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# and Highly
# Seven Years of Highly Defective People — 1997 ; strips from 1989 to 1995, with handwritten notes by Scott Adams
# Highly Visible and Collaborative Execution-Simply launching Purchase Orders ( POs ), Manufacturing Orders ( MOs ) and Transfer Orders ( TOs ) from any planning system does not end the materials and order management challenge.
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# Highly efficient utilization of the coating materials result in lower costs relative to other processes.
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# and sensitive
# In a sensitive area, to avoid the witness from testifying to incompetent or prejudicial matter.
# it must be sensitive to initial conditions,
Its fullface mask's front plate was loose in its seating and acted as a very big, and therefore, very sensitive diaphragm for a demand regulator: see Diving regulator # Demand valve.
# Difficult Comparison Effect Buyers are less sensitive to the price of a known / more reputable product when they have difficulty comparing it to potential alternatives.
# Switching Costs Effect The higher the product-specific investment a buyer must make to switch suppliers, the less price sensitive that buyer is when choosing between alternatives.
# Price-Quality Effect Buyers are less sensitive to price the more that higher prices signal higher quality.
# Expenditure Effect Buyers are more price sensitive when the expense accounts for a large percentage of buyers ’ available income or budget.
# End-Benefit Effect The effect refers to the relationship a given purchase has to a larger overall benefit, and is divided into two parts: Derived demand: The more sensitive buyers are to the price of the end benefit, the more sensitive they will be to the prices of those products that contribute to that benefit.
# Shared-cost Effect The smaller the portion of the purchase price buyers must pay for themselves, the less price sensitive they will be.
# Fairness Effect Buyers are more sensitive to the price of a product when the price is outside the range they perceive as “ fair ” or “ reasonable ” given the purchase context.
# The Framing Effect Buyers are more price sensitive when they perceive the price as a loss rather than a forgone gain, and they have greater price sensitivity when the price is paid separately rather than as part of a bundle.
# An emergent form of location sensitive mobile and immersive sound work enabled by GPS devices and ubiquitous computing is developing non-linear navigable sound art works soniclandscapes and audionomad.
# M cells, with large center-surround receptive fields that are sensitive to depth, indifferent to color, and rapidly adapt to a stimulus ;
# P cells, with smaller center-surround receptive fields that are sensitive to color and shape ;
# K cells, with very large center-only receptive fields that are sensitive to color and indifferent to shape or depth ;
# The paper is then dipped in a solution of silver nitrate and water which renders the surface sensitive to UV light.
# Restriction of the ability of government-supported scientists to freely communicate scientific ideas related to " sensitive " issues
# a species thought to be sensitive to and therefore to serve as an early warning indicator of environmental changes such as global warming or modified fire regimes ( sometimes called a bioindicator species )
# Consideration of data uncertainty was insufficient because the Greer, et al study reflected only a 14-day exposure to healthy adults and no additional safety factors were considered to protect sensitive subpopulations.
# Passwords are not case sensitive.
# Making sensitive information unavailable to others
# The diazonium salt: a light sensitive chemical
# Ensuring that capital allocation is more risk sensitive ;
# His body is exquisitely sensitive to touch.

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