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Produced and by
Produced by David Merrick, the show had a book by Leonard Gershe, music and lyrics by Harold Rome, and starred Andy Griffith as Destry and Dolores Gray as Frenchy.
Produced by Roy Thomas Baker, the album featured a darker, more sinister sound than its predecessors.
Produced by Dino De Laurentiis and starring Giulietta Masina, the film took its inspiration from news reports of a woman s decapitated head retrieved in a lake and stories by Wanda, a shantytown prostitute Fellini met on the set of Il Bidone.
* The opening credits, except for the title and a " Produced by Toho-Eizo Co., Ltd ." credit.
Produced and directed by Romero, on a budget of $ 114, 000, it grossed $ 12 million at the box office in the United States and $ 30 million internationally.
* " A Syndrome Produced by Diverse Nocuous Agents "-1936 article by Hans Selye from The journal of neuropsychiatry and clinical neurosciences
Produced and written by Dan Hartman, it was also featured prominently on the Rocky IV film and soundtrack.
Produced by Lubin, " Jennie Lee " ( Arwin 108 ), backed with " Gotta Get a Date " ( credited to Ginsburg, Berry & Lubin ), became a surprise commercial success.
( JL ) = Produced by Joe Lubin
( AA ) = Produced by Lou Adler & Herb Alpert
( LA ) = Produced by Lou Adler
( SG ) = Produced by Snuff Garrett
( JB ) = Arranged & Produced by Jan Berry
( JB-GT ) = Arranged & Produced by Jan Berry and George Tipton
( GZ-DT ) = Arranged & Produced by Gary Zekley & Dean Torrence
( DT ) = Produced by Dean Torrence
Produced by fledgling MTV Pictures, the film became a surprise hit and helped connect Voight with a younger audience.
Produced & Directed by Christopher Jeans ( ITN / Channel 4 / A & E Network, 1995 ).
* Acetic acid: Produced by the bacterium Acetobacter aceti and other acetic acid bacteria ( AAB )
* Butyric acid ( butanoic acid ): Produced by the bacterium Clostridium butyricum
* Citric acid: Produced by the fungus Aspergillus niger

Produced and Bruno
* Produced by Caíque Martins Ferreira, Marcelo Laffitte, Tino Navarro, Bruno Stroppiana, & José Zimerman

Produced and album
Produced by the film's music supervisor Chris Douridas, an abridged soundtrack album was released on October 5, 1999 and went on to be nominated for a Grammy Award for Best Soundtrack Album.
Produced by Paul Rothchild – who worked on The Doors ' first five albums – the R & B-infused album was meant to be the first record by a new line-up of Love three years after frontman Arthur Lee quietly disbanded the Sixties psychedelic band.
Produced by Alex Perialas ( who by now had worked with Anthrax and Testament ), I Hear Black was the first Overkill album released directly through Atlantic Records.
Produced by the band and Colin Richardson and released in March 2003, the album was actually only their twelfth regular studio album, but the Overkill EP was also counted to achieve the number 13.
Produced by Gira, the album blended acoustic rock, blues and hypnotic guitar noise successfully, resulting in an album more complex than anything they had released in the past.
Produced primarily by Beckley and Bunnell, with help from Hank Linderman and Steve Levine, the album featured an eclectic group of songs.
Produced by Andrew Gold, the album received positive reviews for its imaginative blending of elements of classic America tunes into familiar holiday standards.
Produced by Bob Rock, the album generated the hit lead single " Volcano Girls ", which gained exposure as the opening theme to the teen comedy film Jawbreaker.
Produced by Jethro Tull's Ian Anderson, the album includes the epic track " Thomas the Rhymer ", which has been a part of the live set ever since.
In January 1981 Warners released ; ' Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons Reunited Live ', Produced by Bob Gaudio, it was a double album of concert recordings which included the two studio recordings " Spend The Night in Love " and " Heaven Must Have Sent You ( Here in The Night )" sung by Valli.
Produced by Gerry Bron, the second album went a long way to ( according to AllMusic ) perfect Uriah Heep's " blend of heavy metal power and prog rock complexity " and was also significant for Ken Hensley's instant rise to a position of the main author.
Produced by Ashley Howe, Abominog ( 1982 ) album ( according to Blows ) was " important … in the way it pulled Heep out of the Seventies and thrust them into the Eighties with determination muscle ", even if sounded a bit too American.
Produced by Steve Lillywhite and released in February 1984, the album contained a rock-oriented set of songs.
The fourth album from Goodie, not featuring Cee-Lo, was something of a return to their earlier style. The song Play Your Flute closed the album with a laid back flute driven track Produced by J.
Produced by Terry Date, Catch Without Arms was Dredg's most successful album, debuting at 124 on the Billboard album charts and eventually reaching the top of the Heatseekers chart.
Produced by Pink Floyd / David Gilmour engineer Andy Jackson ( taking over from previous band producer Bill Buchanan ), the album was preceded by the single " For Her Light ", which clipped the British Top 40 in its first week of release.
Produced by former Mission of Burma bassist Clint Conley who also took over bass duties on three songs, the album " marked Yo La Tengo as a band with real potential " according to reviewer Mark Deming.
Produced by Gene Holder of The dB's, the album was the band's last release on Coyote.
A double album, Produced by Trevor Horn, was released in conjunction with the concert.
Produced by Tony Platt, it is widely considered the bands ' worst album.

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