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from Brown Corpus
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Rather and than
Rather than putting their trust in ephemeral sensations they seek form in the stable relationships of pure design, which symbolize an order more real than the disorder of the perceptual world.
Rather than sit around waiting for the suitcases to be delivered, they had gone sight-seeing.
Rather than being deceived, the eye is puzzled ; ;
Rather than viewing the abortive recovery in 1959-60 as a reason for believing we have lost prospects for growth '', he said `` it should be viewed as a lesson well learned which will increase the probability of substantial improvement in this recovery ''.
Rather than a definition in terms of the force between two current-carrying wires, it has been proposed to define the ampere in terms of the rate of flow of elementary charges.
Rather than accepting the natural order of things — the presence of sickness and death — he believes one must fight against them.
Rather, a system with a negative temperature is hotter than any system with a positive temperature in the sense that if a negative-temperature system and a positive-temperature system come in contact, heat will flow from the negative-to the positive-temperature system.
Rather than face this ordeal, Alexei fled to Vienna and placed himself under the protection of his brother-in-law, the emperor Charles VI, who sent him for safety first to the Tirolean fortress of Ehrenberg ( near Reutte ), and finally to the castle of Sant ' Elmo at Naples.
Rather than proving the existence of God, Kant was attempting to demonstrate that all moral thought requires the assumption that God exists.
Rather than analysing the site and seeing which targets appear popular, archaeoastronomers have instead examined the ethnographic records to see what features of the sky were important to the Mayans and then sought archaeological correlates.
Rather than exploiting price differences between identical assets, they will purchase and sell securities, assets and derivatives with similar characteristics, and hedge any significant differences between the two assets.
Rather than being scrapped or converted for other uses, sometimes retired buses are saved for preservation.
Rather than being written as history, the Deuteronomistic history – Deuteronomy, Joshua, Judges, Samuel and Kings – was intended to illustrate a theological scheme in which Israel and her leaders are judged by their obedience to the teachings and laws ( the covenant ) set down in the book of Deuteronomy.
Rather than boldtype, over / under-arrows, underscores etc.
Rather than the more aristocratic themes and music of the Italian opera, the ballad operas were set to the music of popular folk songs and dealt with lower-class characters.
Rather than receiving an explicit order, a commander would be told of his superior's intent and the role which his unit was to fill in this concept.
Rather than going to Mexico, Corbett is believed to have settled in a cabin he built in the forests near Hinckley, Minnesota.
Rather than totally removing the clock signal, some CPU designs allow certain portions of the device to be asynchronous, such as using asynchronous ALUs in conjunction with superscalar pipelining to achieve some arithmetic performance gains.
* Year collections: Rather than being satisfied with a single specimen of a type, a great many collectors collect type by year ; for example, one Memorial Lincoln Cent for every year from 1959 ( the year it was first minted ) to present.
Rather than the traditional format established by Dungeons & Dragons, which often involved the characters wandering randomly through caves or tunnels and fighting different types of monsters, Sandy Petersen introduced the concept of the Onion Skin: Interlocking layers of information and nested clues that lead the Player Characters from seemingly minor investigations into a missing person to discovering mind-numbingly awful, global conspiracies to destroy the world.
Rather than using theories as starting points, casuistry begins with an examination of cases.
" Rather than aspiring to compassion and wisdom, people can easily fall prey to the vices of cruelty, madness
Rather than the original 20 cm size, the diameter of this compact disc was set at 11. 5 cm, the diagonal measurement of a compact cassette.

Rather and from
Rather large differences were still found between reaction cells from different manifold fillings.
Rather, it is typical of the thousands of quacks who use phony therapeutic devices to fatten themselves on the miseries of hundreds of thousands of Americans by robbing them of millions of dollars and luring them away from legitimate, ethical medical treatment of serious diseases.
Rather, the object is chosen from the database and arrow markers appear in the display which indicate the direction to move the telescope.
Rather, the sample is evaporated in a controlled manner ( field evaporation ) and the evaporated ions are impacted onto a detector, which may be up to several meters from the specimen.
Rather, he said that it came directly from playing and living close to Negroes, and that he never did it necessarily as show, but more as a way to express his feelings.
Rather he believed he had rediscovered first century beliefs from the Bible alone, and sought to prove that through a process of challenge and debate and writing journals.
Rather than flowing directly from areas of high pressure to low pressure, as they would on a non-rotating planet, winds and currents tend to flow to the right of this direction north of the equator, and to the left of this direction south of it.
Rather, evil spirits described in various faiths ' traditions, such as Satan, fallen angels, demons, and jinns, are metaphors for the base character traits a human being may acquire and manifest when he turns away from God and follows his lower nature.
Rather than have each computer application implement these from scratch, they can rely on the DBMS to supply such calculations.
Rather, the United Kingdom received a US $ 14 million discount from the US on the acquisition of submarine launched ballistic missile system Polaris missiles per a now-declassified addendum to the 1966 agreement.
Rather, the premises of diplomatic missions remain under the jurisdiction of the host state while being afforded special privileges ( such as immunity from most local laws ) by the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations.
' Pitching a bit down here ... Probably from my own wash ... Straightening up now on track ... Rather close to Peel Island ... Tramping like mad ... er ... Full power ... Tramping like hell here ...
Rather than allow her to stay, Louis took Eleanor from Antioch against her will, and continued on to Jerusalem, with his army dwindling.
Rather than appoint a new duke from his own circle, Otto now divided the threatening power of the duchy among the great ecclesiastics with and through whom he ruled, and who had remained faithful to his cause: the Bishop of Würzburg and the Abbot of Fulda ( 939 ).
Rather than establish the romantic plot in impossible events Radcliffe strays away from writing “ merely fables, which no stretch of fancy could realize .”
Rather, according to Busey's publicist, Michael Conley, Busey stars as Zacharia in the indy film from Elusive Entertainment.
Yet just like intelligence, sexuality is a complex human feature that modern science is attempting to explain with genetics ... Rather than determining that this results from purely biological processes, a trait evolves from developmental processes that include both biological and social elements.
Rather than creating a new list from scratch for every wiki, it is often useful to obtain a copy of that from another site.

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