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# and constructed
# Study of the ways in which all varieties of psychology are culturally historically constructed, and how alternative varieties of psychology may confirm or resist ideological assumptions in mainstream models ;
# I know infinitely everything about this thing, person, or place infinitely before, and infinitely after I have constructed it, or even thought of it.
# The carrier can be constructed of any material ( e. g., wood, PVT, EMT, ferrous conduit )
# Main cables-The cables were constructed by an aerial spinning process.
# “ An observatory-lodge ’ s smoke hole would be constructed to view certain parts of the heavens-such as the Pleiades .”
The school district ( listed as Cuming County School District # 30 ) merged with Pilger, Nebraska in 1968 to create the present Wisner-Pilger school district, and a new building was constructed, which is still in use today.
# Any sequence satisfying the recurrence relation can be written uniquely as a linear combination of solutions constructed in part 1 as λ varies over all distinct roots of p ( t ).
The Bergenhus Fortress # Haakon's Hall | Haakon's Hall in Bergen, constructed in the mid-13th century.
# The kinds of materials ( earth or stone ) of which mounds are constructed — the fact of their being conditioned according to instructions-with the course and distance of the " pits ", from the centre of the mound, where necessity exists for deviating from the general rule.
# The delusions are logically constructed and internally consistent.
# As a Cyclic code: The perfect G < sub > 23 </ sub > code can be constructed via factorization of, it is the code generated by
# A grammar, which tells how well-formed formulas ( abbreviated wff ) are constructed out of the symbols in the alphabet.
# At some later date, two arcs ( constructed from gold of a different origin, as shown by its chemical impurities ) were added at opposite edges of the disk.
After the much-noticed first album, Quadratur des Kreises ( Squaring the Circle ), and its hit single " A-N-N-A " which peaked at # 6 in the German charts, the band released its second album, Esperanto, named after the constructed language Esperanto.
In Action Comics # 544 ( June 1983 ), Brainiac had constructed a giant, artificial, computer-controlled planet and used it in his latest attempt to destroy Superman ; unfortunately, his defeat at the hands of the Man of Steel left him trapped at the center of the planet, unable to escape.
Superman constructed a replica of the bottle-sized city to keep as a memento but was surprised when thousands of tiny aliens, fleeing the destruction of their home planet, moved into it ( Superman # 371, Aug 1982 ).
# REDIRECT constructed language
Ghaṛas or matkas are usually found with a range from approximately C or C # to D ( or slightly higher ) although there does not seem to be any indication that these instruments are constructed with tuning considerations.
# REDIRECT Languages constructed by J. R. R. Tolkien
# Symmetric encryption can be constructed under an information-theoretic notion of security called entropic security, which assumes that the adversary knows almost nothing about the message being sent.
# A vertex algebra V is constructed that is a graded algebra affording the moonshine representations on M, and it is verified that the monster module has a vertex algebra structure invariant under the action of M. V is thus called the monster vertex algebra.
# A Lie algebra is constructed from V using the Goddard – Thorn " no-ghost " theorem from string theory ; this is a generalized Kac-Moody Lie algebra.
# A denominator identity for is constructed that is related to the coefficients of.
# A number of twisted denominator identities are constructed that are similarly related to the series.

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