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Refusing and taking
Refusing to train publicly at the Chicago Athletic Club in spite of arrangements having been made for him to do so, he was barred from the club and spent his time either in his hotel room or taking long morning and evening walks along Lake Michigan.
Refusing to let Earth be destroyed, Jado went to Earth to obtain the Mad Stone, taking over the body of, an old friend of Ryouko from her college who died on his way to Tokyo after returning from Africa.

Refusing and with
Refusing to accept his dismissal, Hasan Ali Shah withdrew with his forces to the citadel at Bam.
Refusing to join other Mugwumps in supporting Grover Cleveland, the Democratic nominee, he debated with his friend Henry Cabot Lodge the pros and cons of staying loyal.
* Refusing to bargain collectively with the representative of the employer's employees.
Refusing an anaesthetic, Chamberlain had three stitches administered and left hospital the next day, with a black silk scarf characteristically concealing his bandages.
Refusing the opportunity to rule, Den rides with Katherine into the sunset, content to remain in Neverwhere as " Den ".
Refusing to limit himself to political history, as did Leopold von Ranke, he never learned to handle his literary sources with the care of the scientific historian.
Refusing to wait for Starfleet to investigate the mystery of his daughter's death, Sulu takes the Excelsior to Askalon V to rescue Demora, in direct violation of Starfleet regulations prohibiting starship contact with quarantined planets.
Refusing to return to Moron Mountain to endure humiliation from their former boss, the Nerdlucks decide to stay with the Looney Tunes who only agree to let them if they can prove to be " looney ".
Refusing to answer her questions with presumption that only she can ask them, she quickly ropes her into a game of croquet.
Refusing to take into account that the violent lyrics were not actually performed in a public place, the Romanian Police forces arrested the five artists, charging them with outrage against good customs.
Refusing her father's offer, Thursday travels to a book in The Well of Lost Plots -- a subdivision of the Great Library that contains unpublished and unfinished works — in order to take a year's maternity leave with her memory of Landen.
* Refusing to attend compulsory scheme, or failing to comply with Direction: sanction of two weeks for the first instance, and four weeks for second and subsequent instances.
Refusing to have anything to do with the money, he advised to " have the money burned ".
Refusing to surrender, the Prince merely replied with a slash to the man's face causing a severe wound, but was run through and killed by the counter blow of the Quartermaster, dying immediately.
: Refusing the second bishop does not save Black: 17 ... f5 loses to 18. Be5 Rf6 19. Rf3 with Rg3 to follow, and 17 ... f6 loses to 18. Bh6.
Refusing to co-operate they are placed in a dungeon which slowly fills with sand.
Refusing to take advantage of the amnesties of 1856 and 1869, he returned to France only after the declaration of war with Prussia in 1870.
Refusing to bunk with the common girls in the group dormitory ( the Pink Dormitory ), Galinda is forced to room with seventeen year old Elphaba, with whom she initially does not get along very well.
Refusing to let her stay in their room, Sofia started hanging around with Laurie, as did David Alleyne and Kevin Ford, with Laurie and Kevin developing mutual crushes.
Refusing to believe that thieves exist in the world, Sha Gen insists on carrying his five years of savings worth ¥ 60, 000 ($ 7, 200 USD ) with him rather than use remittance.
Refusing the offer to free her if she promised to leave the country immediately, with the threat that he would leave with her, the Ambassador eventually procured her unconditional release through James's Council.

Refusing and him
Refusing to admit his guilt, Peacham was tortured on the rack, but " before torture, between torture and after torture ; nothing could be drawn from him ".
Refusing treatments he believed might incapacitate him, Zevon instead began recording his final album, The Wind, which includes guest appearances by close friends including Bruce Springsteen, Don Henley, Jackson Browne, Timothy B. Schmit, Joe Walsh, David Lindley, Billy Bob Thornton, Emmylou Harris, Tom Petty, Dwight Yoakam, and others.
Refusing Joseph Piraino's offer to drive him, Yale dashed out to his brand new, coffee-colored Lincoln coupe and took off up New Utrecht Avenue.
Refusing the baronetcy twice offered him by Queen Victoria, he was elected as an Academician to the Royal Academy in 1867 and accepted the Order of Merit in 1902, in his own words on behalf of all English artists.
Refusing to pay or fight him, Bugsy kidnaps Ace's love interest Colleen.
Refusing his entreaties to help him, Mark tries to fight his father, but Omni-Man almost kills him.
Refusing to acquiesce in the sentence passed upon him, he withdrew with the other bishops excomunicated to Philippopolis, where he in turn helped to secure a sentence of excommunication and deposition against his judges, including Pope Julius and Hosius of Cordoba.
Refusing to confirm or deny, Loughnane accused “ this character ” of being “ insanely jealous of Clare ’ s success ” during his tenure, adding: “ I would regard ( him ) as the man, hurling-wise, who was the greatest failure ever in the history of Clare hurling .” Bohan was manager of the Clare team in the late 70s when it was widely perceived that that Clare team, which included Ger Loughnane, left at least one All-Ireland after them.
Refusing, Morgan kills the man himself before stunning Damian and attempting to kidnap him.
Refusing to give way, or to accept orders from Glencairn, Lorne now left him with his men, and for a while there was fear of an encounter, as a stream alone separated them.
Refusing to participate in rituals of loyalty to the Emperor ( see Imperial cult ), he is subjected to corporal punishment that escalates to torture — which miraculously may not affect him — but he does not deny his faith and is martyred.
Refusing to have Ryu save her, Rie asks him to forget all about her as Grey spirits her away to spend her final moments with the android's arms repeating Ryu's name.
Refusing to let the deaths of Dinah Soar and Grasshopper get him down, Flatman continued to try to persuade the team to further research Maelstrom's plans for world destruction.

Refusing and king's
Refusing to give a bond for his good behaviour, he was sentenced to imprisonment during the king's pleasure, and was kept in confinement in various prisons for eleven years.

Refusing and .
Refusing to eat, Agrippina was force-fed but later starved herself to death.
Refusing to do this, Njaru five days later found his house encircled by armed soldiers, and escaped to Kumba.
Refusing to litigate the case in one trial could result in different outcomes and inconsistent standards of conduct for the defendant corporation.
" Refusing to give a literal reading to the state-granted charter of the Southern Pacific Railroad, which specified that the company could " collect and receive such tariffs ... as it may prescribe, Hughes contended that this clause " necessarily implies that the charges shall be reasonable and does not detract from the power of the State ... to prescribe reasonable rates.
Refusing to perform a different song, Dylan walked off the set at dress rehearsal.
Refusing to admit defeat, the Kilaaks produce their trump card, a burning monster they call the Fire Dragon, which begins to torch cities and destroys the control center on Ogasawara.
Refusing to accept this, the rebel soldiers cried for Germanicus as emperor.
Refusing the title of a king, Mirwais was called " Prince of Qandahár and General of the national troops " by his Afghan countrymen.
Refusing further tribute to the Tatars, Ivan initiated a series of attacks that opened the way for the complete defeat of the declining Golden Horde, now divided into several Khanates and hordes.
Refusing to risk everything in a major battle, Philip retreated, only to have his rear guard caught at Fréteval on 3 July which turned into a general encounter during which Philip only managed to avoid capture, as his army was put to flight.
* August 23 – American Revolution: Refusing to even look at the Olive Branch Petition, King George issues a Proclamation of Rebellion against the American colonies.
Refusing another long-term studio contract, Fonda returned to Broadway, wearing his own officer's cap to originate the title role in Mister Roberts, a comedy about the Navy, where Fonda, a junior officer, wages a private war against the captain.
Refusing is therefore " tantamount to suicide ", but suicide is, itself, a crime.
Refusing to sign a seven-year studio contract, Steiger later turned down the role in the film version in 1955.
Refusing to form a ministry to replace the one he had overthrown, he supported the Right in keeping Freycinet in power in 1886, and was responsible for the inclusion of General Boulanger in the Freycinet cabinet as War Minister.
Refusing to respond to Delcassé's technical questions, Clemenceau resigned after his proposal for the order of the day vote was rejected.
Refusing to be made a tool for the furtherance of Perdiccas ' ambitions, Brasidas wins over the important cities of Acanthus, Stagirus, Amphipolis and Torone as well as a number of minor towns.
Refusing to recognize Irene's reign, Pope Leo III crowned Charlemagne as Holy Roman Emperor.
Refusing to accept Tiberius, the rebel soldiers cried for Germanicus as emperor.
Refusing to follow his father into ministry, he moved to the Midwest and soon became a successful reporter in Chicago, working for the Chicago Tribune and Chicago Daily News.

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