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Reagan and was
He also wrote that Hill " was a left-winger who'd never expressed any religious sentiments whatsoever ... and the only reason why she'd held a job in the Reagan administration was because I'd given it to her.
In 1986, U. S. President Ronald Reagan ( who survived an assassination attempt himself ) ordered the Operation El Dorado Canyon air raid on Libya in which one of the primary targets was the home residence of Libyan ruler Muammar Gaddafi.
The treaty was undisturbed until Ronald Reagan announced his Strategic Defense Initiative ( SDI ) on March 23, 1983.
On the one hand, Reagan stated that SDI was " consistent with ... the ABM Treaty ", but on the other hand, he viewed it as a defensive system that would help reduce the possibility that mutual assured destruction ( MAD ) would become reality ; he even suggested that the Soviets would be given access to the SDI technology.
The Soviets could not afford to ignore Reagan ’ s new endeavor, therefore their policy at the time was to enter negotiations with the Americans.
" After leaving office, Clinton's Gallup Poll rating of 66 % was the highest approval rating of any postwar, three points ahead of both Reagan and John F. Kennedy.
After years of extensive lobbying for federal dollars, a 1987 public works bill appropriating funding for the Big Dig was passed by U. S. Congress, but it was subsequently vetoed by President Ronald Reagan as being too expensive.
On January 8, 1982, just before the case was to be heard by the U. S. Supreme Court, President Ronald Reagan authorized his Treasury and Justice Departments to ask that the BJU case be dropped and that the previous court decisions be vacated.
* On November 9, 1993, Powell was awarded the second Ronald Reagan Freedom Award, by President Ronald Reagan.
After U. S. support was banned by Congress, the Reagan administration tried to covertly continue contra aid.
The effort to support the contras was one component of the Reagan Doctrine, which called for providing military support to movements opposing Soviet-supported, communist governments.
However, since the contras failed to win widespread popular support or military victories within Nicaragua, since opinion polls indicated that a majority of the U. S. public was not supportive of the contras, since the Reagan administration lost much of its support regarding its contra policy within Congress after disclosure of CIA mining of Nicaraguan ports, and since a report of the Bureau of Intelligence and Research commissioned by the State Department found Reagan's allegations about Soviet influence in Nicaragua " exaggerated ", Congress cut off all funds for the contras in 1985 by the third Boland Amendment.
With the help of five Central American Presidents, including Ortega, it was agreed that a voluntary demobilization of the contras should start in early December 1989, in order to facilitate free and fair elections in Nicaragua in February 1990 ( even though the Reagan administration had pushed for a delay of contra disbandment ).
Both by critics and supporters of the Reagan administration, this was seen as a direct result of the administration's efforts concerning the contras.
In late 1972, the Legislature approved a reorganization ( suggested from a study initiated by then-Governor Ronald Reagan ), in which the Department of Public Works was merged with the Department of Aeronautics to become the modern Department of Transportation.
For example, during the 1980s, character ' Ron Headrest ' served as a doppelgänger for Ronald Reagan and was depicted as a computer-generated artificial-intelligence, an image based on the television character Max Headroom.
C. Everett Koop was the Surgeon General of the United States under President Ronald Reagan.
Elsewhere, but lost according to conservative political commentator Ben Shapiro out to Howie Mandel when producer Bruce Paltrow learned Schultz was a fan of President Ronald Reagan.
He also helped formulate President Reagan's Economic Bill of Rights, which was a series of policy proposals that Reagan introduced in a speech at the Jefferson Memorial.
* On 23 June 1987, Kaye was posthumously presented with the Presidential Medal of Freedom by President Ronald Reagan.
On August 10, 1988, the Civil Liberties Act of 1988, based on the CWRIC recommendations, was signed into law by Ronald Reagan.
In the 1980s President Ronald Reagan sought to curtail scope of environmental protection taking steps such as appointing James G. Watt who was called one of the most " blatantly anti-environmental political appointees ".

Reagan and also
He also received numerous other awards, including the Presidential Medal of Freedom presented to him on February 23, 1983 by President Ronald Reagan.
During the Reagan administration, conservatives also supported the so-called " Reagan Doctrine " under which the U. S., as part of a Cold War strategy, provided military and other support to guerrilla insurgencies that were fighting governments aligned with the Soviet Union.
It also disseminated " white propaganda " – pro-contra newspaper articles by paid consultants who did not disclose their connection to the Reagan administration.
US President Reagan also actively hindered the Soviet Union's ability to sell natural gas to Europe whilst simultaneously actively working to keep gas prices low, which kept the price of Soviet oil low and further starved the Soviet Union of foreign capital.
The 12-inch A-and B-sides also ostensibly featured voice parts by Reagan, as played by actor Chris Barrie, who also voiced the character on Spitting Image.
He also became involved in a " liberal group ... with a leftist slant ", along with Ronald Reagan.
His legacy includes the Kemp – Roth Tax Cut of the 1980s, also known as the first of two " Reagan tax cuts.
In the rest of Europe, in the wake of the neo-liberal turn in politics ushered in by British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher and US President Ronald Reagan, union membership has also been declining.
The Killers was also the first film in which Marvin received top billing and the only time Ronald Reagan played a villain, rendering an extremely convincing performance in his last movie role before entering politics.
As a young man, Reagan raced boats and later also sold them at a Sea Ray boat dealership in Van Nuys, California.
" MGM released Davis from her contract in 1952 ; she sought a broader range of parts, but also married Reagan, keeping her professional name as Davis, and had her first child that year.
Nancy Reagan also became stepmother to Maureen Reagan ( 1941 – 2001 ) and Michael Reagan ( born 1945 ), the children of her husband's first marriage to Jane Wyman.
She was also on hand as President Obama signed the Ronald Reagan Centennial Commission Act and lunched privately with Michelle Obama.
The Reagan administration insisted on the " Communist threat " posed by the Sandinistas — reacting particularly to the support provided to the Sandinistas by Cuban president Fidel Castro, by the Sandinistas ' close military relations with the Soviets and Cubans, but also furthering the Reagan administration's desire to protect U. S. interests in the region, which were threatened by the policies of the Sandinista government.
When Congress prohibited further funding to the Contras, Reagan continued the funding through arms sales that were also prohibited by Congress.
Ronald Reagan and his successors have also left a private message on the desk of the Oval Office on Inauguration Day for the incoming president.
He also wrote historical fiction as Reagan O ' Neal, a western as Jackson O ' Reilly, and dance criticism as Chang Lung, and he had ghostwritten an " international thriller " that is still believed to have been written by someone else.

Reagan and last
Former First Lady Nancy Reagan says her last goodbye to President Ronald Reagan on June 11, 2004, prior to the interment and concluding a Death and state funeral of Ronald Reagan | week-long state funeral for the president.
The last member appointed to the court who was not a former student at one of those two institutions was Sandra Day O ' Connor, appointed by the newly elected President Ronald Reagan in 1981.
Although Reagan would win a landslide victory, the polls showed the two major party candidates even ( the New York Times had it 44-43-8 ) going into the last weekend and it was clear that many would-be Anderson supporters were now supporting their second choice.
A year is never specified, though it has been a full decade since the last reported sighting of Batman, the current American President appears to be Ronald Reagan or someone using his image, and the Cold War is still ongoing.
McDaniel had befriended several of Hollywood's most popular stars, including Joan Crawford, Tallulah Bankhead, Bette Davis, Shirley Temple, Henry Fonda, Ronald Reagan, Olivia de Havilland and Clark Gable, with the last two of whom she would star in Gone with the Wind.
Although Ronald Reagan carried the county twice, no other Republican has won the county in the last 50 years.
Although Democratic presidential candidates have only won the county in four of the last 13 elections ( Kennedy in 1960, Johnson in 1964, Clinton in 1992 and Obama in 2008 ), the races have almost always been close, such as in 1980, when Ronald Reagan won by a landslide nationwide, but by a mere 1 % in Wake County.
One of the most prominent self-styled Reagan Democrats includes Virginia Senator Jim Webb, whom columnist David Paul Kuhn asserts is the quintessential Reagan Democrat and one of the last of an ' endangered species ' within the Democratic Party.
One of Bradley's last public appearances was at the festivities surrounding the inauguration of President Ronald Reagan in January 1981.
A recluse, Wyman made only a few public appearances in her last years in part due to suffering from diabetes and arthritis, although she did attend her daughter Maureen's funeral in 2001 after the latter's death from cancer ( Ronald Reagan was unable to attend due to his Alzheimer's Disease ), as well as the funeral of her friend Loretta Young.
The last time a major party's nominee was not clear before the convention was in 1976, when incumbent president Gerald Ford narrowly defeated Ronald Reagan.
The history of the United States ( 1980 – 1991 ) includes the last year of the Jimmy Carter presidency, eight years of the Ronald Reagan administration, and the first two years of the George H. W. Bush presidency, up to the collapse of the Soviet Union.
Other controversial uses of the pardon power include Andrew Johnson's sweeping pardons of thousands of former Confederate officials and military personnel after the American Civil War, Jimmy Carter's grant of amnesty to Vietnam-era draft dodgers, George H. W. Bush's pardons of 75 people, including six Reagan administration officials accused and / or convicted in connection with the Iran – Contra affair, and Bill Clinton's commutation of sentences for 16 members of FALN in 1999 and of 140 people on his last day in office, including billionaire fugitive Marc Rich.
Weekly Standard Editor William Kristol said at the time, " Given that Reagan obviously couldn't be here, I think it was important to have Mrs. Thatcher because she and Reagan are really the great heroes of conservatism in the last few decades and still today.
In 1984, Ronald Reagan was the last Republican to carry the state, although Republican Michael Bloomberg served as New York City mayor in the early 21st century.
His Republican successor, Ronald Reagan, was a firm death penalty supporter and oversaw the last pre-Furman execution in California in 1967.
Reagan quipped that the last thing he wanted to see was one of his home state's U. S. Senate seats falling into Democrats ' hands, especially to be occupied by the man who succeeded him as Governor.
The miniseries featured James Brolin as Ronald Reagan and Judy Davis as Nancy Reagan, and covers the period in time from 1949 when Reagan was still in Hollywood, through his governorship of California until Reagan's last day in office as President in 1989.

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