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Recently and Patrick
Recently, she appeared as Sarah Mason, one of the girls with whom Patrick Dempsey's character has a one night stand in Made of Honor.
Recently, Patrick Agte has taken over the name " Munin Verlag " and publication of Der Freiwillige.

Recently and O
Recently, new documents have surfaced revealing Rasputin's birth date as 10 January 1869 O. S.
Recently, Hamilton was featured on P. O. D.
Recently five Ballater residents refurbished the Automobile Association's Patrol Box at Cambus O ' May, one of only 8 to 10 such historical call centres estimated to be remaining in situ in Great Britain.
Recently, several sections have been cleared, and it is now possible to walk from O ' Briens Bridge to Errina lock along the old tow path.
Recently purchased by Denis O ' Brien's Communicorp Group Ltd, Today FM holds a licence from the Broadcasting Commission of Ireland to the year 2017.
Recently, Immelt has been criticized by Fox News Channel's Bill O ' Reilly for business transactions between GE and Iran, the country which has reportedly been attacking U. S. forces in Iraq.
Recently, the school has opened the Visual Arts Center and O ' Grady Center which houses the offices of records, registration, and financial aid.
Recently, president and publisher Michela O ’ Connor Abrams has attempted to capitalize on the magazine ’ s success by introducing a number of branded spin-offs, including a limited edition minimalist athletic sneaker designed by Medium Design Group and a weekly TV series on the Fine Living cable network.
Recently Barry has been on a Soccer AM edition of Partner Swap, ( take of Wife Swap ), where he was partnered up with Theresa O ' Sullivan.
Recently, M. O. P have announced a collaboration album with the German production team, Snowgoons.
Recently, he has made guest appearances on Late Night with Conan O ' Brien, Monk, and Curb Your Enthusiasm.
Recently, Andrzej Trautman found the set of all 32 inequivalent double covers of O ( p ) x O ( q ), the maximal compact subgroup of O ( p, q ) and an explicit construction of 8 double covers of the same group O ( p, q ).
* Wells, Clark H., The Reply to a Pamphlet Recently Published by G. O. Haller, Late a U. S. Major U. S. A … ( York, Pa .: H. Young, 1865 ).
Recently they switched to " The Enforcer " music package, the basic theme of which has been used on many of CBS's O & O stations since the mid-1970s, when it was introduced by WBBM-TV.
Recently, the Supreme Court has embraced a " misappropriation " theory of omissions, holding in United States v. O ' Hagan that misappropriating confidential information for securities trading purposes, in breach of a duty owed to the source of that information, gives rise to a duty to disclose or abstain.
Recently, the cattle industry of the Southwest United States has begun to cultivate O. ficus-indica as a fresh source of feed for cattle.

Recently and performed
Recently, it was performed by Simon Rattle, John Carewe and Daniel Harding.
Recently, cathodoluminescence performed in electron microscopes is being used to study Surface plasmon resonance in metallic Nanoparticles.
Recently, in Western society, consensual paraphilias are becoming more acceptable, in particular " any activity, not otherwise illegal, performed between consenting adults in private.
Using the Handbook for the Recently Deceased, Otho conducts a séance and summons Adam and Barbara, but they begin to decay, Otho having unwittingly performed an exorcism.
Recently, the debate reached the level of a journal publication, interpretation of the Josephson effect here was performed on the basis of the alternative theory of superconductivity as a manifestation of Aharonov – Bohm effect.
Recently, many dioceses have formally appointed priests to the function of Exorcist as a result of reaffirmation of exorcism as a necessary ritual by Pope John Paul II ( who reportedly performed three exorcisms himself during his pontificate ) and Pope Benedict XVI.
Recently, this procedure is performed through a single incision in the patient's umbilicus.
Recently, in July 2008, Puja Morari Bapu, a renowned Hindu scholar, performed a 9 day lecture known as a katha to several Hindus who gathered in Cincinnati Gardens Arena from all around the world.
Kela performed at the Glastonbury Main stage on the Wednesday opener to 83, 000 people, Recently completed an 5 date tour of Australia, also 2 tours of Asia last year.
Recently, Craig has performed with Kid Creole and the Coconuts during their UK shows.
Recently, she performed ( as Gitte Nielsen ) on the song Misery with Spleen United, from the album School of Euphoria ( 2012 ).
Recently Rotaru performed in a rap arrangement.
Recently, serological survey of human fasciolosis was performed in some parts of Turkey.
Recently they performed at the Microsoft CES Keynote.
Recently Flotard has performed as backup singer in support of Neko Case and Jon Rauhouse, a pedal steel guitar player and multi-instrumentalist who often tours with Case.
Recently, this procedure is performed through a single incision in the patient's belly-button.
Recently Verdelho has performed very well and many wineries are experimenting with alternative grape varieties, including Nebbiolo, Sangiovese and Petit verdot.
Recently, research performed by a world authority on the genus Eriogonum, Dr. J. L. Reveal of the University of Maryland, College Park, revealed the swollen stem of Eriogonum inflatum is due to high concentrations of carbon dioxide in the solid stem and seems to be related to gas regulation.
Recently, LRB performed in support of children endangered by the recent tsunami & Sidr.
Recently the pontiff of Srivilliputtur ( the most venerated Srivaishnava pilgrim centre in Tamilnadu in India ), ' Sri Manavala Mamunigal Mutt ' H. H 23rd peetam Sri Sri Sri Satakopa Ramanuja Jeeyar Swamiji has made the installation of the idols of Andal ( Sri Gotha Devi ), Ramanuja, and Manavala Mamunigal in this sacred place of predominant Sri Vaishnava origin during the yagna performed between 3-8-2009 and 6-8-2009.
Recently, Gravity ` s single " Innocent " received widespread media attention when American Idol winner David Cook performed it on the program.
Recently, an episode of Dancing with the Stars featured Palladio performed.
Recently they performed at the one day Ozzfest 2008 in Texas, playing on the Texas stage.

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