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Reference and is
Reference to them is made according to the organization of Immanuel Bekker's Royal Prussian Academy edition ( Aristotelis Opera edidit Academia Regia Borussica, Berlin, 1831 – 1870 ), which in turn is based on ancient classifications of these works.
The mens rea for assault is simply " evil intent ", although this has been held to mean no more than that assault " cannot be committed accidentally or recklessly or negligently " as upheld in Lord Advocate's Reference No 2 of 1992 where it was found that a " hold-up " in a shop justified as a joke would still constitute an offence.
Reference to a market at Abergavenny is found in a charter granted to the Prior by William de Braose ( d. 1211 ).
) The language is described in detail in the Atlas Autocode Reference Manual.
The following example is from the Users ' Reference to B by Ken Thompson:
The DCT that is widely used in this regard was introduced by N. Ahmed, T. Natarajan and K. R. Rao in 1974 ; see Reference 1 in discrete cosine transform.
According to the National Academy of Sciences, the Dietary Reference Intake for protein is 0. 8 grams per kilogram of body weight for adults.
Its measurement by several observatories is coordinated by the International Earth Rotation and Reference Systems Service ( IERS ).
Reference is made to the Sellier-Bellot scale that consists of a series of 10 detonators, from n. 1 to n. 10, each of which corresponds to an increasing charge weight.
* Fortran 77 4. 0 Reference Manual ( This link is broken )
The game is compatible with the D & D 4th Edition rules and the System Reference Document, but is not considered a separate D & D setting.
Such a frame is, e. g., WGS84, or the frames that are regularly produced and published by the International Earth Rotation and Reference Systems Service ( IERS ).
Reference is made within the story to the York Minster, where the climactic wedding takes place, and to the Bishop of Sheffield, although the Diocese of Sheffield was not founded until 1914.
Reference to Imbolc is made in Irish mythology, in the Tochmarc Emire of the Ulster Cycle.
One of the most widely used models is the International Reference Ionosphere ( IRI ) ( IRI 2007 ), which is based on data and specifies the four parameters just mentioned.
Reference is made, for example, to baptizing a person and their whole household – the households of Lydia, Crispus, and Stephanas are mentioned by name Acts 16: 14-15, 18: 8 ; 1 Cor 1: 16.
The International Celestial Reference System ( ICRS ) is based on hundreds of extra-galactic radio sources, mostly quasars, distributed around the entire sky.
Sheehy's Guide is less international in its scope than Walford: " It seems that Walford is a somewhat better balanced work than Winchell, and is certainly much more comprehensive "-- American Reference Books Annual, quoted in Walford, A. J.
Reference to Islamic views on religious pluralism is found in the Quran.
Reference counting is also used in disk operating systems and distributed systems, where full non-incremental tracing garbage collection is too time consuming because of the size of the object graph and slow access speed.

Reference and specifically
UT1 is the same everywhere on Earth, and is proportional to the rotation angle of the Earth with respect to distant quasars, specifically, the International Celestial Reference Frame ( ICRF ), neglecting some small adjustments.
Some other game systems ( such as FATE ) have also released their own mechanics under OGL-licensed " System Reference Documents " of their own ; however, this article discusses specifically the d20 System SRD.

Reference and made
Reference may also be made to the treatise of Czapski-Eppenstein, pp. 155 – 161.
Reference is also made to the advancement of transporter technology in the same episode, where Chief O ' Brien states that each individual transporter pad has four redundant scanners, and that in the event a scanner fails the other three will take over.
The details were later made public by IBM's System Reference Library manuals and IBM Systems Journal.
Reference is made to the " land of Manawyd " in the epic poem Y Gododdin.
Most often, the comparison is made to the revised Cambridge Reference Sequence.
Reference is made to Arthur Honegger discography.
Reference may also be made to William Munk's Roll of the Royal College of Physicians ( 2nd ed., London, 1878 ); and the Introduction, by J. F. Payne, to a facsimile eproduction of Linacre's version of Galen de temperamentis ( Cambridge, 1881 ).
Reference is occasionally made to this period of Celtic history by the use of terms such as " Silurian ".
Reference is also made about an Irish king who had fled the island in search of refuge.
Reference to pasties is made in Brian Jacques ' popular Redwall series of novels, where it is a staple favourite on the menu to the mice and hares of Redwall Abbey.
Reference is also made how she may have resorted to prostitution when offered, but was not her main job.
Reference is made at one point to Charles impatiently awaiting Sebastian's letters in the manner of one who is love-smitten.
:* the Labour Conventions Reference dealt with labour relations ( a matter that was plainly within provincial jurisdiction ), and as the conventions were not treaties of the British Empire and no plausible argument could be made for the field attaining a national dimension or becoming of national concern, the Canadian Parliament was unable to exercise any new legislative authority.
This design is conceptually similar to that of the well-known discrete cosine transform ( DCT ), which is Reference 1 in discrete cosine transform, but simplified and made to provide exactly specified decoding.
This design is conceptually similar to that of the well-known DCT ( Reference 1 in discrete cosine transform ), but simplified and made to provide exactly specified decoding.
Reference was also made to through services to Heathrow Airport.
* Bully Reference Book-pictures and describes all Sniks and their history, as well as all Bully figures made up to 1998.
Attribution did tend to occur at a later time, Reference to Thales was made by Proclus, and by Diogenes Laertius documenting Pamphila statement that the ancient
Reference is made to the date May 10, 1865, by which time the Confederate capital of Richmond had long since fallen ( in April ); May 10 marked the capture of Confederate President Jefferson Davis and the definitive end of the Confederacy.

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