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Psychologist and Fredric
Psychologist Fredric Wertham, who in Seduction of the Innocent asserted that " Batman stories are psychologically homosexual ", claimed to find a " subtle atmosphere of homoeroticism which pervades the adventures of the mature ' Batman ' and his young friend ' Robin '".

Psychologist and decided
Psychologist Dr. Galena Rhoades said: " There might be a subset of people who live together before they got engaged who might have decided to get married really based on other things in their relationship-because they were already living together and less because they really wanted and had decided they wanted a future together.

Psychologist and phenomenon
Psychologist George Ainslie argues that akrasia results from the empirically verified phenomenon of hyperbolic discounting, which causes us to make different judgements close to a reward than we will when further from it .< ref >

Psychologist and was
Psychologist Peter Schönemann was also a persistent critic of IQ, calling it " the IQ myth ".
Psychologist Arthur Jensen has rejected the criticism by Gould and also argued that even if g was replaced by a model with several intelligences this would change the situation less than expected.
Russian Psychologist Lev Vygotsky read Sapir's work and experimentally studied the ways in which the development of concepts in children was influenced by structures given in language.
Psychologist Lloyd Humphreys, then editor-in-chief of The American Journal of Psychology and Psychological Bulletin, wrote that The Mismeasure of Man was " science fiction " and " political propaganda ", and that Gould had misrepresented the views of Alfred Binet, Godfrey Thomson, and Lewis Terman.
Psychologist Jacques Van Rillaer points out that, " the unconscious was not discovered by Freud.
Psychologist Henry Gleitman has claimed that Nebuchadnezzar's insanity was a result of general paresis or paralytic dementia seen in advanced cases of syphilis.
James J. Gibson was a Gestalt Psychologist who focused on vision and what he termed ecological perception.
Cook was recognized by the Joint Sessions of the Kentucky Legislature for volunteer work with at-risk youth and was the Kentucky School Psychologist of the Year in 2004.
He was formerly Chief Psychologist and the Director of Supervision and Training at the Massachusetts Treatment Center for Sexually Dangerous Offenders, as well as the Clinical Director for the maximum-security, intensive-treatment unit for adolescents in Boston.
Psychologist and MBBK co-author Maya Bar-Hillel subsequently summarized the MBBK view that the WRR paper was a hoax, an intentionally and a carefully designed " magic trick ".
According to an article published in American Psychologist in 2007, the original story of Genovese's murder was exaggerated by the media.
* February 12, 2008 – Psychologist Kathryn Faughey is brutally murdered in her Manhattan office by a mentally ill man whose intended victim was a psychiatrist in the same practice.
By 2029, when she left Earth for the first time to visit Hyper Base, her formal title was Head Psychologist.
Psychologist Guy Cumberbatch has stated, " The link with a video was that the father of one of the boys – Jon Venables – had rented Child's Play 3 some months earlier.
In 2002 a rebuttal to many of the factually inaccurate claims made by critics was submitted to the flagship journal of the APA, the American Psychologist by Scott Lilienfeld.
* Alisa Ferguson, " Rapoport was Renowned Mathematical Psychologist, Peace Activist.
The Naval Flight Surgeon Badge is similar to the Aerospace Experimental Psychologist insignia and it is possible for a service member to obtain both devices if the Medical Service Corps insignia was earned prior to designation as a Flight Surgeon.
He was the first Psychologist in Ireland to be awarded a Council of Europe Medical Fellowship in 1977 in order to go abroad to study “ Residential Treatment of Disturbed Adolescents ”.
Walter Scott ( 1919 ) was the most influential I-O Psychologist along with James Cattell ( 1895 ) and Hugo Musterberg ( 1898 ) in the early development of the field.
Psychologist Martha McClintock was the first scientist to do a study on menstrual synchrony, reporting her findings in Nature in 1971.
Psychologist Todd G. Morrison notes that Lawrence came of age when being gay was seen as normal and HIV / AIDS was no longer defined culturally as a gay disease.
Gilbert was appointed the Prison Psychologist of the German prisoners.

Psychologist and Freudian
Reik presented a forceful criticism of traditional Freudian theory in A Psychologist Looks at Love ( 1944 ).

Psychologist and issues
Psychologist Chris Boyatzis has used Caged Bird to supplement scientific theory and research in the instruction of child development topics such as the development of self-concept and self-esteem, ego resilience, industry versus inferiority, effects of abuse, parenting styles, sibling and friendship relations, gender issues, cognitive development, puberty, and identity formation in adolescence.

Psychologist and violent
Psychologist and critic Jerry S. Piven, however, is skeptical that Hokusai's playful image could account for the violent depictions in modern media, arguing that these are instead a product of the turmoil experienced throughout Japanese culture following World War II.

Psychologist and with
Psychologist Felicia Pratto and her colleagues have found evidence to support the idea that a high Social Dominance Orientation ( SDO ) is strongly correlated with conservative political views, and opposition to social engineering to promote equality, though Pratto's findings have been highly controversial.
Psychologist Edward Tolman is credited with the creation of cognitive mapping.
Psychologist Douglas Haldeman writes that conversion therapy comprises efforts by mental health professionals and pastoral care providers to convert lesbians and gay men to heterosexuality by techniques including aversive treatments, such as " the application of electric shock to the hands and / or genitals ," and " nausea-inducing drugs ... administered simultaneously with the presentation of homoerotic stimuli ," masturbatory reconditioning, visualization, social skills training, psychoanalytic therapy, and spiritual interventions, such as " prayer and group support and pressure.
As chat rooms are often frequented by minors, they can facilitate illegal sexual contact though studies have shown that this is not common, with the American Psychologist journal calling many of the fears ' myths '.
Psychologist Leon Eisenberg saw Sesame Streets urban setting as " superficial " and having little to do with the problems confronted by the inner-city child.
Psychologist E. R Jaensch states that Eidetic Memory apart of visual thinking has to do with Eidetic images fading between the line of the after image and the memory image.
His mother often left them to care for themselves, so with his sister being schizophrenic, he endured a great deal of responsibility .< ref > American Psychologist ( April 1996 ), 51 ( 4 ), pg.
Psychologist Martha Farah has been particularly associated with this view.
Psychologist Linda Gottfredson ( Gottfredson, 2003 ) criticises the unempirical nature of triarchic theory and argues that it is absurd to assert that traditional Intelligence tests are not measuring practical intelligence when they show a moderate correlation with income, especially at middle age when individuals have had a chance to reach their maximum career potential, an even higher correlation with occupational prestige, and that IQ tests even predict the ability to stay out of jail and stay alive ( all of which qualifies as practical intelligence or " street smarts ").
Publishers Weekly described Mind Changer as " White's finest performance, replete with wit, originality, medical expertise and sheer decency " and commented that the series shows no signs of aging, and Booklist described the book as an " enjoyable, witty resumé " of Chief Psychologist O ' Mara's career.
* British Clinical Psychologist Oliver James published a book in 2002 entitled " They F *** You Up ", starting each chapter with a line or stanza from Larkin's verse, followed in 2010 by a further book on parenting and child development called " How Not to F *** Them Up ".
The Aerospace Experimental Psychologist insignia is a military badge of the United States Navy which is issued to those members of the Navy Medical Service Corps who have been qualified as in-flight aviation observers with certification in psychology, in particular the psychology of in-flight aircraft close quarters and the mental stress of possible combat situations.
Psychologist Dr. David Weeks mentions people with a mental illness " suffer " from their behavior while eccentrics are quite happy.
Responding to Goldberg's article in the American Psychologist, ' The Structure of Phenotypic Personality Traits ', Cattell stated, " No experienced factorist could agree with Dr Goldberg's enthusiasm for the five factor personality theory ".
Psychologist Todd G. Morrison notes the advent of the internet helped gay men discover their sexuality and connect with each other online and that Lawrence is the embodiment of the " new experience of gay sexuality ".
Psychologist Karen Horney theorised that the ideal of woman is not necessarily innate to her sex but that the patriarchal pressures and cultural influence compel her to behave in conformity with the image.
His eldest daughter, Allyson, is a Psychologist who runs a provincial assessment and research centre The Regional Assessment and Resource Centre which provides supports to post-secondary students with disabilities.
# The CFT has a Mental Health Professional ( s ) ( Psychologist, Social Worker, Developmental Pediatrician, Psychiatrist ) who attends team meetings and whose education, training and experience have adequately prepared him / her for the psychological and psychosocial diagnosis and treatment of patients with craniofacial anomalies or syndromes.

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