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Protesters and were
Protesters were dealt with harshly, by measures including arrests and deportations.
Protesters claimed there were incidents of excessive force by police, however, Mayor Menino denied the claim, explaining that the occupation's move into another section of the Greenway endangered public safety
* Protesters ( Act of Classes ), Those in Scotland who protested against the rescinding of the Act of Classes in 1651, their opponents were known as Resolutioners because they supported the resolution calling for the rescinding of the act.
Protesters worked out their demands to authorities: official holiday day on 9 March ( Stalin's birthday ) publishing of articles devoted to Stalin's life in all local newspapers, show of films The Fall of Berlin and The Unforgettable Year 1919 by Mikheil Chiaureli ( both films were typical cinematic pieces of Stalin's cult of personality ) in cinemas and invitation of the Chinese marshal Zhu De, who was at that time visiting Georgia, to the meeting.
Protesters asserted that wage increases indexed to the inflation rate were far below an acceptable standard of living.
" Protesters were arrested and they in turn sued the City of Austin and Aqua Fest.
Protesters were not allowed access beyond the road reserve outside the station itself.

Protesters and heard
Protesters may organize a protest as a way of publicly making their opinions heard in an attempt to influence public opinion or government policy, or they may undertake direct action in an attempt to directly enact desired changes themselves.

Protesters and We
Protesters numbering over 2, 500 marched on Capitol Hill, holding a banner that read, " We still have a dream!

Protesters and when
Protesters also picketed the city hall when the city tried to name the street in front of the library " President Clinton Avenue ".

Protesters and authorities
Protesters often undergo training in advance on how to react to arrest or to attack, so that they will do so in a manner that quietly or limply resists without threatening the authorities.

Protesters and media
Protesters would follow the Premier throughout the campaign, and often received considerable media coverage.
Protesters discontent over the lack of jobs and state censorship of the media, took to the streets to demand change threatening to unravel the Tulip Revolution.

Protesters and them
Protesters carried mock coffins representing the victims of U. S. conflicts and placed them in front of the office buildings.
Protesters claimed that Fromm shoved them, but Fromm asserts that the JDL members lunged at him.
Protesters in the southern town of Toktogul took a district governor and chief district prosecutor captive, both of them having been accused of colluding with Akayev's government in electoral fraud.
Protesters in many of the camps claimed squatters rights through use of a Section 6 notice and some camps even had letters delivered to them by the Royal Mail.
Protesters occupied the Bureau of Indian Affairs national headquarters and presented a list of 20 demands to the government, 12 of them dealing with treaty issues.
Protesters handed floral Valentine's Day messages to the representatives of the US, British and Australian governments urging them to avoid the war.

Protesters and for
Protesters, including many war veterans, shut down county courts in the later months of 1786 to stop the judicial hearings for tax and debt collection.
Protesters against the controversial Corrib gas project, in particular members of Shell to Sea, have alleged that the deal made by Burke which exempted the oil company Royal Dutch Shell from paying any royalties for the gas extracted may have been corrupt.
Protesters had objected to Chivington being honored for the Sand Creek Massacre.
Protesters continued to delay the destruction of the tree ; solicitors for the campaign had even argued ( successfully ) in court that receipt of a letter addressed to the tree itself gave it the status of a legal dwelling, causing a further delay.
Protesters through the American Civil Liberties Union mounted an unsuccessful lawsuit for the right to protest outside of the designated free speech zone, which the group claimed was unconstitutional.
Also, in Time magazine's April 25, 2005 cover feature on Ann Coulter, a photograph of a Communists for Kerry demonstration was captioned, " Protesters blast Coulter at the G. O. P.
Protesters camped out in October Square in Minsk over the next week, calling variously for the resignation of Lukashenko, the installation of rival candidate Alaksandar Milinkievič, and new, fair elections.
Protesters subsequently managed to stage the most successful blockade of the campaign ( apart from a negotiated three day blockage over Christmas ) so far closing the North Gate for six hours.
Protesters from around the country joined the march in Washington, D. C. organized by ANSWER Coalition and United for Peace and Justice to promote peace and an end to the war in Iraq.

Protesters and many
The most notable Christadelphian attempts to find a continuity of those with doctrinal similarities since that point have been geographer Alan Eyre's two books The Protesters ( 1975 ) and Brethren in Christ ( 1982 ) in which he shows that many individual Christadelphian doctrines had been previously believed.
Protesters began to arrive on Friday, April 20, many being hosted at Université Laval, college campuses, and churches.
Protesters adopted the colour green as their symbol because it had been the campaign colour of presidential candidate Mir-Hossein Mousavi, whom many protesters thought had won the elections.

Protesters and began
Truck Nutz references became very popular during the 2008 Presidential Election, while following the election of Barack Obama, the site also began making frequent jokes at the expense of Tea Party Protesters, Birthers, Peggy Noonan's weekly column and Sarah Palin.
Protesters began to gather outside Tottenham police station, just a few hundred yards from Broadwater Farm, around 1: 30 am on Sunday morning.

Protesters and by
Protesters inside the " free speech zone " drew parallels to Guantanamo Bay's Camp X-Ray, and staged a demonstration in which they wore hoods akin to those worn by Abu Ghraib detainees.
Protesters march in London organised by the Burma Campaign UK in 2007
Protesters try to stop members of the G8 from attending the summit during the 27th G8 summit in Genoa, Italy by burning vehicles on the main route to the summit.
Protesters including students, Cambridge residents and sixth-form students occupied the grounds of Senate House on the November 24, 2010 as part of the national ' day of action ' called by students.
Protesters from the Society have regularly taken good-humoured action against orthodox English spelling and its promotion ( e. g. by demonstrating, most conspicuously in the form of ' BeeMan ,' at the annual Scripps National Spelling Bee in Washington DC ).

Protesters and they
Protesters practice this non-violent form of civil disorder with the expectation that they will be arrested.
Protesters said they hoped the camp would " reignite the debate locally, nationally and globally about whether the subversive and undemocratic nature of activities at the base are acceptable, or indeed accountable, to the British public.
* Monday 5 November: Protesters said they had reached an " understanding " with the police over the weekend.
Protesters insisted that they did not fire at police officers, but threw objects and insulted the men.
Protesters often engage in sidewalk counseling, in which they warn people entering the clinic about the risks of abortion or communicate information regarding the status of fetuses.

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