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:: and Radio
Viewing angle-1. at 90 degrees to the jet :: Radio galaxy / Seyfert 2 Galaxy ; 2, 3. at an angle to the jet: Quasar / Seyfert 1 Galaxy ; 4. down the jet: Blazar.
:: Located in Luxembourg, Broadcasting Center Europe is a European company providing technical services in the fields of TV, Radio, Telecommunications and IT.
:: Radio frequency identification ( RFID ) is used to track objects such as tools to prevent items from being left in airplanes, nuclear reactors, and other critical areas.
:: Radio Antwerpen broadcast from the concrete vessel Uilenspiegel.
:: Radio Nordzee broadcast from the artificial island R E M.
:: Radio Atlantis broadcast in Dutch from the Merchant vessel Mi Amigo.
:: Radio Mi Amigo broadcast from the MV Mi Amigo ( Radio Caroline's ship ) 1974 – 1978, and from the MV Magdalena ( 1979 ).
:: Radio Delmare broadcast from aboard the MV Aegir.
:: Radio Mercur begins transmissions from the MV Cheeta on August 2nd.
:: DCR ( Danmarks Commercielle Radio ) begins transmissions from the MV Lucky Star on September 15th.
:: Radio Mercur ends transmissions due to a Danish law that prohibits assistance to illegal broadcasting directed to a Danish audience.
:: Byens Radio started broadcasting in central Copenhagen.
:: Radio Veronica transmitted in Dutch on AM mediumwave ( 192 meter, 1562 kHz ; later 538 meter, 557 kHz ) from the MV Borkum Riff and after 1965 from the MV Norderney in international waters off the coast of Scheveningen, and soon became the most popular radio station in the Netherlands.
:: Radio Noordzee and TV Noordzee transmitted in Dutch from REM Island, an artificial construction resembling an early offshore oil platform.
:: Radio Noordzee Internationaal ( RNI ) broadcasting on AM, FM and international shortwave from the MV Mebo II which was originally anchored off the Netherlands.
:: Capital Radio aboard the MV King David.
:: Radio Atlantis aboard the MV Janine.
:: Radio Delmare aboard the MV Martina ".
:: Radio Paradijs made test broadcasts only from the MV Magda Maria ( Lieve ) which was anchored off the Netherlands before the station was forcibly closed.
:: Radio Mercur ; Skånes Radio Mercur, Radio Syd ( at various times ) from the MV Cheeta and later the MV Cheeta II which was also used at various times by TV Syd and for a time Radio Caroline South while the ship was anchored off South-east England.
:: Radio Nord broadcasting in Swedish from the MV Bon Jour ( later renamed Magda Maria and Mi Amigo ).

:: and Sutch
:: The Radio City Death: Reginald Calvert, the manager of Screaming Lord Sutch and the owner of Radio City, was shot dead at the home of Major Oliver Smedley in 1966 following falling out over a joint venture financing arrangement between Radio City and Radio Caroline.

:: and broadcasting
:: Lithuania has approximately 27 broadcasting stations, but may have as many as 100 transmitters, including repeater stations ( 2001 )
:: Ceto — The Ceto was a steam yacht reportedly renamed " Broadcasting Yacht " and fitted out for radio broadcasting purposes in 1928.
:: Radio Caroline began broadcasting on March 28 from aboard the MV Caroline ( formerly MV Fredericia ) anchored off south-eastern England, later moved to anchorage off Isle of Man.
:: Radio Atlanta began broadcasting on May 12 from aboard the MV Mi Amigo from an anchorage close to Radio Caroline.
:: Radio London began broadcasting from a former US minesweeper renamed MV Galaxy anchored in British territorial waters off South-east England.
:: Radio Invicta broadcasting from Red Sands Fort, an abandoned WWII British Army fortress on a sandbar in the Thames Estuary.
:: Due in part to the sensational death of Reg Calvert and lurid tales depicting real swashbuckling piracy, the British government were finally able to bring in legislation to make offshore broadcasting a part of British criminal law in the United Kingdom.
:: Radio Tower and TV Tower attempted broadcasting in 1966 from another World War II Royal Navy barge which had also been fitted with a sea fort and then towed to and sunk upon Sunk Head sandbar.
:: On shortwave a third station operated a sponsored religious broadcasting station under the name of WMR — World Mission Radio with an over the air mailing address in California, USA.
:: Radio One broadcasting from the MV Air anchored off Haifa.
:: d. Actions every POW should resist include making oral or written confessions and apologies, answering questionnaires, providing personal histories, creating propaganda recordings, broadcasting appeals to other prisoners of war, providing any other material readily usable for propaganda purposes, appealing for surrender or parole, furnishing self-criticisms and communicating on behalf of the enemy to the detriment of the United States, its allies, its armed forces or other POWs.

:: and from
:: Hither now to me from your isle of Pelops,
:: How easily you bring deliverance from
:: Rule 10. 05 ( a )( 2 ) Comment: The official scorer shall credit a hit if the fielder attempting to handle the ball cannot make a play, even if such fielder deflects the ball from or cuts off another fielder who could have put out a runner.
:: When the stables were burnt down, on returning from court Confucius said, " Was anyone hurt?
:: I saw an angel coming down from heaven, having the key to the bottomless pit and a great chain in his hand.
:: Out of Zion the word of the law will go forth, and the word of the Lord from Jerusalem.
:: Jesus could have withdrawn himself from his enemies.
:: < nowiki > the A matrix from above was transposed.
:: * chain transfer ( the case in which one active particle enters an elementary reaction with the inactive particle which as a result becomes another active particle along with forming of another inactive particle from the initial active one );
:: Data warehouses archive data from operational databases and often from external sources such as market research firms.
:: An embedded database system is a DBMS which is tightly integrated with an application software that requires access to stored data in a way that the DBMS is “ hidden ” from the application ’ s end-user and requires little or no ongoing maintenance.
:: Oh my son, arise from thy bed, from thy ( slumber ), work what is wise,
:: Glenn Crain appeals from the dismissal of his Tax Court petition challenging the constitutional authority of that body and defying the jurisdiction of the Internal Revenue Service to levy taxes on his income.
:: Tuen Mun <> Nam Tei ( Divided from Route 9 ) <> Ha Tsuen <> Deep Bay <> Shenzhen Bay Bridge <> Shenzhen Bay Border Crossing <> Mainland China
:: is the work extracted from the engine.
:: is the heat energy taken from the high temperature system.
:: Featuring their performance from " The T. A. M. I.
:: Featuring performances from " The T. A. M. I.
:: Mostly worked on by Jan from 1966 to 1968 the album was shelved by Warner Brothers for 44 years.
:: A few years after the publication of my first written story, " Incommunicado ," written 1947 and published 1950, I was taking a break from two weeks of typing, walking down Fifth Avenue, noticing vaguely that there were no coffee shops, and the storefronts were closed and it was dark.
C ++ requires stating explicitly which parent class the feature to be used is invoked from i. e. " Worker :: Human. Age ".
:: Poland was indeed blind before, knowing nothing about the true God or the principles of the Catholic faith, but thanks to the enlightenment of Mieszko the country also had become enlightened, because when he adopted the faith, the Polish nation was saved from death and destruction.
:: When Bolesław's mother died his father married, without permission from the Church, a nun from the monastery in Kalbe, daughter of Margrave Dietrich.

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