worked when he was young ) in 1963, and he decided to undertake a correspondence course in banking.
* 1924 – Andreas Michalakopoulos becomes Prime Minister of Greece for a short period of time.
The formal title of the portfolio has always been simply " Prime Minister ", except for the period of the Fourth Deakin Ministry ( June 1909 to April 1910 ), when it was known as " Prime Minister ( without portfolio )".
Unlike the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom or the President of the United States who can appoint his own government cabinet, the General Secretary of the Central Committee, in the post-Stalin period, could not appoint new members to the Politburo without support from a majority within the Politburo itself.
If the prime minister is declared permanently incapacitated, or that period expires, the President of Israel oversees the process of assembling a new governing coalition, and in the meantime the acting prime minister or other incumbent minister is appointed by the Cabinet to serve as Interim Prime Minister.
Mečiar and Klaus negotiated the agreement to divide Czechoslovakia, and Mečiar's party — HZDS — ruled Slovakia for most of its first five years as an independent state, except for a 9-month period in 1994 after a vote of no-confidence, during which a reformist government under Prime Minister Jozef Moravčík operated.
Since the establishment of the Slovak Republic in January 1993, Slovakia has undergone a transition from a centrally planned economy to a free market economy, a process which some observers were to believe was slowed in the 1994-98 period due to the crony capitalism and other fiscal policies of Prime Minister Vladimír Mečiar's government.
Prime Ministers of the period included: William Pitt the Younger, Lord Grenville, Duke of Portland, Spencer Perceval, Lord Liverpool, George Canning, Lord Goderich, Duke of Wellington, Lord Grey, Lord Melbourne, and Sir Robert Peel.
Dmitry Medvedev won the 2008 presidential election and Putin became Prime Minister, beginning a period of so-called " tandemocracy ".
During the period of 1947 till 1959, seven Prime ministers, four Governors-General and one President were forcefully removed either by the constitutional.
* January 9 – Robert Walpole made Earl of Orford and resigns as First Lord of the Treasury and Chancellor of the Exchequer, effectively ending his period as Prime Minister of Great Britain.
Former Prime Minister are enlisted to get Biuro Ochrony Rządu protection for a period of six months after leaving office.
In 1974, after a period as Information Minister, he was appointed Minister of Defense in the Yitzhak Rabin government, having been Rabin's chief rival for the post of Prime Minister after Golda Meir resigned in the aftermath of the Yom Kippur War.
Antoine Gizenga, who served as Lumumba's Deputy Prime Minister in the post-independence period, was a 2006 Presidential candidate under the Unified Lumumbist Party ( Parti Lumumbiste Unifié ( PALU )) and was named prime minister at the end of the year.
Wilson first served as Prime Minister in the 1960s, during a period of low unemployment and relative economic prosperity ( though also of significant problems with the UK's external balance of payments ).
He was the Prime Minister in the so-called " Swinging London " era of the 1960s, and therefore features in many of the books about this period of history.
José Sócrates, as Prime Minister of Portugal, presided over the rotative Presidency of the Council of the European Union for the period July – December 2007.
On 26 September 1923, following a period of turmoil and political violence, Bavarian Prime Minister Eugen von Knilling declared a state of emergency and appointed Gustav von Kahr Staatskomissar ( state commissioner ) with dictatorial governing powers.
The payments occurred over an 18-month period, beginning in 1993 when Mulroney had stepped down as Prime Minister but was still a member of Parliament.
For a period during World War II, Shepton Mallet Prison was used to store important national records from the Public Record Office, including Magna Carta, the Domesday Book, the logbooks of HMS Victory, dispatches from the Battle of Waterloo, and the " scrap of paper " signed by Hitler and Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain at the Munich Conference of September 1938.

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