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# and Providing
# Providing policy advice and recommendations on substantive matters to the High Commissioner ;
# Providing substantive support on human rights issues to the General Assembly, the Economic and Social Council and other policy-making bodies established in New York ;
# Providing materials and information to the permanent missions, United Nations departments, agencies and programmes, non-governmental organizations, the media and others regarding the human rights programme ;
# Providing support to the High Commissioner and other officials, and to Special Rapporteurs and Special Representatives when on mission in New York ;
# Providing substantive services to human rights organs engaged in standard-setting activities ;
# Providing policy analysis, advice and guidance on substantive procedures ;
# Providing opportunities for choice and discovery
# Providing balance
# Providing opportunities for people to function as human beings rather than as resources in the productive process.
# Providing opportunities for each organization member, as well as for the organization itself, to develop to his full potential.
# Providing opportunities for people in organizations to influence the way in which they relate to work, the organization, and the environment.
# Providing athletic participation opportunities that are substantially proportionate to the student enrollment.
# Providing a plane of separation, or disconnection, between solid tissues so that movement can occur with minimum bending of solid components.
# Providing a packing that can change shape in whatever way is needed to allow the bearing surfaces to move on each other.
# Providing products or services which benefit underserved populations and / or the environment which are also financially profitable.
# Providing anonymous respondents with a checklist of fantasies and asking them to indicate which ones they have experienced, how often, and in what context.
# Consolidating community 2: Providing a cultural center and other facilities
# Providing great leadership development: giving all leaders the expertise they need to become great leaders by providing guidance and support tailored to individual needs, access to knowledge and resources, and unrivalled leadership development and networking opportunities
# Providing local information on elections to assist in re-connecting the elected with their electorate
# Providing an impetus to smoother movement of products and people within India.
# Providing opportunities for farmers, through better transportation of produce from the agricultural hinterland to major cities and ports for export, through lesser wastage and spoils.
# Providing a means of physically locating a building, especially in a city where there are many buildings and streets,
# Providing protection and convoy support during both Mikhail Khodorkovsky cases.
# Providing evidence to support increased investments in security personnel and technology

# and substantive
# Carrying out substantive research projects on the whole range of human rights issues of interest to United Nations human rights bodies in accordance with the priorities established by the Vienna Declaration and Programme of Action and resolutions of policy-making bodies ;
# Preparing documents, reports or draft reports, summaries and synthesis and position papers in response to particular requests, as well as substantive contributions to information materials and publications ;
# Ensuring that substantive support is provided in a timely manner to the human rights treaty body concerned, drawing on the appropriate resources of the human rights programme ;
# Preparing or coordinating the preparation and submission of all substantive and other documents and the support from other management units to the activities of treaty bodies serviced, and following up on decisions taken at meetings of those bodies ;
# The next step is the characterization of the cause of action into its component legal categories which may sometimes involve an incidental question ( also note the distinction between procedural and substantive laws ).
# it counts the factors that connect or link the legal issues to the laws of potentially relevant states and applies the laws that have the greatest connection, e. g. the law of nationality ( lex patriae ) or domicile ( lex domicilii ) will define legal status and capacity, the law of the state in which land is situated ( lex situs ) will be applied to determine all questions of title, the law of the place where a transaction physically takes place or of the occurrence that gave rise to the litigation ( lex loci actus ) will often be the controlling law selected when the matter is substantive, but the proper law has become a more common choice.
# to commit a substantive crime,
( MST3K archival site mst3ktemple. com presents a substantive argument that this replacement was probably done before or during episode # K01: Invaders from the Deep, based on an analysis of related set and costume changes.
# A substantive motion is proposed that " individual A is elected ".
# With no more proposed amendments, the substantive motion is put to the vote.
# called into question the substantive conceptions of rationality ( e. g. “ a rational person thinks this ”) and put forward procedural or formal conceptions instead ( e. g. “ a rational person thinks like this ”);

# and administrative
Bodmin was in the administrative North Cornwall District until local government reorganisation in 2009 abolished the District ( see also Politics of Cornwall # Cornwall Council ).
Detail of Galerius attacking Narseh on the Arch and Tomb of Galerius # Arch of Galerius | Arch of Galerius at Thessaloniki, Greece, the city where Galerius carried out most of his administrative actions
# For acquired firm symbolic and cultural independence which is the base of technology and capabilities are more important than administrative independence.
# Assisting the High Commissioner and appropriate staff in the discharge of their financial, personnel and general administrative responsibilities and administering the associate expert and internship programmes.
# administrative access to the SAG
# The Outer Party work the state ’ s administrative jobs ; they are the middle class, whose “ members are allowed no vices other than cigarettes and Victory Gin ”, and who are the citizens most spied upon, via telescreens and surveillance.
# 2 ) is on Purchase Street in the downtown district and houses administrative offices of the department as well as personnel.
# Administrative barriers: Countries are sometimes accused of using their various administrative rules ( e. g. regarding food safety, environmental standards, electrical safety, etc.
# Inciting to resist or breaking the Constitution or laws or the implementation of administrative regulations ;
# Other activities against the Constitution, laws or administrative regulations.
# Judiciary system – network of courts that interpret the law in the name of the state, and carry out the administration of justice in civil, criminal, and administrative matters in accordance with the rule of law.
# Ansbach ( the administrative headquarters of Middle Franconia )
# Assistant Director of Research: Serves as an administrative assistant to the director and supervises some of the other marketing research staff members.
# The president of the administrative court of appeal of Paris ; the first president of the Paris court of appeal and the general public prosecutor of that court
Apart from many fresh intellectual ideas and innovations ( for the Slovenian circumstances and intellectual coordinates, but very likely also in a wider sense ) Taja Kramberger has written many critical articles on various aspects of Slovenian history, cultural life, but also on broader European History and culture, e. g. on Spanish Civil War, different models of Enlightenment in Europe and the recurrent Enlightenment features in the works of Anton Tomaž Linhart, on epistemic divergence between Enlightenment's and Historismus's: de: Historismus ( Geschichtswissenschaft ) paradigms of historiography, on anthropology of translation, history of university and the formation of university habitus: fr: Habitus ( sociologie ), on literary and cultural fields: fr: Pierre Bourdieu # Théorie des champs in the 1930s in Slovenia ( by then partially covered by the administrative unit of Dravska banovina ) and on the role of women in the constitution of these fields etc.
# REDIRECT administrative divisions of China
# lack of administrative capacities and experience, especially for small and new member states ; the concept of trio / troika has been introduced to enable member states to share experiences and ensure coherence on a 18-months base ;
# expenses in time and money, needed to support the administrative machine ;
# REDIRECT Special administrative region
It was separated from the army and made an independent administrative unit in June 1974, under the aegis of decree # 521.
# High quality work in ( examples ): creations, products, services, presentations, consultancy, primary / other research, administrative, marketing, photography or other work endeavours.
For administrative purposes, Forest Hill North is Toronto neighbourhood # 102.
For administrative purposes, Forest Hill North is Toronto neighbourhood # 102.
# Legal and administrative issues

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