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Putnam and
Putnam s Sons, ( 1915 ); Indy Publ.
Putnam s Sons, 1908.
Throughout Herbert Putnam s career, he was described by his colleagues as maintaining “ an impenetrable dignity … formal manner, invariable gracious and cordial, covered shyness and a deep reserve.
In 1891, Putnam resigned his Minneapolis post due to his mother-in-law s ill health, and promptly returned to Boston to be near her.
Putnam s request was granted by the United States Congress, and thus an appropriation bill was passed on April 17th, 1900.
Although Putnam s administration would need time in order to collect, organize, and disseminate all of the material within the Library of Congress collection, the task was completed with enormous success.
Herbert Putnam s administration as Librarian of Congress lasted for forty years, from 1899 until 1939.
The system is a series of interconnected reservoirs and lakes in northern Westchester and Putnam Counties that provides 10 % of New York City s water under normal conditions and up to 30 % of the in-City consumption in times of drought.
People in diverse communities " don t trust the local mayor, they don t trust the local paper, they don t trust other people and they don t trust institutions ," writes Putnam.
## Verrill, A. Hyatt ( 1950 ), Shell Collector s Handbook, New York: Putnam, p. 77
Emerson assisted her in publishing her first essay on the Shakespearean question in the January 1856 issue of Putnam s:
Putnam s Sons, 1907 – 21.
Hanifan in Putnam s Book:
Putnam say s “… beyond a doubt that social connectedness is one of the most powerful determinates of our well being .” In particular it is face to face connections which have been show to have greater impacts then non-face to face relationships.
Putnam s Sons, 1934
Putnam s Sons, 1935
The southern area of campus consists of many of NDSU s historic buildings, including Old Main, Minard Hall, Ceres Hall, Putnam Hall, South Engineering, and Morrill Hall.
Putnam s Sons, 1886.
Raney pointed out to the detractors that, “ MacLeish was a lawyer like Putnam ... he was equally at home in the arts as one of the four leading American poets now alive ... and while it was true that he had not attended a professional school of library science, neither had thirty-four of thirty-seven persons presently occupying executive positions at the Library of Congress .” The main Republican arguments against MacLeish s nomination from within Congress was: that he was a poet and was a “ fellow traveler ” or sympathetic to communist causes.

Putnam and s
At the meeting, Putnam relayed his desire to come to the Library for work and that his office would be down the hall from MacLeish s.
Putnam s Sons, 1898.
This settlement was the final resolution in an investigation of Putnam s payments to 80 brokers that was conducted over a three-year period.
That year, Putnam launched the industry s first suite of absolute return funds available to U. S. retail investors and re-entered the institutional defined contribution business with a 401 ( k ) product offering.
* Bosley Crowther, The Great Films ( G. P. Putnam s Sons, 1967 ), pages 247-250

Putnam and activities
The PLCC once provided paved roads, electricity, and fire protection, as well as social and recreational activities for Putnam Lake families including the community swimming pool, clubhouse, and tennis court.
Odlum and Cochran were close friends of Amelia Earhart and her husband George P. Putnam and the Odlums were financial backers of Earhart's flying activities.
There he has been involved in many scholarly extracurricular activities, including running SPUR ( Summer Program in Undergraduate Research ) for MIT undergraduates, overseeing the mathematics section of RSI ( Research Science Institute ) for advanced high school students, and coaching the MIT Putnam exam team for nearly two decades starting in 1990, including the years 2003 and 2004 when MIT won for the first time since 1979.

Putnam and with
Ultimately, it failed to solve many of the problems with which it was centrally concerned, and after the Second World War, its doctrines increasingly came under attack by thinkers such as Nelson Goodman, Willard Van Orman Quine, J. L. Austin, Peter Strawson, Hilary Putnam, and Richard Rorty.
Putnam demonstrates this with four objections:
At Yale, he participated in the William Lowell Putnam Mathematical Competition and was on the team representing Yale University ( along with Murray Gerstenhaber and Henry O. Pollak ) that won the second prize in 1947.
John Russell Young died in January 1899, andPresident William McKinley found himself faced with the responsibility of appointing a Librarian of Congress who should preside over the affairs of the institution whose building had been completed but years ago .” President McKinley requested Herbert Putnam to be appointed to the task, and Putnam was officially confirmed to the duties of Librarian of Congress on December 12, 1899.
In July 1916, “ former LC staff member Elizabeth West, director of the Carnegie Library of San Antonio, Texas, suggested to Putnam that the Library of Congress cooperate with other libraries to send books to American soldiers .”
But with so much invested in buildings, little money remained for books or administration … Putnam took the matter up directly with the War Department and obtained assurances that the government would provide utilities.
It was clear Putnam was not willing to withdraw completely from the world of librarianship, stating “ I would willingly surrender the administration, if that course would serve the interest of the library and I could feel assured as to my successor .” Putnam provided the suggestion of “ Librarian Emeritus ” be developed as his new official title, with an honorarium of one-half of his original salary.
On October 1, 1939, Putnam retired as the 8th Librarian of Congress with that title, and he “ continued to contribute to the Library, keeping regular office hours for the next 15 years .”
This argument, associated with Willard Quine and Hilary Putnam, is considered by Stephen Yablo to be one of the most challenging arguments in favor of the acceptance of the existence of abstract mathematical entities, such as numbers and sets.
The County shares its northern boundary with Putnam County and its southern boundary with New York City.
In 1938, outside scientists including H. Houston Merritt and Tracy Putnam discovered phenytoin's usefulness for controlling seizures, without the sedative effects associated with phenobarbital.
In the 1990s, this office moved from 200 Madison Avenue ( a building it shared with Putnam Publishing ) to 198 Madison Avenue, which was the former B. Altman Company headquarters.
In his Twin Earth thought experiment, Hilary Putnam asks us to imagine a scenario in which there is a substance with all of the observable properties of water ( e. g., taste, color, boiling point ), but which is chemically different from water.
Israel Putnam ( January 7, 1718 – May 29, 1790 ) was an American army general and Freemason who fought with distinction at the Battle of Bunker Hill ( 1775 ) during the American Revolutionary War ( 1775 – 1783 ).
According to oral tradition, Putnam in his youth killed the last wolf in Connecticut with the help of a group of farmers from Mortlake.
The tradition describes Putnam crawling into a den with a torch, a musket, and his feet secured with rope, in order to be quickly pulled out.

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