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Recreating and was
Recreating a fight scene from Advent Children, the video was banned from airing on Korean television after a copyright lawsuit by Square Enix citing plagiarism.
Recreating his Broadway smash, Azito's most memorable film role was the Sergeant in The Pirates of Penzance playing opposite Angela Lansbury.

Recreating and also
Recreating a Lake Tanganyika biotope to host those cichlids in an habitat similar to their natural environment is also popular in the aquarium hobby.

Recreating and original
In 1948 The Society for Recreating the Hachikō Statue commissioned Takeshi Ando, son of the original artist, to make a second statue.

Recreating and all
The game placed 99th in Official Nintendo Magazine's 100 greatest Nintendo games of all time UGO listed Luigi's Mansion on their list of the " Top 50 Games That Belong On the 3DS ", stating " Recreating this experience on the 3DS in 3D would breathe new life into the ghosts haunting Luigi's prize mansion.

Recreating and on
Lane has lived for many years with Crozier in Saanichton, British Columbia, where he tends a garden of that has been featured on the television program Recreating Eden, and which he wrote about in the memoir There is a Season.
The Vermont Papers: Recreating Democracy on a Human Scale.
* Recreating the Charlie Brown Thanksgiving Dinner article on X-Entertainment

Recreating and by
Recreating the Past ( 2001 ) by Victor Ambrus and Mick Aston

Recreating and so
Recreating 16th and 17th century France through the eyes of a fictitious Protestant doctor turned spy, he went so far as to write it in the period's French making it virtually untranslatable.

Recreating and would
Recreating environments connected to fado themes inside the study, television broadcasted regularly, between 1959 and 1974, with live feeds of fado shows which would undoubtedly contribute to its mediatization.

Recreating and from
Recreating the fyrd into a standing army, ringing Wessex with some thirty garrisoned fortified towns, and constructing new and larger ships for the royal fleet were costly endeavours that provoked resistance from noble and peasant alike.

Recreating and .
Recreating Damascus steel is a subfield of experimental archaeology.
Recreating that role in the 1951 film version, Hunter won both the Academy and Golden Globe Awards for Best Supporting Actress.
Recreating a moment they shared during a festival soon after he first moved there, she enlists Rose's help in ordering a Ferris wheel, stationing it outside his apartment.
Recreating these present specific additional challenges to anyone building a cockpit.
Recreating Decepticon leader Megatron as Galvatron, he dispatched him to destroy Ultra Magnus and the Matrix, but when Galvatron obtained the talisman, he tried and failed to use its power against Unicron.
* Taylor, Robert R. ( 1998 ) The Castles of the Rhine: Recreating the Middle Ages in Modern Germany.
* Ziegler, P. and T. Hiller: Recreating Partnership: A Solution-Oriented, Collaborative Approach to Couples Therapy.
Recreating a historical approach to Korean scholar stones is difficult, but it is being done.
* Recreating the First PC article about KENBAK-uino at hackaday. com
* K. Szpakowska: Daily Life in Ancient Egypt: Recreating Lahun, Malden, Oxford, Carlton 2008 ISBN 978-1-4051-1856-9
Recreating the German invasion of Russia during World War II, Eastern Front covers the historical area of operations during the 1941 – 1942 period.

city and was
I had come to New Orleans two years earlier after graduating college, partly because I loved the city and partly because there was quite a noted art colony there.
So the verdict was `` death at the hands of a person or persons unknown '', and the elite of the city, accepting Delphine's testimony, welcomed her and the doctor back into the fold.
It was to provide a safe and spacious crossing for these caravans, and also to make a pleasance for the city, that Shah Abbas 2, in about 1657 built, of sun-baked brick, tile, and stone, the present bridge.
Miriam had not yet goaded him into mentioning her directly, but one can feel the generalized anger in Wright's remarks to reporters when he was asked, one morning on arrival in Chicago, what he thought of the city as a whole.
That night a note written in Slocum's hand and dated from inside the captured city came to Sherman stating that the Twentieth Corps was in possession of Atlanta.
Samuel Gorton was born at Gorton, England, near the present city of Manchester, about 1592.
It was not until we had returned to the city to live, while I was still at Brown and Sharpe's, that I felt the full impact of evangelical Christianity.
It is remembered and has been commemorated by a bust in a park and a square in the city which was renamed Piazzo Lauro Di Bosis after the war.
The U.N.-chartered plane which was flying from the conference city of Ndola in Northern Rhodesia had been riddled with machinegun bullets last weekend and was newly repaired.
As we understand, this directive was given to all city and county employes.
The city was a center of manufacture, especially in textiles, and also because of the beauty of some of its surroundings, a residence for many owners of the great industries in north Alabama.
the rather pleasant white city was on the hill where the chief stores were.
For the old preacher who had been there twenty-five years was dead, and the city mourned him.
Port Jervis, basking in the foothills, was the city of God.
The city had recently given him a small salary, but it was not enough to supply even necessities.
The doctor sat down rather wearily, caressing the hen and remarking that the city was not the place for a poultry-loving man, but no sooner was the remark out than a knock at this door obliged him to cover the hen with his greatcoat once more.
But that year was different, for just as the city, in the form of my street clothes, had intruded upon my mountain nights, so an essential part of the summer gave promise of continuing into the fall: Jessica and I, about to be separated not by a mere footbridge or messhall kitchen but by the immense obstacle of residing in cruelly distant boroughs, had agreed to correspond.
From proud pool-owners to perpetual hosts and handymen was a short step -- no more than the change from city clothes to trunks.
It was reported to Welch's office that a thief in the city jail had attempted suicide.
The big factories which are relatively near the centers of our cities -- the rubber factories in Akron, Chrysler's Detroit plants, U.S. Steel's Pittsburgh works -- often began on these sites at a time when that was the edge of the city, yet close to transport ( river ), storage ( piers ) and power ( river ).
There were lights glinting in the city, too, even though it was now dark enough for a few stars to become visible.
Left alone while her husband was miles away in the city, the modern wife assumed more and more duties normally reserved for the male.

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