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Raymond and Fox
Members of the band were taken from Clarksdale musicians, and included Turner's school friends Raymond Hill, Eugene Fox and Clayton Love.
There are 11 Elementary schools, Antonia Elementary, Clyde Hamrick, Fox, George Guffey, Lone Dell, Meramec Heights, Raymond and Nancy Hodge, Rockport, Seckman, and Sherwood.
Council President Edwin Vath, Robert Fox, Robert Meier, Raymond Verdonik, Stephen Regis and Judith Woop.
The company was founded on May 31, 1935, as the result of the merger of Fox Film Corporation, founded by William Fox in 1915, and Twentieth Century Pictures, founded in 1933 by Darryl F. Zanuck, Joseph Schenck, Raymond Griffith and William Goetz.
Twentieth Century Pictures was an independent Hollywood motion picture production company created in 1933 by Joseph Schenck ( the former president of United Artists ), Darryl F. Zanuck from Warner Brothers, William Goetz from Fox Films, and Raymond Griffith.
One of the longer-running police dramas of the day, the series featured appearances by a number of actors, familiar and unfamiliar, among whom were Lynn Borden, Kim Darby, Antonio Fargas, Tiny Tim ( in the pilot TV-movie ), Randolph Mantooth, Cal Bellini, Sharon Gless, Dabbs Greer, Bernie Kopell, Frank Gorshin, Jess Walton, Pernell Roberts, Alan Oppenheimer, Dan Kemp, E. G. Marshall, Harrison Ford, John Schuck, Ingrid Pitt, Susan Saint James, Ivan Dixon, Harry Townes, Pat Hingle, Norman Alden, Anne Francis, David Carradine, Charo, Joseph Campanella, Bill Quinn, Bernard Fox, Tyler McVey, Robert Webber, Alan Hale, Jr., Marion Ross, Marcia Strassman, Susan Sullivan, Suzanne Pleshette, Bo Hopkins, James Hong, Jeanne Cooper, Paul Winfield, Harold Gould, James Farentino, Robert Reed, Bill Bixby, David Cassidy, David Hartman, Dana Elcar, Tina Louise, Lincoln Kilpatrick, Robert Karnes, Tyler MacDuff, Greg Mullavy, Rod Serling, Gene Raymond, Francine York, Peter Mark Richman, Jennifer Gan, Clu Gulager, Joel Grey, Van Williams, John Hoyt, Scott Glenn, William Windom, Joshua Bryant, Dorothy Malone, Robert Alda, Barbara Rush, Jack Kelly, Jason Wingreen, George Takei, George Wallace, John M. Pickard, Diana Muldaur, Jodie Foster, William Katt, Lee Grant, Steve Forrest, Susan Olsen, Michael Lerner, Edward Asner, Eddie Garrett, Darwin Joston, John Rubinstein, Jack Lord, Scott Marlowe, Norman Fell, Gavin MacLeod, Gary Collins, Johnny Seven, William Shatner, Bobby Darin, Martin Sheen, Cheryl Ladd, William Daniels, William Schallert, Burgess Meredith, Vic Tayback, Arch Johnson, James Drury, Ed Flanders, Bruce Lee and Ellen Corby ( Grandma Walton of TV fame ).
* Liam Fox ( Author ), Caroline Lucas ( Author ), Raymond Lygo ( Author ), Hugh Beach ( Author ), Nick Grief ( Author ), Steven Haines ( Author ), Clare Short ( Author ), Tim Hare ( Author ), Ken Booth ( Editor ), Frank Barnaby ( Editor ), The Future of Britain's Nuclear Weapons, 2006 ISBN 978-0-9511361-9-5
Members of the band were taken from Clarksdale musicians, and included Turner's school friends Raymond Hill, Eugene Fox and Clayton Love.
Featured Jack Kevorkian, Al Sharpton, NAMBLA, the Kids of Widney High, Boyd Rice, Suzanne Muldowney, 100 suicides ( including Colleen Applegate, Diane Arbus, Linda Marie Ault, Craig Badiali & Joan Fox, Thomas Barker, Raymond Belknap & James Vance, The Bergenfield Four, William Lee Bergstrom, Anilia Bhundia, Felix Bourg, Thomas Lynn Bradford, M. Jay Briggs, Buddhist Monks in Vietnam, Dan Burros, Chris Chubbuck, William Corcoran, Inocencia Rosa Cortes, Dennis & Lindsay Crosby, Ian Curtis, Carl Czerny, Jeffrey Davis, Jeanine Deckers, The " Deer Hunter " suicides, Giuseppe Dolce, The " Dungeons and Dragons " suicides, R. Budd Dwyer, Sergei Esenin, Donald C. Forrester, the " Gloomy Sunday " suicides, James Green, Charles Haefner, William Gordan Hall, Ernest Hemingway, Ann Hemmingway, Andrew L. Hermann, Dr. Albert Herschman, Adolf Hitler, Abbie Hoffman, Danny Holley, Derek Humphry's wives, the Ingersoll suicides, Jack the Bum, Joe, the Boy with Elastic Skin, Roop Kanwar, Doug Kenny, Thomas Kenny, the Kevorkian suicides, Mike Keys, David Koresh & Friends, Veronique Le Guen, Diane Linkletter, Mattrew Lovat, Paul Lozano, Tina Mancini, Donald Manes, Masada, Rich & Jamie Masters, Leanita McClain, Albert Medrano, the Mount Mihara suicides, Karl Miller, Yukio Mishima, Marilyn Monroe, Donnie Moore, Lillie Norwalk, the Old Believers, Frank R. Olson, Gerald Olson, the " Ozzy Osbourne " suicides, John Parks, Peregrinus, Scott Phillips, Sylvia Plath, Freddie Prinze, George Reeves, Rufus Ripley, Edgar Rosenberg, Gregg Sanders, Sappho, William Sexton, Del Shannon, Stephan Simon, Mitch Snyder, Stockbrokers during the Great Depression, Charles Stuart, Harry Swart, Jacques Vaché, Vincent Van Gogh, Vatel, Popo Walker, Doodles Weaver, John Webster, George C. Wheeler, Dan White, Dennis Robert Widdison, Mary Woodson, Wrzesinaski, John B.
Raymond also served as the president of the Fox River Railroad, which connected Elgin to Lake Geneva, Wisconsin.
Among the first guest speakers and entertainers were Jim Alan and Selena Fox ( founders of Circle Sanctuary ), Raymond Buckland, Lee Bryan Grotte ( Foundation for Research in Medical Botany ), and music by Chameleon and The Ancient Illuminated Seers of Bavaria.
Adrian Brown, Tim Sampson, Jonathon Joss, Charles Button, AIRO, Andrew Vasquez, Annie Humphrey, Apache Spirit, Apryl Allen, Arigon Starr, Arvel Bird, Atsiaktonkie, Bear Fox, Becky Thomas, Bill Miller, Billy Whitefox, Black Eagle, Blackfoot Confederacy, Black Lodge Singers, Black Thunder Singers, Blackfire, Bluedog, Bo Taylor, Bryan Akipa, Brule ', Buddy Red Bow, Buddy Big Mountain, Buffy Sainte-Marie, Buggin Malone, Burning Sky, CC Murdock, Carroll Medicine Crow, Casper Loma-da-wa, Cecil Gray & Red Dawn Blues Band, Charly Lowry, Chase Monchamp, Chase Manhattan, Chief Jim Billie, Cherokee National Children's Choir, Cheryl Bear, Clan / destine, Cody Blackbird, Cozad, Crystal Gayle, Dago Braves, Dark Water Rising, Delphine Tsinajinnie, Derek Miller, Digging Roots, Don Amero, Douglas Blue Feather, Dylan Jenet Collins, Eagle & Hawk, Edmund Bull, Eli Secody, Evren Ozan, Evren Ozan, Eyabay, Fara Palmer, Felipe Rose, Floyd Red Crow Westerman, Frank Waln, Nake Nula Waun, Fredrick Whiteface, Gabriel Ayala, Gary Small, Gathering of Nations, Gilbert Begaye Sr, Golana, Graywolf Blues Band, Hank Williams, Harvey Arden, Indigenous, Indigo Girls, Injunity, Jeff Carpenter, Brad Clonch, JJ Kent, Jack Gladstone, Jana, Janelle Turtle, Janice Marie Johnson, Jan Michael Looking Wolf, Jay Begaye, Jay Nez, Jennifer Kreisberg, Jerry Alfred, Jim Boyd, Jim Pepper, Jimi Hendrix, Jimmy Lee Young, Jimmy Wolf, Joanne Shenandoah, John Trudell, Joseph FireCrow, Joseph M Marshall III, Josh Halverson, Joy Harjo, Judy Trejo, Kansas Begaye, Keith Bear, Keith Secola, Kelly Parker, Ken Quiet Hawk, Kevin Locke, Kevin Yazzie, Kitty Wells, Koljademo, Lakota Thunder, Laughing Woman & Eagle Wings, Lil Dre, Link Wray, Litefoot, Luis Capcha Vilchez, Marc Brown & The Blues Crew, Marlena Begaye, Mary Louise Defender Wilson, Mary Youngblood, Martha Redbone, Medicine Dream, Micki Free, Michael Bucher, Michael Jacobs, Michael Searching Bear, Midnite Express, Nake Nula Waun, Nakai, Eaton, Cilpman, Native Roots, Native Thunder, Neville Brothers, Nicole, NightShield, Nokie Edwards, Northern Cree, October Soul, Oshkii Giizhik Singers, Pamyua, Pima Express, Pipestone, PM Begay, Primeax & Mike, Pura Fe ', Qua ti Si, Radmilla Cody, RainSong, R. Carlos Nakai, R. Carlos Nakai Quartet, Randy McGinnis, Randy Wood, Red Bull, Red Earth, Red Feather Woman, Red Hawk, Rezawrecktion, Rezhogs, Rhonda Head, Rita Coolidge, Robbie Robertson, Robert Mirabal, Robert Tree Cody, Robert Tree, Tony Redhouse, Rubin Romero, Rollin Fox, Sacred Harmonies, Samantha Crain, Sayani, Segweh, Shadowyze, Shane Yellowbird, Sharon Burch, Shelley Morningsong, Silverbird, Skylar Wolf, Stan Summers, Stephen Butler, Stevie Salas, Stuart Snake & Paul Never Misses A Shot, The Blessed Blend, The Boyz, The Crow Girls, The Story Tellers, Thunderbird Sisters, Thunder Hawk Singers, Tiger Tiger, Tinesha Begaye, Tom Bee, Tommy Allsup, Tommy Wildcat, Tony Redhouse, Tracy Bone, Travis Harden, Tribal Live, Twice As Good, Victoria Blackie, Vince Fontaine, Yarina, Yolanda Martinez, Yvonne St Germaine, Wade Fernandez, Walela, Warfield Moose Jr, Wayquay, Will & Lil Jess, Wind Spirit Drum, Wolfsheart & Big City Indians, Bruce Cockburn, Ed Stasium, Jeff Ball, Jackson Browne, John Densmore, Michael Brant DeMaria, Neil Young, Raymond Boley, Scott August, Stefan Gelfas, Tom Wassinger,

Raymond and reported
After miracles were reported to take place at her grave, Raymond moved her inside the Basilica of Santa Maria sopra Minerva, where she lies to this day.
In a 1971 paper in the journal Science, Dr. Raymond Damadian, an Armenian-American physician, scientist, and professor at the Downstate Medical Center State University of New York ( SUNY ), reported that tumors and normal tissue can be distinguished in vivo by nuclear magnetic resonance (" NMR ").
The fugitives, Francois Frean, 37, Paul Renuci, 32, Raymond Vaude, 35, all French and Giovanni Batistoti, 35, an Italian, were reported to have suffered hardships.
For instance Jean Raymond and colleagues from Montreal, Canada, ( another group with a large experience in endovascular coiling ) reported that 33. 6 % of aneurysms recurred within one year of coiling.
Subsequently, it was reported in books by authors Stephen O ' Byrnes and Raymond Smith, and by many political journalists in newspaper articles ( some of whom had Lenihan as their source ) that Lenihan had been one of the people who had made phone calls to Áras an Uachtaráin, the President's official residence, on the night in question, in order to persuade or pressurise Hillery to refuse a dissolution.
As Kevin Abourezk reported, Stew Magnuson, the author of The Death of Raymond Yellow Thunder, a study of issues related to the Pine Ridge reservation and its border towns, described alcohol prohibition at the reservation " as a complete failure.
New York Commissioner Raymond W. Kelly reported about 200 arrests with 9 felonies – most of them occurring after the march had concluded.
At least one was reported to Raymond Moody within seven months, that there would be a breakdown of the Soviet Union in 1990 and subsequent food riots.
He was subsequently arts correspondent for the Wall Street Journal, where he reported to Raymond Sokolov, and Wall Street Journal Europe.
According to EWTN personalities Raymond Arroyo and Bob and Penny Lord, Mother Angelica also reported experiencing an apparition of the child Jesus.
** It is reported that Posy Simmonds and Raymond Briggs are to be featured on the cover of the 2006 edition of the Royal Society of Literature's annual magazine, having been made fellows of the society earlier this year.

Raymond and orchestra
The orchestra did not at this time have a principal conductor, but worked closely with a succession of guest conductors including Raymond Leppard, Colin Davis and Daniel Barenboim.
Stylistically Münchinger's approach with his orchestra was rather similar to those of his somewhat younger contemporaries Raymond Leppard, Sir Neville Marriner, Claudio Scimone, and the above-mentioned Paillard, though displaying an extra element of tonal solidity ( not to mention a fierce rigor during rehearsals as well as performances ) which might be thought of as Teutonic.
Composer Roger Bond ( Gene Raymond ) and his orchestra are appearing in Miami, with vocalist Honey Hales ( Rogers ).

Raymond and had
Raymond L. Ditmars had two broods that averaged 27 inches.
The success of his children's books was to become a source of considerable annoyance to Milne, whose self-avowed aim was to write whatever he pleased and who had, until then, found a ready audience for each change of direction: he had freed pre-war Punch from its ponderous facetiousness ; he had made a considerable reputation as a playwright ( like his idol J. M. Barrie ) on both sides of the Atlantic ; he had produced a witty piece of detective writing in The Red House Mystery ( although this was severely criticised by Raymond Chandler for the implausibility of its plot ).
At the Council of Clermont in 1095, Adhemar showed great zeal for the crusade ( there is evidence Urban II had conferred with Adhemar before the council ) and having been named apostolic legate and appointed to lead the crusade by Pope Urban II, he accompanied Raymond IV, Count of Toulouse, to the east.
Furthermore, while Neuromancer < nowiki >'</ nowiki > s narrator may have had an unusual " voice " for science fiction, much older examples can be found: Gibson's narrative voice, for example, resembles that of an updated Raymond Chandler, as in his novel The Big Sleep ( 1939 ).
Raymond has had a number of public disputes with other figures in the free software movement.
However she had been corresponding with her uncle Raymond, King and holder of family properties in Antioch where he was seeking further protection from the French crown.
The city of Antioch had been annexed by Bohemond of Hauteville in the First Crusade, and it was now ruled by Eleanor's flamboyant uncle, Raymond of Antioch, who had gained the principality by marrying its reigning Princess, Constance of Antioch.
When Eleanor declared her intention to stand with Raymond and the Aquitaine forces, Louis had her brought out by force.
Before sailing for home, Eleanor got the terrible news that Raymond, with whom she had the winning battle plan for the Crusade, had been beheaded by the overpowering forces of the Muslim armies from Edessa.
Later, at King Roger's court in Potenza, she learnt of the death of her uncle Raymond ; this appears to have forced a change of plans, for instead of returning to France from Marseilles, they instead sought the Pope in Tusculum, where he had been driven five months before by a Roman revolt.
A key piece of experimentally-derived information came from X-ray diffraction images that had been obtained by Maurice Wilkins, Rosalind Franklin, and their research student, Raymond Gosling.
While best known for his role on Diff ' rent Strokes, Coleman had appeared earlier on in television in The Jeffersons as Raymond, George Jefferson's nephew, and on Good Times as Penny's friend Gary.
From the start of Tintin magazine, Raymond Leblanc had used Tintin for merchandising and advertisements.
Two of John ’ s close allies, Emperor Otto and Count Raymond VI of Toulouse, had already suffered the same punishment themselves, and the significance of excommunication had been somewhat devalued.
Since Raymond was his nearest relative in the male line with a strong claim to the throne, there was concern about the extent of his ambitions, although he had no direct heirs of his own.
To balance this, the king turned from time to time to his uncle, Joscelin III of Edessa, who was appointed seneschal in 1176 ; Joscelin was more closely related to Baldwin than Raymond was, but had no claim to the throne himself.
Raymond had refused to attend the coronation, and in Nablus he suggested that Isabella and Humphrey should be crowned instead, but Humphrey refused to agree to this plan which would have certainly started a civil war.
The prisoners were coerced to confess that they had spat on the Cross: " Moi Raymond de La Fère, 21 ans, reconnais que ( J ' ai ) craché trois fois sur la Croix, mais de bouche et pas de coeur " ( free translation: " I, Raymond de La Fère, 21 years old, admit that I have spat three times on the Cross, but only from my mouth and not from my heart ").

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