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Radiopasteurization and .
Radiopasteurization, which produces fewer adverse sensory changes in food products, has potential usefulness in prolonging the keeping qualities of fresh and refrigerated food items.
Radiopasteurization has also been successful, and the shelf life of chicken can be extended to a month or more under refrigerated storage as compared with about 10 days for the untreated product.

by and either
He and Hogan waited by the door, one to either side.
Indeed, you wouldn't live long, for the females either drive the men they've seized from neighboring islands back to their boats after exploiting them for amatory purposes, or they destroy them by revolting but ingenious methods.
Beyond the two basic tasks mentioned above, no attention was paid by statesman or scholar to an idea of state responsibility, either internally or externally.
But he cannot order his elements by will, either rational or inspired.
When the proprietor dies, the establishment should become a corporation until it is either acquired by another proprietor or the government decides to drop it.
nor was she moved by a letter from Wright pointing out that if he was not `` compelled to spend money on useless lawyer's bills, useless hotel bills, and useless doctor's bills '', he could more quickly provide Miriam with a suitable home either in Los Angeles or Paris, as she preferred.
`` We were requested by the Secretary General, as I understand it, to discuss with you such matters as appear to us to be relevant, and we are not of course either a formal group or a committee in the sense of being guided by any rules or regulations of the Secretariat.
It was the only sizable assault upon infantry and artillery behind breastworks successfully made by either side during the Atlanta campaign.
All areas of history were either favorably or adversely affected by the geographical environment, and no respectable historian could pursue the study of history without a thorough knowledge of geography.
but even in that famous passage, Milton was aiming not at the theatricals as such but at their performance by ' persons either enter'd, or presently to enter into the ministry.
Just as I know I would make a bad soldier even though I cannot sincerely call myself a pacifist, so too I would not be either a hangman by profession or, if I could avoid it, even a member of a hanging jury.
He is thought either to have been killed by the Fascists as soon as he landed or to have killed himself by flying out to sea and crashing his plane.
But for the safety of Southeast Asia, and for the sake of the Laotian people -- who would not be well-ruled by either militant minority now engaged in the fighting -- this last big effort to seal that country from the cold war had to be made.
Ultimately either the Trujillos would have been returned to power or the conflict would have produced conditions favorable to a takeover by Dominican elements responsive to Castro in Cuba.
With minor exceptions, this expansion was instituted either by firms based in Rhode Island or out-of-state manufacturers already operating here.
This Court agreed with the trial court `` that considerations of price, quality and service were not overlooked by either Du Pont or General Motors ''.
The Peace Corps can either begin in very low gear, with only preparatory work undertaken between now and when Congress finally appropriates special funds for it -- or it can be launched now and in earnest by executive action, with sufficient funds and made available from existing Mutual Security appropriations to permit a number of substantial projects to start this summer.
This is done by encouraging the entire male student body to participate in either the intercollegiate or intramural sports program and by sponsoring the Carleton cheerleaders.
Passing through the gate, with towers on either side once used as prisons, I entered a huge square surrounded by buildings, and on the wall to my right found a general plan of the grounds, with explanations in English for each building.
The automobile expenses are about the only vacationing cost they can't either eliminate or pare down drastically by camping along the way.
When the early part of the gradient was flattened, either by using the gradient shown in Fig. 2 or by allowing the `` cone-sphere '' gradient to become established more slowly, Region 2 activity could sometimes be separated into two areas ( donors P. J. and R. S., Fig. 1 and E. M., Fig. 2 ).

by and electron
The use of high voltages and low currents by proper design to reduce electron heat transfer to the anode for a given power output.
The information provided by the electron paramagnetic effects is then discussed, and finally the nuclear effects are interpreted in terms of various motional-modified models of the Af bond in Af.
The resolution limitations for a single stage are given by the inherent resolution of the electron optical system as well as the resolution capabilities of the cathodoluminescent viewing screen.
It should be noted that photoluminescence, due to `` Bremsstrahlung '' generated within the viewing screen by electron impact, appears to be important only if anode voltages in excess of 30 KV are utilized.
Naturally occurring with a half-life of 1. 25 years, decays to stable ( 11. 2 %) by electron capture or positron emission, and also to stable ( 88. 8 %) via beta decay.
The electron is by far the least massive of these particles at, with a negative electrical charge and a size that is too small to be measured using available techniques.
Protons have a positive charge and a mass 1, 836 times that of the electron, at, although this can be reduced by changes to the energy binding the proton into an atom.
* 1932 – The positron ( antiparticle of the electron ) is discovered by Carl D. Anderson.
Any quantity of energy absorbed by the electron in excess of this amount is converted to kinetic energy according to the conservation of energy.
The term may also refer to the physical region where the electron can be calculated to be, as defined by the particular mathematical form of the orbital.
) A state is actually a function of the coordinates of all the electrons, so that their motion is correlated, but this is often approximated by this independent-particle model of products of single electron wave functions.
These states are labeled by a set of quantum numbers summarized in the term symbol and usually associated with particular electron configurations, i. e., by occupation schemes of atomic orbitals ( e. g., 1s < sup > 2 </ sup > 2s < sup > 2 </ sup > 2p < sup > 6 </ sup > for the ground state of neon -- term symbol: < sup > 1 </ sup > S < sub > 0 </ sub >).
Max Born suggested that the electron's position needed to be described by a probability distribution which was connected with finding the electron at some point in the wave-function which described its associated wave packet.
The frequency and wavelength of the gamma rays indicate that each carries 511 keV of energy ( i. e., the rest mass of an electron multiplied by c < sup > 2 </ sup >).
One may try to quantize an electron field without mixing the annihilation and creation operators by writing
Synthetic amethyst is produced by gamma-ray, x-ray or electron beam irradiation of clear quartz which has been first doped with ferric impurities.
The word " electron " was coined in 1891 by the Irish physicist George Stoney whilst analyzing elementary charges for the first time.
The Fermi temperature is defined as this maximum energy divided by Boltzmann's constant, and is of the order of 80, 000 K for typical electron densities found in metals.
Additional slender electron dense secretory bodies ( micronemes ) surrounded by one or two polar rings may also be present.
( b ) illustrates the same process using spectroscopic notation,. The Auger effect () is a physical phenomenon in which the filling of an inner-shell vacancy of an atom is accompanied by the emission of an electron from the same atom.
Auger electron spectroscopy involves the emission of Auger electrons by bombarding a sample with either X-rays or energetic electrons and measures the intensity of Auger electrons as a function of the Auger electron energy.
The direction of electric current is, by convention, opposite to the direction of electron flow.

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